Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Day Out in an Old Fashioned English Town.

The sunrise this morning was spectacular, especially so, as we have had so many rainy days recently. It called for a day out with my Hubby! We set off for the historic market town of Frome, Somerset, famous for its wool and cloth trade many years ago.

The steep cobbled Catherine Street has a bohemian collection of individual shops that I love to visit. My favourite is 'Bea & Evie'.......

....where you can find handmade hats, vintage costume and accessories.....
all displayed in old fashioned shop fittings.

The relaxed atmosphere with its distinct lack of cars, makes it a very pleasant place to wander....
Another fabulous shop selling more vintage costume, jewelery and handmade boudoir items.
This impressive old building is now a dance studio.

A working gas lamp dedicated to St. Valentine!

The flower seller at the top of the town......

where I purchased my first bunch of daffodils of this year.
Posies of vintage Violets came from 'Bea & Evie' and I also bought some fragrant soaps from a French market trader. Charity shop finds included the two Violet plates and some 1930's buttons.

Unintentionally, Violets were certainly the theme of the day!
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend,
Niki x


  1. How divine! Just took me away from Virginia for a few minutes! xo, suzy

  2. Wow!!
    How lucky you are to be in such a lovely place. I love the violet theme. It looks like a movie.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful morning.

  3. oh i need to come visit! that town looked like a little piece of heaven here on earth... =) what a wonderful day you and your hubby had. debbie

  4. What a delicious shop...wish we had one near us i'd be poorer than ever!! Maybe a trip in agnes the camper would be in order this summer!! Great photos and love your blog btw. TC Rachellexx

  5. oohh ahh! just gorgeous! lucky girl!
    beautiful pics, thanks for sharing!

  6. What a loveley blog!
    Just love all your flowers in all your things. Georgeous!

  7. Oh I am simply swooning at the sight of Bea and Evies amazing shop! now thats my kind of day out Niki! and like the seasoned vintage shopper that you are, you went home with some delightful little keepsakes! well done! xx

  8. I love the tours I find in blogland. What a picturesque little town and what wonderful shops and shopping! I could spend hours in that store.

  9. How beautiful. What a wonderful place to live by. Thank you for the mini vacation!

  10. What lovely finds and a loively town Niki, looks like you had a gorgeous day. And a wonderful shop too - is it Bea & Evie after The House of Elliot? If so there's a chance I might even get my husband along to it - his dream woman is Louise Lombard (Evie!) and always says what beautiful clothes they wore.
    Love those violets.

  11. Frome looks like a lovely place. Another to add to the list of days out! Looks like you found some lovely things too. The plates are really pretty.

  12. Hi Niki
    I think I've been to Frome years ago, but it didn't have such lovely shops then. Is that a selection of Hope and Greenwood chocs I can see in Bea & Evie - nostalgia, vintage , violets and my fav chocs all under one roof, I need to return!

  13. I feel gutted now, I lived in Somerset for 10 years and never went there!!
    Never mind!

  14. Each day when I see all these lovely sights of England, I remind myself that I am one day closer to my next visit across the pond (even though I don't know when it will be)! heehee

    What GORGEOUS architecture and splendid shops! My hubby and I take similar trips to the Beacon Hill area of Boston (one of the few places in the city with its original old gas lamps). Lovely treasures you found!

  15. Anonymous3:46 pm

    what a beautiful place, looks like you had a wonderful day out,
    thank-you for sharing that.

  16. cousin in Missouri just sent me your blogsite this morning. She wants her and I to "go pop in there for tea"...I said "let's go!"
    I loved the photos and your handiwork, everything is very lovely. Thanks for the nice break from my own little corner of the world.

  17. Beautiful post! I enjoyed seeing such a wonderful, quaint town. Obviously, we don't have anything like thqat in Texas!

  18. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Frome is now on my list of places to visit this summer too! That shop looks divine with all the old fashioned storage units.

  19. Hi Niki
    I could so easily have bumped into you in Frome... it is one of my favourite unspoilt towns with a fantastic eclectic selection of shops...
    It seems you went to all my favourite haunts.. and bought some of my favourite items.. vintage corsage flowers..beautiful!
    I am glad you had a good day out and you took some gorgeous photos along the way!


  20. What a lovely post Niki. I shall put Frome on my must visit list, thankyou xx
    Those Violets are unashamedly romantic, and old fashioned and gorgeous.
    Glad you had a super time
    Hugs Lynn xx

  21. OMGOSH! Niki, this is one of the most beautiful blog posts I have ever been lucky enough to drop into to read. I adore every word and every corner of every picture.

    Gosh you are so lucky to have taken that beautiful walk past those buildings and into the shops.

    I must retrun for more that is for sure.
    Lee-ann - from Australia

  22. I shall have to add this to my list the next time we're in England for an extended period. What a lovely place!

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