Thursday, January 24, 2008

Romantic Keepsakes.

A charming trio of early C20th pop-up Valentine cards arrived for me this morning.... Unfortunately I don't have a secret admirer wanting to express his love & devotion(!), well, not that I am aware of!....I had bought them for myself - hehe!
I ordered them from Louise's lovely website, as they were just too scrumptious to resist!

They each stand just 10cm tall, but the detail is incredible - why don't they make cards like this any more?
And they fold flat with a Valentine message on the underside of the stand.
Now, as I mentioned in the post below, I bought the antique lace covered box from Sue last Saturday, as well as a stack of cardboard box blanks. So, using the pretty box as inspiration I have been making my own version, which I think would make wonderful Valentine keepsake boxes.
I used a romantic rose printed eiderdown cotton to cover the top of the box, sandwiching a layer of wadding beneath. A length of vintage cream lace embellishes the top, having firstly been threaded through a dreamy mother-of-pearl buckle.
The antique French ruffled braid trims the edges of the box and disguises all the raw edges of fabric and lace.
I lined the inside base of the box and inside the lid with a section of 1950's rosebud wallpaper.

The boxes themselves are a lightweight cardboard, but should be strong enough to serve as a safe place to store special greetings cards, wedding or christening keepsakes or craft materials such as lengths of vintage lace or millinery flowers.
Another version was made with the stunning French fabric that I had found at the antiques fair last weekend, bound around the edges with petersham ribbon and lace.
I stitched a rhinestone jewel to the lace strap across the top and lined inside with the wallpaper again.
I have also started to make some more of my 1920's style baby powder puffs. They are created from old German bisque doll head and torsos, placed inside velvet puffs trimmed with marabou feathers and antique lace. They sit in delicate china saucers when not in use.
It's been fun to take myself away from the sewing machine for a while......
I hope that everyone is having a great week,
Niki x


  1. Niki!!! Beautiful creations! The dolls are precious, and those boxes are TOTALLY SCRUMPTIOUS! I hope you'll be putting some of these pretties in your shop! I'd SO love to have a box to store little treasures for my only daughter for when she someday marries (ok - I'm already lamenting her leaving the nest and she's only 7)! lol

    I LOVE your Valentine's, too! I have one Victorian pop-up Valentine with blue forget-me-nots (very similar to the one you have). I agree the detail is so amazing!

  2. Niki, such wonderful creations! The boxes and the powder puff dolls are adorable! And the Valentine's cards are very sweet.

  3. So you are the one that got to those cards first ...;) well they couldn't have gone to a nicer home :o))

    I LOVE that box with the eiderdown fabric, it really is gorgeous and of course how can I not love the little baby powder puffs ...... adorable

    Best wishes Ginny

  4. Oh my Niki!!! Everything is so beautiful I am not sure what to comment on first! I adore the boxes... they are beautiful. I am in love with those little puffs!!

    xo Heather

  5. Hi Niki,
    You always have the prettiest things.
    Love your new/old Valentines.
    Thanks for sharing,

  6. Hi Niki

    Who'd have thought those flat pieces of card could end up looking so good! Absolutely love that the blue one - dare I admit to being more of a blue than a pink person? It could be the fact that I'm very sentimental about poppies of course.

    Those powder puffs are superb!

    Sue x

  7. Hi Niki, more stunning creations, where do you find the time? I have a whole stash of boxes waiting to be covered, I like doing them because you get fast results. I've already told Mr. Bloom about the jelly beans, well, I had to gloat - his face was a picture!
    Have a good weekend,
    Lucy x

  8. I love your vintage Valentines, and those covered boxes are absolutely beautiful!!

  9. Hello Niki
    I think your Valentines are wonderful and look all the more so inside those beautiful boxes of yours... you have endless inventive ideas.
    I love your little powder puff cherubs... they are so endearing and original!
    Only Nostalgia at the Stonehouse could come up with these charming creations...
    Have a lovely weekend...I'll write soon.


  10. Such beautiful creations! I just love your blog, your pictures are so gorgeous. Keep 'em coming!

  11. Your blog is absolutely beautiful and your creations are fantastic. I am putting you on my favs, as I don't want to miss a thing!

  12. This post was so beautiful. I loved looking at it . Your blog is so pretty and a joy to visit each and every time I come.

  13. Anonymous7:50 pm

    All gorgeous. I love the ideas you have!

  14. Ooo I agree with all the comments! These are precious! Do you ever sleep? I'll bet your head is just full of ideas that you can't find time to carry out...


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