Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Second Home!

I do admit to sometimes dreaming of owning a second home. A small bolthole to escape the stresses and strains every now and then...
Well I never thought for one minute that my dreams would actually come true....

Thankfully, what with the credit crunch and all, this one came to me mortgage free!
I've had my Christmas pressie from hubby a few weeks early and here is my new property -
'Lucy House'.

Even though it will involve a bit of down-sizing, it will still be somewhere to escape to. I shall enjoy making things for my new home and furnishing it to my taste.

Miss Lucy was a milliner and although she has moved away now, I would love to create a milliner's workshop in the basement room, with living quarters above.

We found the house in our local junk shop and believe it to be Victorian. Its been completely built from scratch from off-cuts of wood and found objects, probably by a father or grandfather for a daughter/granddaughter, which I love it all the more for. Everything is a bit wonky, but is full of charm.

The millinery workroom will be situated here in the panelled room, with the stairs leading to the study...

The rustic kitchen awaits a stove and perhaps a dresser.

I love the butler sink with its plug fashioned from an old boot button.

There's a sumptuous boudoir to retire to in an evening, with embroidered silk bed drapes and fabric lined walls.

And cosy fireplaces made from old copper drawer pulls, with lace dressing the mantelpieces in true Victorian style.

A few other possessions from the previous owner still remain, such as this original painting in the parlour, as well as silhouettes of past occupants in round frames.
Hope you enjoyed the tour of my second home!
Niki x
PS: I've had a plea from Catherine at Alchamillamolly, who is looking for any vintage type fairs going on in the Yorkshire/Cleveland/Durham areas, as she is at a loss to know where to shop. If anyone could help, I know she would appreciate it - please leave any info that you have with Catherine on her blog - thanks!


  1. How utterly gorgeous..
    What a wonderful man you have Niki.. Mr Cusard would score several thousand Brownie points if he were to find me such a beautiful little home..
    It has so much character and will have so much more when you have waived your magic wand through the rooms..
    Delightful.. thank you for telling me.. it has made my day!

    With love
    Michele xx

  2. So when can I move in? It is absolutely charming, love it!!!! It reminds me of one of the Lauren Child books, I think it is the Princess and the Pea. I could sit in front of that house and play for hours!!

  3. what a absolute delight, you have brought a little tear to my eye as my father made me a dolls house not long before he died and as it was sooo huge I never really did anything with it as it was so difficult to find it a home. However we have since moved and I feel a real need now to look it out from the loft above the garage and see if I can find it a home. It is no where near as beautiful as yours which is so full of lovely charming things but maybe I could put some character into it. Seeing your wonderful gift has inspired me to root around in the garage and go down memory lane who knows I could maybe end up with a second home too.

  4. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Wishing you every happiness in your new home!
    It's enchanting Niki, what a wonderful Christmas pressie.

  5. This is so much better than the real thing. I think you can turn this into a little fairy dream palace just the way you like it. Nobody will tell you that this or that cannot be, as the heating, plummer, electricien has plans there (and they will put a nasty thing to put your plug in (don't know the word in english) where you planned that gorgeous painting.) No, no this is your home and none of that will happen. Only beauty will enter the door. I'm anxious to see what it will look like in a couple of months. Enjoy!

  6. What a find. It's fab. Look forward to seeing you give it your touch.

  7. Oh it's totally beautiful. If we ever get a slightly larger home I would love a second home like that one. Can't wait to see what you do with it. It will no doubt be even more beautiful once you've worked your creative magic on it.

  8. M,mmmm and I thought there was a problem in the housing market!!!
    this is fantastic and I want to move in, this is so cute, you are going to have the most fabulous time with your 'new home"I am so pleased for you.xxxx
    Please can you put my name down for a calender if there is one to spare please xxxx
    Hugs Lynn xx

  9. Oh wow, how delghtful.

  10. Oh NIKI! That is perhaps the "bestest" treasure I've seen in blogland! It is WONDERFUL! You are going to have a fabulous time "restoring" your Victorian home! I do hope we're all given a grand tour as you complete each room! =)

    One of our local library's was given a gift from the owner of a sea captain's home(the home is situated across the street from the library). It is a Victorian dollhouse made at the turn of the century by a sea captain for his daughter. He completed each room when he was away at sea ~ it is an exact replica of the actual sea captain's home! It reminds me very much of your own! I'll look online and see if I can find info on it for you. =)

  11. That is stunning, what a wonderful present! You're very lucky to have a hubby who understands your love of nostalgia

  12. Oh Niki! It is just GORGEOUS!!!
    You know I love dolls houses, I own a new one a friend gave me, and began to renovate it as it was in very bad conditions. I had found a beautiful vintage house in a thrift shop when I was in the Cotswolds, but couldn't manage to bring it home! So there it remained for someone else to enjoy!

    Your is absolutely the most wonderful I have ever seen on sale (saw incredible ones in Museums!!!!And photographed them where possible)... I am soooooo envious! :)

    I have mentioned you on my blog :). Hope you have time to take a peek.

    Monica xx.

  13. Hi Niki

    It's fabulous. You'll have such fun. When I can find some room to display it I think I need to restore my dolls house (like you, Jan, made by my Dad).

    Can't wait to see each new thing that you do!

