Wednesday, January 30, 2008

All the Fun of the Flea!

Well I wasn't going to post about yet another shopping trip(!), but a few friends have asked me what I found at the Flea market on as this was my third buying trip of the month.....I shall show you how restrained I was!......

I have acres of fabrics that I have collected over many years, reels of trims and lace and hat boxes full of millinery flowers, so I concentrated on finding some more vintage costume brooches to add as pretty embellishments to my hand made goods.....

I have already laundered and recycled one of the crinoline lady hand embroidered panels into a pretty springtime bag.....

Two more die-cut Victorian greetings cards to add to my collection.

This one is my favourite, I just adore the colours.....
And another treat for myself (which cost just £4), is this Victorian pin cube, complete with its handmade glass headed pins.

The perfect little collectable to display in my workroom.

And talking of my workroom; in there I had a rather boring, modern, cork pinboard (is it called a bulletin board in the States?), that was very practical, but not nice to look at. Miraculously it fitted exactly within an old gesso frame that I had picked up at the flea market last year.
I felt that the traditional old gold surface was a little too grand for my humble home and so I have given it a dry brushed finish using French grey emulsion paint.
I think it gives it a slightly dusty 'Disneyland Haunted House' look, but that's OK!

I shall have to have a large nail put into the wall to hang it by, as it weighs a lot more than it did before, but far more suited to my vintage style workroom's scheme.

The daffodils that I purchased in Frome on Saturday are adding a vibrant splash of yellow on a sunny windowsill.
Hope you are having a great week,
Niki x


  1. Niki - I so enjoyed the visit to Frome as I wasn't there since my teens - that's a lifetime ago! Loved the Bea & Evie's shop with the old fittings and lovely things to buy.
    Looks like you did well at the flea market too - amazing how many vintage treasures are out there when we take the time to look. I'm starting to dislike "new stuff" now - think I'll head to the flea market this weekend and see what might work in the guest room makeover!

  2. Next time I'm down your way I will have to visit Frome!! :)

    Love all your pictures, the frame is stunning, I don't seem to find anything like that down here, mind you I have not been to one of those huge fairs for a looonnng time:)

    The peek of the crinolin lady bag looks really cute and the pin cushion - well you always pick up a jem where ever you go.

    best wishes Ginny

  3. Hello Niki
    It is always such a treat to see what you have found on your travels.. and as usual lot of pretty items..
    I particularly love the pin cube.. I have never seen one of these before.. unusual and attractive!


  4. Lovely finds as usual Niki! You have such an eye for finding pretty treasures. Love too the pinboard

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  6. Wow Niki,
    Great finds!! I like the Disneyland Haunted House look.

  7. Hi Niki, pretty treasure, weren't you restrained though! I went to the Big Flea on Sunday as well, snap decision when I actually managed to get up early, as it's my only lie-in day. I did keep an eye out for an auburn-haired lady, but I didn't spot you - or maybe I did and didn't recognise you! I bought a few bits too, not nearly as much as I would have bought if I'd had a bottomless purse! :-)
    Lucy x

  8. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Hi Niki,

    Thanks for your advice on visiting Frome, I shall make it a Saturday, only problem is the children will have to go to a babysitter.. oh well ;) I love that pin cube its gorgeous.
    Nicky x

  9. Love, Love, Love the Cushion in the bottom picture!!

  10. Anonymous11:10 pm

    What great finds! I LOVE, LOVE looking at your blog : )


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