Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Seeing Red

Hope you had a great weekend...
Mine ended up being a very enjoyable 'doing' weekend; with me getting done all of the jobs that I hadn't found time to do during the week...
I was given this very large hat box a few years ago, but I've never really felt that it fitted with my style. I had decided I would cover it in vintage wallpaper, so I used the fruity French one that I bought in Devon this summer.
A length of old lace tied in place, keeps it closed. I shall use the box to store some of our Christmas decorations in when they are not in use.
I have also made-over this old (filthy!) Victorian mirror...
A coat of paint and some new rose prints - it's waiting to be hung on the landing.

Hubby and I have hung this mirror in the hall. Originally it stood on top of the grey cupboard, which now accommodates my new (old!) dolls house.
What I was really looking forward to doing though, was returning my kitchen back to its red accent colour for the festive season.

It was a case of re-hanging the curtains at the front door and under the counter unit...
As well as in the alcove. I repainted the glazed cabinet in 'Pale Truffle' by Laura Ashley, added a gingham trim along the shelf edge and arranged my Midwinter domino oddments amongst the vintage pressed glass. I will be filling some of the jugs and bowls with glass baubles soon for a festive flourish!
My collection of French enamelware, textiles, china etc came back from the laundry room on to the kitchen shelves.
I think I need to paint this little cupboard too, when I have time, (also Pale Truffle) and stick some pretty French fabric on the door panels to mask the floral doodles!

If I think about it, I prefer the red scheme in my kitchen, rather than the pale green and pink - its more 'me' and has a very cosy feel for the winter season.
I've always loved my handmade patchwork of assorted C19th tickings that make up the curtains. They took me a long time to complete, so it seems a shame to hide them away come the spring...

I have also been busy making a few more dollies for my website. They have been added this morning and include Skye in her Fair Isle ensemble and Imelda in a fluffy turquoise jacket.
Sorry, we are now reserved. Thank you!
Two small festive fairies have also flown in!
Sorry, we are now reserved. Thank you!
I hope that you will enjoy taking a look at their listings if you have a spare moment. If I can find the time to make any more items before Christmas, I shall add them randomly as soon as possible before the festive season is officially upon us.
My thanks to all who have made a purchase from my website recently - I hope that you will enjoy your new treasures.
Have a great week,
Niki x

Update 10th Dec: The 'Living with Nostalgia' calendars are now in stock on my website again.


  1. I love your house, when can I move in.

    You seem to get so much done - how do you do it !!

    I've got a loft full of chairs, mirrors etc waiting to be painted and covered.

    Love the red accents, red is absolutely my favourite colour so i love this time of year

    Merry Christmas


    P.S going to ask for a house like yours in my stocking

  2. Anonymous11:32 am

    Goodness me your dolls simply fly out of your shop don't they?
    Love your dotty domino china, it's just perfect for this time of year, well any time of year really.

  3. what a charming home you have :))) it must be wonderful going back home everyday :)))i know i would feel wonderful if i had a house like this :)

  4. Hi Niki, love the red in the kitchen! I don't intentionally use red in my house, but somehow it keeps creeping into the decor. I'm just drawn to it I guess. xo, suzy

  5. Beautiful job with the hat box, Niki! And I absolutely prefer this red kitchen!! It looks soo cosy- can't wait to see your Christmas tree...

    Love all your dolls (I am still waiting for my parcel to arrive :(!!).

    Keep warm, -9°C here today!

    Monica x.

  6. WOW, you certainly have been busy this weekend. I love red as an accent colour and use it alot - it's so warm in the winter and I think bright and cheery the rest of the year. Love your style!
    The dolls are simply lovely.
    Regards Nicky.

  7. I just love your red kitchen!

    Victoria xx

  8. You are always so busy Niki! where do you find all the time? I love all your "makes" and I think the kitchen looks great red again too. Take care

  9. You have a beautiful home! I like what you did with the hat box. You've inspired me to cover one that I have in the attic.

  10. Your house looks gorgeous!

  11. Your little dollies fly off the shelf, don't they! Love the RED! You've put just the right touch for a beautiful kitchen!

  12. I love your house...the white is lovely...you always seem to be painting something...where do you get the time...I love what you have done with your pressed glass....I must do something similar...mine looks very bland...but will have to leave till the weekend...cant wait to see what your christmas decorations will look like....


  14. Niki,
    I love your kitchen. Actually, I love your whole house!

  15. Your mirrows are very pretty. Your hat box makeover looks great. I really need to take time and look at more of your previous posts.

  16. What a stunning makeover to the Victorian mirror! I do fancy the red in your kitchen; it's very festive and practical, too!

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  18. So pretty. I am so, so jealous of your kitchen. Drool.

  19. Love, love, love the decorations! (as usual.. ha ha) Have a great day!

  20. Oh Niki I think you have done such a wonderful job with your home! It is so welcoming!

  21. Anonymous6:38 am

    hi,your kitchen is so pretty!!!

  22. Anonymous7:21 am

    Your reds are certainly beautiful. The kitchen looks lovely. Merry Christmas to you.

  23. Anonymous8:30 am

    Well Niki, you have been busy and it was all well worth it! I like the red bits. And I especially like the way you redid the Victorian mirror! What a difference it makes!

  24. Good grief you've been busy! How do you fit it all in with family too! that victorian (very dirty) mirror is looking fantastic! You have such a good eye to see the potential in such sad old stuff! Kitchen looking wonderfully jolly! t.x

  25. I am loving your red kitchen! Such character with all the red materials and trims!

  26. If my kitchen looked like yours, I would have to be dragged out of it kicking and screaming to get anything done. It is the epitome of charm.

  27. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Hi, I'm Holly! Your red poka dot dishes are sooo cute!

    ~ hearts ~

  28. Seu blog é muito criativo e inspirador!!

    Your blog is very creative and inspiring!


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