Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Precious Papers.

It never ceases to amaze me how pretty and precious paper items survive the passing of time. It's wonderful that small pieces are treasured and kept safely for the future generations to appreciate.
I was given this little album when I was a little girl, by a elderly great aunt of mine. On the front you may be able to make out the date of November 23rd, 1929. At a young age I realised how old this was and kept it in a special box, taking it out occasionally to read about the film stars again, and so it has remained safe with me ever since.
It is complete with a collection of photographic cards of famous film stars pasted inside, including Clara Bow, Nancy Carroll and Anna May Wong.
Some of my other favourite paper keepsakes include:
This dear little bird painting probably removed from an old autograph book and is dated 1909.
It stands on my mantelpiece with other vintage pretties.
I love this Edwardian perpetual calendar. It is the size of a postcard and you can carefully turn the paper dials on the sides to change the date displayed on the front.
These fun Victorian paper pictures occasionally turn up at antique fairs. The story starts with one nostalgic image....

You carefully move the tab at the bottom to change the picture....
to reveal the end of the story.
This teeny French book is complete with its face powder infused pages.....
with directions for its use inside.

I discovered this souvenir folder in a pile of old postcards. As you can see it was sent from Table Mountain in South Africa and has a loving greeting written on the reverse dating it to 1913.
Inside are a collection of real everlasting silver leaves, which have hand painted hands and the words 'Wishing you - A Merry Xmas' on them. The leaves are held in place with a pretty paper scrap.

I love to use genuine Victorian scraps to decorate our home. I have added them to mirror frames and cupboard doors......

and I have also used this beautiful red rose scrap on the washstand in our bathroom.
I hope that some paper products will survive from this century to be passed on to future generations. In an age where photographs are often stored in computer files or greetings are sometimes sent via email, I think it would be a shame to loose the chance to savour paper treasures from our past.


  1. How sweet you have appreciated that little book from such a young age! And that Victorian book with the movable parts is so fascinating! My grandmother passed when my dad was a teenager, and I was given some of her piano sheet music - it is so brittle and yellowed now, but they have become my favorite "old papers"!

  2. Beautiful ephemera Niki! I like that little smiley mug too! xo, suzy

  3. You really have a nice collection of ephemera!I have never seen any papers with face powder on. I am talking about you today on my blog :) Don't laugh at my tree!

  4. What beautiful paper treasures you have... I adore the powder face one and the little bird one is so sweet too. You are so right about this day in age, I often wonder what our future generations will treasure? It is funny because just yesterday I bought this amazing baby book and the sales lady and I were discussing how beautiful everything was back then with the books like little works of art! xoxo Heather

  5. You have such a lovely collection of ephemera-- and in such remarkable condition, too. I collect postcards of that timeperiod myself, and have occasionally also come across some other interesting items, like Victorian calling cards, which have a similar feel.

    I got the opportunity to visit Bath once on a holiday of my own-- it was a wonderful experience and a truly beautiful area which I'll always think fondly of.

  6. I love all of the items you have pictured. I adore and collect a lot of similar things - we apparently have very similar tastes! They are all beautiful, and I so enjoy reading your posts.

  7. I love your paper collection!
    I think ephemera is the best!

  8. shabbyinthecity sent me on a little scavanger hunt today. You see I have a thing about the man in the moon. Your little creamer with the face is just DARLING!! I love it. And you have an amazing blog! Why haven't I been here before? Or have I been here before and not been back recently - oh, geez I hope you didn't feel neglected. I'll make up for it by coming back lots and lots! =) Blessings.. Polly

  9. Oh I so agree with the fact that much less ephemera from our generation will survive into the future. Many people I am afraid do not use their own handwriting much anymore and photos on computers instead of in books, albums or frames will be a real loss of intimacy.

  10. OMG that little french book with the lady on the front is soooooooo beautiful I could faint .... again :)
    Such a beautiful collection you have Niki.

    best wishes Ginny

  11. I love paper and pen & ink. Those samples of handwriting send me over the moon.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  12. I agree with you that these paper souvenirs/documents/fragments/postcards/books are so precious and special. We must try our best to preserve them!

  13. Your collection is very sweet! I am also ooooing and awing over your blue washstand and the sweet goodness on it! Very cute!!

  14. My favorites are old perfume labels...

    I'm charmed

  15. oh i do too! i miss letter writing. pretty much everything is now via email... when my grandmother was still alive, she used to write letters. i miss that =) debbie


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