    Sue x

  14. WOW!!! What a find, it's absolutely gorgeous, you lucky thing.

    My dad made me a dolls house when I was little, a lovely thirties semi, I only had plastic furniture, but how I loved it, unfortunately we were very hard up a few years later and he had to sell it (with my permission). But now I want it back, I have wanted it for about the last 10 years, I only hope someone somewhere is getting lots of pleasure from it.

    Have lots of fun with yours and PLEASE show us pictures as you refurb each room.

    Sue xx

  15. Oh how beautiful! It really reminds me of a dolls house my Grandad made for me and my sister when we were little. It had everything, even a tiny loo roll holder in the bathroom! I think it's fantastic you're going to give it a little bit of TLC and I look forward to seeing how it comes along. You've really made me want one now!

  16. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Hello Niki,
    I'm de-lurking to congratulate you on such a wonderful find! Your thrift shops in the UK are so full of many beautiful things that are just my taste! I love handcrafted dollhouses.....will you please keep us updated as you make/find all of the furnishings for it?
    Have a wonderful day

  17. What fun you will have getting things just right in your new house. I look forward to photos of your progress, although it is quite charming in its current state. :o)

  18. How perfectly wonderful! I know you will enjoy putting it together with your special flair for design! Keep us updated!

  19. wow how lovely, look forward to seeing the end result

  20. Anonymous2:18 am

    , I love your old dollhouse . You're going to have fun with the decorating and hunting for little trinkets . Visit my site when you have a chance and scroll through my blog. I have 4 dollhouses, all different. One I haven't even posted about yet . I love them and they do help me to escape.
    :o) Sue

  21. Oh it is sooo charming! How fun is that going to be!!! Enjoy your new home :)

  22. Congratulations on your new home - looking forward the the furnishing pix. Many thanks for adding the plea for me - I look forward to the info!!

  23. Anonymous10:35 am

    I'm not usually envious of people's finds but your house leaves me 'green' Niki. Its absolutely wonderful. I love the unusual shape and stile of the rooms. And just look at that little plug on a chain, it looks like a tiny button..amazing. My favourite room is the panneled one, it is just the sort of look I'm trying to achieve for my 18th century dolls house family but it will never look as good as that. Well done, its the 'find of the century'! Eli

  24. I just adore your new home! It is so full of charm and will give you so much pleasure adding your own homely touches to it - what a find :) Hugs, Catherine x

  25. Hello Niki - I've featured your pretty plates on my blog today (so much for waiting till Christmas to enjoy them)! heehee

  26. You may certainly use the photo. ;) (I just realized that the shorter of the two vintage silverplate budvases on the shelf with the plates was made in England! Oh how I SOOOOO want to go back over there!)

  27. What a charming little home! I'm looking forward to it's transformation!I'm sure all my doll's house dolls would love to buy a hat or two.

  28. Oh! What a wonderful find!! I keep hoping to find one when I'm out at estate sales or the thrift stores but haven't come across one yet. Maybe one of these days...
    Lucky you!

  29. That is a very special house! Wonderful, you are going to get hooked on this "hobby" and you have inspired me to get on with the restoration of one I have tucked away in the garage!
    liz x

  30. I posted a comment, but I guess it got lost.LOL Anyway, I found your blog by way of The Whispering Poppies. I Love your "new house" - I have a couple of extra homes myself. I am new to the blogging world and have not posted pictures of any of my miniatures yet, but plan to in the near future. I saved your blog to my favorites, I plan to come back and visit, when have more time. Is this your first dollhouse? Be careful, you will get addicted to them. :)

  31. Fabulous-this makes me very happy indeed!

  32. oh it's even more breath-taking than I expected! you're going to have such fun with this! A whole new house to decorate - without the housework! Hurrah! t.x

  33. This is so wonderful! ~Mandy

  34. This is the prettiest doll house I have ever seen...!!! Great find! And that little painting... How adorable!!!

  35. What a lovely little house. I like the crusty paint on the front doors with the little plaque. The little butlers sink is so cute.
    I think one of the nicest second homes you could wish for.
    Regards Nicky

  36. Ah I love a dolls house, and this is one special house indeed - well done you for finding it. Can't wait to see it come alive with the Nostalgia touch. Just to let you know I've added Nostalgia to a list of inspirational blogs over at my page, hope that's okay. Happy weekend. Lets hope this dreadful wind and rain clears away - bring back the frost of yesterday! Denise

  37. Hello Niki,
    What a wonderfully amazing find! I love the ingenious use of common objects and attention to detail..
    I found an old doll house at a Church rummage sale once. It still is won of my favorite finds but not anything like yours. Enjoy your new playhouse! Pinkie

  38. What an amazing "second home" you now have... I can't wait to see what you do with it!

    Victoria xx

  39. Gorgeous house.
    I have a collection of dolls houses/miniatures properties, they are very addictive but an amazing stress reliever! You'll have so much fun decorating it.
    Yvonne x

  40. Lucky you, this is one of those once in a lifetime finds. You will have many happy hours making things for it and then when its full you can play house and at least it wont take as long to do the housework as the real thing! Jane xx

  41. Your husband has got an eye for fabulous. This is great and in so much detail too. Love it!

  42. Always such a joy to visit your pretty blog and see what you've been up to. What a delightful house, enjoy making it even more beautiful, love the Milliner's basement idea.
    It you have time, visit my blog to enter my give-away of vintage Australian China.


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