Friday, December 19, 2008

Deck the Halls...

That festive feeling is starting to filter into The Stone House...

We have always waited until the last day of school before going out to buy our Christmas tree. So this afternoon will include the short trip down the lanes to our local farm where they are sold and the rest of the evening will be spent festooning it in all the usual decorations that we have accumulated over the years. I always like to add something new to the tree each year, usually in threes; one for each of my daughters. This year I have bought three rosy red hearts to hang from the branches.
Other small touches which I have added about the place when time allowed, are a smattering of baubles and rosemary in the kitchen...
The rich red eiderdown has been put on the bench for a welcoming accent in the hall.

One of the plaques from Sunday's Flea Market decorates a mirror.

Miniature adornments for Lucy House.

The bauble wreath has been brought carefully back down from the attic.
The white wreath that had been placed outside on the kitchen door for the last few years has begun to shed some of its frosting. I have a large amount of vintage baubles which I have collected over the year, so if I can find the time, I shall add them to the bald areas!

I had planned on making lots of handmade cards this year, but it never really happened...
I have been busy posting out 50 calendars, which should be with their new owners very soon. My thanks to all who visited my website recently. I will be closing my on-line shop later today, as there are no more posting days for Christmas now.
It's time to start making plans for my family's Christmas, with crafting, cooking and lots of relaxing to do!
Hope your festive preparations are going well and you can enjoy the next few days in the ways that you enjoy.
Niki x


  1. All is lovely, Niki. I am looking forward to seeing your tree...
    Keep warm and relax!
    Monica x.

  2. Anonymous1:07 pm

    You have put me in the spirit! You may post as much as you'd like about the new dollhouse and its decorating progress. I am so envious.
    Wendy(AKA Mrs. T. Potts no longer blogless)

  3. Hi Niki

    Doesn't that red eiderdown look fabulous! So glad the word 'relaxing' has entered your vocabulary. 'Let the panic begin' over here!!

    A tree to buy (wonder if there'll be any left when I finally shop for one); all cards to be written this evening as I didn't manage to start this afternoon; a few family prezzies to wrap to be distributed by Mum tomorrow when my uncle and family travel down from Northants for lunch. And that's just for starters!!!

    Enjoy ...
    Sue xx

  4. Your home is so pretty and inviting...what an English cottage should be. It's hard to have an English cottage in the states. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Your hall bench is to die for - beautiful! And Lucy House is scrummy, my Mum is a huge lover of dolls houses so she would be supremely jealous!

    Hope you do get a relaxing few days in the run up to Christmas xxx

  6. Your house looks lovely..I love your heart baubles..I collect hearts and my studio is covered in them!!! oooh ....I have found a shop on ebay who ae making original 1930's design you want me to link up...Polly and I have just put poppies on her chair they look lovely...I thought of you straight H

  7. Beautiful! Merry Christmas to YOU!

  8. Beautiful. Your bench looks very welcoming.

  9. Looking good Niki! Happy Holidays!! xo, suzy

  10. Hi Niki!

    Oh what beautiful pictures!! and your door looks amazing too! I love "lucy's house", I saw that in another post too and its adorable! Your home is so cozy, it just makes me want to curl up and relax there!

    I hope the Holidays are finding you Happy and Healthy, Merry Christmas sweetie!!

    Hugs, Cynthia

  11. Everything is so festive and warm looking. I also, am looking forward to your furnishing the dolls' house.


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