Sunday, October 12, 2008

Giant Flea!

We were promised sunshine for Sunday which seemed to be a good omen. So at the last minute, and taking myself at my own word, I decided to sort out some of my own personal vintage treasures and to have a stand at the Shepton Mallet Giant Flea! Cupboards were emptied and price labels were affixed and I also managed to sort out our cellar which had several old mirrors stored there that I had forgotten about.

This morning's beautiful sunrise over the farmland agreed with the weather men, with the promise of glorious October sunshine in a virtually cloud-free sky.

Hubby and I were finally allocated our pitch at around 8.30am and I set to work trying to create an attractive stall with the things I had to offer. Sales started almost straight away, with stall holders buying from me, probably to sell for more profit on their stands!

But I have to say I found the whole experience quite cleansing. It was fun to see my humble bits and bobs going off to be with their new owners.

The sun did indeed shine all day and I got to see lots of lovely friends and to meet some really interesting new people - all on my wavelength, which is a nice bonus.
A few of these friends were some of our blogging buddies, including Donna and Sue, and Amanda (Shabby Chick) who you may have read about on several blogs.
I couldn't quite believe it, but at the end of the day I was left with only a quarter of the stock that I had taken (and a sun tan!) The only downside was that I couldn't go shopping this time, but at least I have created lots of space at home to fill with treasures next time! ;-))
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend,
Niki x


  1. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Lovely to see you too!!! ...and did'nt we have a glorious day...the sun shone the whole day through! It certainly makes stalling a whole lot easier when you're not fighting with wind and rain!
    I'm so pleased with the few bits that I bought from you, so thankyou!
    Do hope that hubs gets better very soon and that you have an enjoyable week!
    Lots of love
    Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

  2. Always lovely to see you Amanda and thanks again for your purchases - I hope you enjoy them.
    Hope too, that you had a successful day selling.
    Fingers crossed that we can keep the tan topped up this week.....
    Lots of love,
    Niki xx

  3. Hi Niki,
    Thanks for the visit too. Did you see the pics of San Francisco,I mentioned in an earlier blog to you? I was not a blogger then so I signed as anonymous. Dreaming is fun. Question, I have a full set of Royal Albert Lady Carlyle china. I have been trying to find vintage napkins in the same floral pattern but no luck. You say you sew with vintage fabric. Do you ever come across this pattern? Do you make napkins?

  4. Anonymous10:33 pm

    You display looks lovely and had I been there I would have been in Heaven....the photos look wonderful and I can see so many things that would have come home with me!
    I think if people resell your items it is OK aas long as they don't have the cheek to talk you down in price, I HATE that! Just pay the price I am asking and we will all be happy!
    Glad you had a wonderful day!
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  5. Hi Niki

    I'm so glad the weather was good for all you outside people. Wasn't it a glorious day. I know I escaped a couple of times to briefly enjoy the sun, but it seemed so dreary when I went back into the Showering Pavilion. At least I know I'll be dry and reasonably warm for the next one which unbelievably is only 2 weeks before Christmas!

    Great to see Donna, and I bumped into Amanda, too.

    Sue xx

  6. Hi Niki..
    How lovely to see your collection laid out even if it was just in photos. I had no idea it was Shepton this weekend but was told by Lizzie and Leonore whilst visiting the Blind Lemon Fair in Bristol..
    So glad you had a successful day.. and caught some of this amazing Autumnal weather too!
    I just love that Robin mirror... that would have been my first purchase.. then...the corn jug.. then the little cupboard..etc etc..
    Michele x

  7. sounds as if you had a very successful sunny day, the table looked great I love the fabric covering your table. I am so hoping to make the Dec sale, might even meet you!!

  8. Well done, glad it was successful for you and what beautfiul weather you had. I just love those Victorian boots on your previous blog!

  9. Anonymous10:43 am

    Oh Niki, how did I manage to miss you and your stand full of goodies. I was there when gates opened to the eager buyers and I zoomed around all of the outside stalls, I can't believe I missed you. Anyway I had a good day too, bought lots of things which I couldn't possibly live without, including a 1960's 'hairspray mask', I'll put pics on my next blog...
    I needed cheering up too as I'm a bit sad at the moment (see my blog).
    Bye for now, take care, Frances

  10. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Wasn't the weather marvellous? And too think it's mid Oct.
    Sounds like you had a successful sale.

  11. Hi Melody,
    Thanks for your interest - Napkins, wouldn't be something that I would normally make, but they wouldn't be difficult....the difficulty would be trying to find the right fabric that you say would match your china - many of my fabrics are C19th French.
    (I am a bit tied up at the moment making my rag dolls for the run up to Christmas....)
    Wishing you luck finding the fabric,

  12. I so wished that I lived closer, it looks such a fabulous event Niki, and the pleasure of selling your lovely items must be doubled to do it in sunshine, I agree it's good to clear out it leaves space for even more wonderful delights.
    Thankyou for your lovely words, how lovely you are xxxx
    Hugs Lynn xx

  13. Oh clever you! Spring cleaning in October! Looking forward to seeing what you buy to fill all those gaps! HA! t.x

  14. Looks like a fun day! You really have some gorgeous treasures to sell. I spy several things that would have been bought by me. Unfortunately I live all the way in California - otherwise I'd be right there in a hot New York second!


  15. It was SOOOO lovely to see you and I love my head I bought from you. The sun was glorious wasn't it? I was amazed at how much you sold. When I came by for the second time you were almost out of everything! See you at Honiton, Cullompton or Ilminster? Would be lovely to sit and chat properly x

  16. Hi Niki! I came to your lovely stall at the flea market and it looked absolutely beautiful, which I commented on at the time! I had no idea it was you and would have said a hello from a fellow blogger. Congratulations on a very successful day - you deserved to do very well, the items were so well chosen and displayed. Best Wishes. Denise

  17. what a great time you must have had on this great fleamarket, and than ofcourse the beautiful weather. Maybe i'll try it someday.

    take care



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