Thursday, October 02, 2008

'Here Come the Girls'.....

I've been working hard on a new selection of rag dolls to add to my on-line catalogue. It was my aim to make each one special and unique, using some of my favourite and precious fabrics and trims.

There's Morwenna, a country girl at heart, dressed in her Welsh wool plaid coat and vintage rose/paisley shift dress and lace trimmed bloomers. Sorry, I'm sold. Thank you!

Monique, with her patriotic French look, dressed in smart C19th fabrics. The perfect girl to sit amongst classic Parisienne antiques and textiles. Sorry, I'm sold. Thank you!

And sweet curly haired Dulcie, all snuggled up for winter with a dress made from a section of antique rose printed quilt and a blancmange pink woollen coat with glass buttons. Sorry, I'm sold. Thank you!

I've also updated my website with patchwork bags, brooch pillows and a basket with handmade cover.
The new inspiration page is underway, with delightful photographs supplied by Monica and Jan - thank you ladies! I would love to add more, so if anyone would like to email photos of your nostalgic items in your home, I would be thrilled to include them. Just email me at anytime for their inclusion.

Last week I accidentally deleted one of my blog posts which showed my completed sofa make-over. The consensus of opinion was that I should recycle the vintage black quilt that I had into sofa cushion covers. When it came down to it I just couldn't take the scissors to it, so it continues to be draped over the foot stool in the centre of the room. Instead I chose to cut into the white quilt with pink roses, which had more than its fair share of patches, holes and raggy bits!
I'm pleased with the refreshed look and I can still enjoy the lovely black quilt every time I get to put my feet up. I placed another white quilt under the seat pads to hang down the front of the sofa, which cuts out the drafts whipping underneath.
The sofas are extra snug and cosy now and I love the added texture of the hand quilted finish on the covers, especially next to the old French mirror frame, which reminds me of Christmas cake icing.

Hope your all having a great week,
Niki x


  1. Oh my you have been busy! Love that pink woolly coat! I think I needed one of those this morning! But I think orwenna is my favourite with that adorable paisley frock! t.x

  2. My fave is Dulcie, how I covet that sunggly looking pink coat... What a talented lady you are!

    Hen x

  3. Well... the lovely girls have gone! Good for you, Niki! I was at the dentist this morning and missed this update =( I hope you have more before the holidays! =)

  4. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Those girls of yours are just lovely. I'm an American dollmaker and yours are inspiring.

  5. Niki, I am so sorry you will not be there, I must admit to being more excited about meeting people than selling my stuff. But LOOK at your gorgeous creations oh I just love everything so much, why do things look SO much better when someone else has made them!!!
    You have such a wonderful style all vintagey yet modern, I really love the fabrics and the colours that you use.
    What a treat please forgive me for not popping over just lately, I have been selfishly wrapped up in my own work, and missing all of your beautiful delights.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  6. Don't the girls look good together. What a short friendship they've had - unless they're staying together as triplets of course!

    Love the sofa makeover!

    Sue x

  7. oooh such beautiful cushion covers you made Niki..I love them all, they're so delicate looking and yet have managed to last all these years!...Those sweet young ladies sold very sharpish,maybe you should have entitled this post 'there go the girls'!

  8. Anonymous4:44 pm

    I think this post should have been titled "Here GO the girls", they really didn't hang around for 5 minutes did they?

  9. OH those girls are delicious, it's not surprising that they;ve all sold, I think Morwena was my favourite, but then I like them all. Glad you decided against the black quilt. although I suggested you should use it, so glad now you didn't cut it. It all looks beautiful

  10. Anonymous7:39 am

    Wow! Those dolls sure sold fast! They were all adorable. I love the lace bloomers you put on the one in pink. Love to visit her and see all your pretty things. Have a great weekend.

  11. Your home, and the girls, all look great!
    xo Lidy


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