Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bridport, Bath & Bluebells

The Dorset town of Bridport was the venue for a weekend jaunt this time!

There was a rag market being held in the church hall on the Saturday. On entering, hubby and I caught site of Sue sitting beside her wonderful wares, so I went over for a good old rummage and a chat!

It was a great little fair for finding vintage fabrics and lace...because I'm sure you realise I needed more! ;-))

Poor hubby was not exactly in his comfort zone surrounded by heaps of old textiles and ladies wanting to enthuse about them(!), so we left quite quickly and walked along the high street where there is a small flea market on Saturdays.
I couldn't resist this little booklet on one of the stalls, which probably dates from the 1930's...

The lovely images inside are so nostalgic with their soft muted colours.

(I don't know if you can make out the text under this picture; it reads: 'West of Ilfracombe there is a fine cliff walk to the village of Lee with its Old Maid's Cottage where an interesting collection of old-time dresses are still on view to visitors.' - Wouldn't it be wonderful if it was still possible to visit today?!)


This one provides a double-dose of nostalgia for us - it being the view we had from the cottage window that we hired for our holiday last summer to Dartmouth, Devon.

We both love to look out to see, so whilst we were so close to the Dorset coastline on Saturday, we drove the short distance to Charmouth.


And drank a cup of tea on the beach, whilst watching all the kiddies out for the day who were hunting for fossils along this Jurassic seaside.

We then moved onto Lyme Regis for another cup of tea ;-), this time overlooking the old town, with its roof tops smothered in orange coloured lichens.

I was also able to visit Susie Cole's gorgeous little shop, where I found this adorable vintage silk purse with rose printed front.

The Octagon in Bath was the slightly more refined venue for 'The Vintage Fashion Salon' fair on Sunday. I went along with my daughter for another peruse through vintage and antique gorgeousness!

This was Lizzie's stall, looking as tempting as ever...

And a very chatty lady called Sue, who I have met before at these lovely fairs, had this stunning collection of hats and antique accessories.

I know that she will struggle to part with some of her treasures - Sue ran off a quick list of at least four items that she would be reluctant to say goodbye to! This is always the downside of running a business selling vintage stock, where in many cases, you know you will never see these items, or anything like them, ever again.

My purchases from the morning included some more Vichy check, which had faded to a comfortable rosy pink. French toile de jouy panels...

A sweet French Deco parasol...

And an exquisite silk and velvet sachet in immaculate condition, with matching postcard!

Also, a French wedding headpiece with minute wax flowers, a lace bodice with intricate embroidered flowers made up of hundreds of bullion knots, cards of pretty trims and a delightful French bisque doll.


It was then time to escape the crowds, so after getting back home again, we walked up the lane opposite our house and into the Bluebell filled woods.

Given another week, I think they will be at their best, but they were still looking beautiful in the dappled sunlight.


We almost took a tumble down the huge excavations of the badger sets!

And off in the distance we caught sight of some wild deer.

As well as these beautiful creatures in a large enclosure on the local hotels grounds. I fear some of these will be destined for the evening menu!
But then they do enjoy a peaceful life surrounded by trees and bluebells.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. What a gorgeous day! Thank you for taking us along. I sure enjoyed each picture but most of all the deer in the woods...Have a wonderful week creating...sharon

  2. Hi Niki
    Wonderful piccies, thank you for visiting the fair in Bath. I had to smile when I saw the purse you had bought from Suzie..... I think it was in my stock at Ilminster!
    Have a lovely week, Liz xxx

  3. Hi Niki

    Lovely to see you at Bridport, and thanks for your purchases! I'm glad you were able to enjoy a sea blow as well. Once I'd packed up from the Fair I popped down to West Bay for half an hour to enjoy the sun glinting on the sea (and an ice-cream!).

    Sue xx

  4. What lovely vintage things. The picture of the River Dart bought back hppy memories, I have probably stood there and looked at that view and it is still the same! I have also walked down the Clovelly Steps - must confess we were driven back!

  5. Wonderful, Niki! I would have liked to sip that tea on the beach, too!

  6. What a load of gorgeousness!!!
    That looks like a perfect weekend to me, great fairs, the seaside. a bluebell wood and loads of cups of tea! The stuff dreams are made off.

  7. Oh my! I need a cup of tea- what a lovely long weekend. You lucky thing! Lovely bits and bobs too! t.x

  8. Oh, sipping tea on that beach sounds wonderful. Love all the pretties too!

  9. Thanks for sharing your day - Great photos.


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