Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking Back...

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, enjoying the simple pleasures of togetherness and relaxation. As we draw nearer to the end of 2008 I am in reflective mood. It's been a hectic year, with very little breathing space for the simple things; but one of great highs, which make the lows easier to forgive or forget. My spare time was spent photographing and writing/editing my book, which meant there were few moments to be still, or to think about anything else!

Looking back it all seemed a bit of a blur, so this morning I decided to read through my account of the year on my blog - I've now posted a favourite photo from each month. If you can visit Heather today, you will see that she has done the same thing - I thought this was such a lovely idea to share. Very few of us have time to keep a diary now-a-days, but at least a few fleeting moments are stored forever within our blog posts....I hope you will enjoy my selection:
January - My handmade keepsake boxes

February - Flea market finds

March - Easter; time to share the bounty

April - A day out in Bath

May - My new workroom was completed

June - Flowers from a friend

July - Vintage treasure hunting

August - Our family holiday to Devon

September - Nostalgic postcards of summers past

October - My collection shared

November - Visiting family and friends in Norfolk

December - Christmas and a time to reflect

I hope that 2008 has been kind to you and that you will enjoy celebrating tomorrow night, with the prospect of a new dawn and a new year to look forward to...
Here's to love and friendship,
Niki x


  1. What a beautiful post, Niki! With such stunning accompanying photos! I wish you and your family the very best, joyous, peaceful and prosperous New Year 2009!

    hugs! xo
    (My calendar is here and I can't wait to put it to use in a couple more days!)

  2. What lovely pictures, a really nice way to look back on the year.

    I hope you have a wonderful new year and that the book is coming together well.

    Mel xxx

  3. What a lovely idea and wonderful pictures... of course!!!! Happy New Year sweetie to you and yours! Hope to see you again in 2009! t.xxx

  4. Lovely selection of piccies as always! I keep a "yearbook" and was only thinking today how it could be best shown on the blog!
    Happy New Year, lizzie xxx

  5. What a lovely post, I enjoyed looking at your photos.
    I hope you enjoyed a lovely Christmas and here's looking forward to a happy and healthy New Year.

  6. What a lovely idea...I think we hould all do the same at the end of the year... I a feeling totally dis combobulated...I dont know what time it is or day ...totally be fuddled and bewildered..in a way..and only a tiny tiny way I am looking forward to routine again...did I just say that....oops have a lovely new years eve...love and hugs H

  7. I loved your review of the year same as I love to read your blog.
    I by myself won`t look back, because the year was not so good.
    BUT...........I`m looking forward to the next.

    Wish you a wonderful new year!
    See you then.

    Lots of greetings from Austria

  8. I try to concentrate on the good times and learn from the things that didn't go so well. 2008 was a bit of a strange year for me, but I'm looking forward to 2009 with lots of plans! I'm determined that tomorrow night will be the start of a special and exciting year for all of us. Best wishes for a happy and healthy new your to you and yours x

  9. Love this post Niki. I can't believe your new workroom was finished as long ago as May! Where has that time gone?

    It's a great idea to go over the year as you and Heather have done. Whether I manage it or not remains to be seen, but it would be quite nice to try!

    Have a lovely time tomorrow and here's wishing you and all your blog readers a Happy New Year.

    Sue x

  10. Lovely pics. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year.
    Patti Cakes

  11. Anonymous11:19 pm

    As always you inspire and delight.
    I wish you a brand new year of success with a little more time to enjoy the peaceful times. Thank you for sharing a year of beautiful images and words and for your book which is a welcome escape in these challenging days.

  12. Great photos, and thanks for sharing them. Happy New Year!

  13. Anonymous2:18 am

    I really enjoyed your post today. Such a treat to see all of those beautiful pictures.

  14. Tomorrow I'll hang it up, tomorrow I'll hang it up....!!!
    Looooove your 2009 calendar!

    Gorgeous post too, I did a similar one to join a blog party! Now you can SEE what I was up to!!!;)))

    Hugs to you, and all the best to all your lovely family!
    Monica x.

    P.S. Happy you liked my new slippers!:)

  15. A lovely post Niki. It's always nice to look back over the year like that. Your pictures are always so beautiful. A very happy new year to you and your family. Wishing you a happy, healthy and successful 2009. Fiona

  16. Happy New Year's Niki
    and enjoyed your little tour through the year thank you Pinkie

  17. Hi Niki,

    what a fantastic post, a great idea. If you get time have a pop over to my blog and see if you recognise the picture there. Looking forward to the craft fayre, I came across a link yesterday. I'm in Cheltenham and go to uni in Bristol so I can manage that journey. Got the date in my diary and booked hubby to babysit for the day already!

    Happy New Year Jackie x

  18. It is always wonderful to visit your blog!! Your pictures are beautiful, and I love all your projects and your lovely pretties!!
    Have a wonderful new year!!

  19. Anonymous10:16 am

    Happy New Year to you and your family Niki and thanks for sharing such lovely pictures with us. I've hung up your calendar and it looks beautiful on my kitchen door, catching my eye every time I go past. JackieMxx

  20. Anonymous10:50 am

    Happy New Year Niki

  21. Wow, I loved that look back through your year, thanks for that. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!
    I was thrilled to open my (your!) book on xmas day, it kept me occupied (ie. sitting on the sofa with my Toblerone) for a long time and I'm looking forward to delving into it again.
    Hen x

  22. I enjoyed your Year In Review! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures! Oh how I long to return to Bath someday for a visit!

    New Year's Hugs,

  23. What a beautiful review Niki! Love ALL of your posts... each one of them.

    Happy New Year! xo Heather


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