Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Remnants of Summer

It's a very wet and wild morning here today....the sort of day for staying cosy indoors and not needing an excuse to venture outdoors...but I am glad that I made a visit to my garden yesterday to pick the last few blooms to brave the weather.

This gloomy day is not good for taking photographs, but at least the sedum and hydrangea flowers add a cheerful splash of autumnal colour to this corner of the room.

When ever I see the bright red rose hips of the dog rose in my garden at this time of year, I am reminded of my favourite childhood book.

I was lucky to have my mother's copy of 'The Book of the Flower Fairies' by Cicely M. Barker. I remember being enthralled by the beautifully printed illustrations of all the fairies that charted the seasons. The poems were always an added delight.

Even as a child I subconsciously loved roses - 'The Wild Rose Fairy' was my most favourite fairy friend.

And who could imagine that the bold, jewel-like rose hips would emerge from such delicate tissue petal flowers? The slightly ragged gypsy look of this fairy always appealed to me too and I am still a big fan of red and the contrast it creates against other more subtle colours.

Cosy-up for the autumnal season - keep warm!
Niki x


  1. Anonymous10:37 am

    We had the rain on Sunday I do hope there isn't more heading in from the west, we still have Bramleys to get in.

  2. Summer really is long gone isn't it.
    I am however enjoying the nights cuddled up under blankets.

  3. so glad I found your blog :) I too have the same book inherited from my Granny, I just ADORE those images. I love the roses you picked from your garden, I should have done the same as I sit here in my living room I can see my climbing pick roses all bedraggeld in the rain but they still make me smile :) Catherine x

  4. Beautiful flowers, Niki! I only have one impatiens plant that is still blossoming (and some flowering weeds)!

    That is such a charming book! My daughter has recently rekindled her love for fairies. She found two beautifully illustrated children's fairy books this past summer, and now she is hooked! =)

  5. Oh I love the flower faries too Niki! there is a distinct change in the weather here,and my garden is getting ready to sleep,but I have bought lots of spring flowering bulbs to plant out before the frosts come,your hydrangeas are very lovely.

  6. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Yes, I'm also a fan of the flower fairies Niki! What a good idea to put hydrangeas and sedum together, I think I'll try that, they look lovely. Jackie Mx

  7. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Lovely post. I, too, love the flower fairies. It's so lovely to think of the flowers and fairies being one and the same. Stay cozy. Your home looks enchanting.

  8. Lovely flowers and what a treausre you have in the book.

  9. Mmmm, that book looks delicious. Thanks for cheering up the miserable weather of today.

    Hen x

  10. Oh, I am in love with Cicely Barker's illustrations! Thanks for sharing your lovely book Pinkie

  11. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Hi Niki, I love Cicely Barker's fairies!
    Years ago I purchased one of her book for a friend's child, and I enjoyed it very much before giving it away! I'd have to buy another copy for me!!! ... Love to paint fairies, they are soo cute!!

    Also here wind and rain, but I managed to pick a gorgeous autumnal bunch of flowers and leaves from the garden, together with some apples from the tree...

    Keep warm,

    Monica xx.

  12. What a precious book to have. I used to love Flower Fairies

    Victoria xx

  13. Wonderful post! Cosy-up is exactly what I intend to do today! t.x

  14. Anonymous1:55 pm

    I absolutely adore the flower fairies, thank you for posting about them!


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