Thursday, October 16, 2008

Niki's- Knacks!

Knick-knacks, bits n’ bobs, bits & pieces, this and that, tat, effects,

treasures, trinkets, souvenirs, ornaments, worldly goods,

white elephant, keepsakes, mementos, assets,

things, odds & ends, belongings, clobber, gear, chattels,

plunder, pickings, spoils, stash, swag, loot,

collectables, bric-a-brac, objet d’art, hoard, booty,

curios, decorations, novelties, jumble, junk,

silly scraps, riches, possessions, valuables, stuff, clutter......

Whatever you would call them....They're little bits of nonsense that make me happy!
Hope you're having a great week,
Niki x


  1. They make me happy too, where would a home be without them! Yours are especially beautiful!

  2. They look gorgeous Niki. A feast for the eyes, indeed!

  3. They are all delicious and would make me happy too. My other half calls them dust collectors but I ignore him!

  4. yep! I am with you on that.. they do make me happy too... I will try to put some more piccies of "my favourite things" on my blog soon.. might have to dust them first..ha ha!
    Have a lovely evening.. liz xx

  5. Anonymous5:47 pm

    We all have and need little treasures to make us smile.
    Very pretty.

  6. Gorgeous, lovely, delectable, smashing, groovy (!), wonderful, pretty, loved, scrumptious, sexy (!), precious, specially things (my daughters expression for what she kept in her specially box!), kindred, too late for any more words - loved your pics

  7. Raindrops on roses... and whiskers on kittens... and all your beautiful beautiful possessions ..are my favourite things!

    Michele x

  8. Anonymous7:21 am

    and very gorgeous they are too, Nikki!

  9. I want to come and live in your house!!! What lovely lovely things you have. Those little dogs hiding in the corner of the shelf, sweet.
    Christine is a lovely sweetie isnt she, she has a very old fashioned gentle lady air about her. Maybe you will get down here one day and visit her shop. Jane xx

  10. Hi Niki

    I never realised there were so many nouns for all your goodies. A rose by any other name ...

    Sue x

  11. I think you should compose a dictionary of everything "vintage" and include your lovely photos, Niki (along with your amazing list of definitions)!

  12. What a beautiful collection of vintage pretties. They look wonderful all jumbled together on your shelves. Having so many pretty things to look at and admire each day would make me very happy as well. Have a great day!!

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  14. Hello Niki
    Your bits of nonsense are so lovely, they make me happy and put a smile on my face! Pinkie

  15. Goodness me - I just blinked and I've missed three scrummy posts! Thank goodness for google reader!!
    My favourite word for these things is 'trifle'. At our county museum they have a lot of Lowestoft Porcelain and the Twining's Teapot collection (one of my fave places to kill time when I'm in the city!). One of the recurring scripts on souvenier porcelain is "A Trifle from..." as in "A trifle from Lowestoft". I think it's a great shame this word has been lost to a pudding - albeit one of my favourite puddings! t.xx

  16. such pretty things! A joy to look, thanks for posting.

  17. Ohhh I am just dizzy from the eye candy!!! My oh my!! Really really fantastic!!!

    Are those little feet with black shoes a pin cushion? toooo cuuuute!!!! ahhhh!!!!!

    Really fab!!!

    xoxo Jenny

  18. WONDERFUL - and I thought that I had a problem!!!


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