Monday, April 27, 2009

A Weekend of Fresh Air and Paint Fumes!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend...It was blowing a gale here, but hubby and I decided to get on with some more clearing of our garden on Saturday. We needed to remove two conifers from the shrub border, which had taken over somewhat. All the other shrubs and bushes were given a good hair cut, as was the lawn.
Later on Saturday I began the task of painting our kitchen dining chairs. I chose four different colours, painting two chairs in each of them. I used a buttery cream, a mocha (deliciously named 'frothy coffee' on the tin), the grey that I used recently for the glazed cupboard, and a vibrant pillar box red gloss.
I took my inspiration from the colours in the old ticking patchwork curtains in my counter top unit.

By the time I got to the eighth chair, I had painted enough intricate spindles to last me until the end of the year! (Trouble is, if I'm honest, some will need a quick second coat, but I'm trying to ignore that for now! ;-))
They look a lot fresher though and I'll tie the laundered floral seat pad cushions back on when they've finished drying on the washing line.

I decided to add some antique cream lace to the shelf edges in the cabinet (below), so its all looking fresh and finished in our kitchen.

Some cheerful flowers bought from my local greengrocers this morning are helping to disguise the paint fumes.

As is the homemade boiled fruit cake cooling on the wire rack.

I have my in-laws coming to stay with us this week, as from Thursday, so need to be the good hostess! Blogging may take a backseat for a few days, whist we keep them entertained and enjoy their company.
My daughter and I made a quick visit to a car boot sale on Sunday morning, but pretty vintage items were very thin on the ground. (It does seem to be getting much harder to find lovely items here in the SW - although that could just be me being a lot more selective now-a-days - I mean there is only so much that you can fit into a family home!) There were plenty of toys and modern china, if that's your thing, but anything beyond 5 years old and in good condition was elusive. I'm so pleased that I've had my large stash of vintage fabrics squirreled away for so many years, as I shall always have those to utilise into my handmade items for my website and fairs.
This is the view from the car boot sale which makes the lack of finds a little easier to bear!

Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki
    I have been following your blog for a little while now and everytime I visit I am captivted by your posts.You have such an enthusiasm for all things nice. Your kitchen chairs look fab, well worth the effort you have put into them. Infact your kitchen looks amazing, oh and the garden.
    I live here in Sussex, but I am going to be making the effort to visit the Vintage Fair, so I will come and say hello and hopefully make a few purchases.....
    Have a lovely time with your in-laws.
    Until then look forward to your next post.
    Warm Wishes

  2. Anonymous5:22 pm

    I love the different color chairs, they look so nice together. Your kitchen looks so welcoming. Love the blog, love the stories, love the pictures.

    Have a wonderful day,

  3. If I make the tea & cake will you pop around with your paint brush & tin? You are a dab hand at freshening things up!

    I also went to the boot sale & didn't buy a thing which is quite unusual for me!


  4. Like your chairs! Such pretty countryside. Enjoy your time with your company.

  5. I also had a bad boot day yesterday! I'm always disppointed if I don't managed to unearth a few choice pieces but yesterday it just wasn't working for me. Never mind - it won't stop e going back again!

  6. Your home looks so inviting! I really enjoy your blog and the background is beautiful...tks for sharing all of your treasures...sharon

  7. I just loooooove your table and chairs..I love how you have all the chairs painted a different color...What a pretty post..Have fun with your in-laws..

  8. I love the painted chairs Niki ~ inspired colours as always! You have such an eye for detail ~ the lace edging on the shelves is so beautiful...

    Well done on the photographs included in the new book about 'Pink', this has now officially been added to my ever growing book wish list...

    I have almost given up on car boot fairs now, it seems everyone else gets the good stuff before I see it, or maybe, like you I am just being a bit more selective!
    Ali x

  9. What a view is RIGHT! Stunning! Everything is so lush and green. I love your painted chairs; the colors are so cheerful! =)

  10. Wow loveing those chairs i think Kirsty needs to visit a few of our blogs i think we could show her a thing or to about getting your hands dirty and doing it yourself i think she would enjoy it too.Have a great time with your in laws.

    Best wishes Pat

  11. fantastic chairs, wish I had the motivation to paint mine, cant get past the thought. the pink and blue colours lovely what paint is it? well done for all your hard work , well worth it.

  12. I think I recognise that view - was it the Lansdown car boot near Bath racecourse you went to? If it was then that is Kelston Round Tump in the photo - a lovely hill which can be seen for miles, even from my Mum's house on the eastern edge of Bristol.

  13. You've certainly had a busy few days. The garden looks super (well done both of you!), and the chairs look fabulous. I'm sure your inlaws will be delighted with the new look kitchen!

    Sue x

  14. I agree with you Niki, pretty old items are getting much harder to find over here too. I guess i just thought they would be around for ever but have seen a huge change over the last few years. The chairs are looking great, ,love the colour combo.

  15. Your kitchen looks so pretty! Great job!

  16. Love the chairs with the fabrics. Makes me want to paint mine.

  17. Love the kitchen colors and your freshly painted chairs. Just amazing how it looks put together!!

  18. Niki, I adore your blog - always a shot in the arm of 'gorgeousness' - you are an inspiration and I'm loving your beautiful book. I've been 'following' you for ages but have only recently signed up so now I can leave you a message. So nice to see some red splashed about your gorgeous home. I've got lots of splashes myself but not in such nostalgic surrounds. Cheers, Suzy.

  19. Your kitchen is looking beautiful! I love the idea of painting the chairs in different colours.

    I have got one or two things at boot sales lately but prices seem to be higher and we end coming back for mostly things for the children... keeps them occupied though!

    Mel xxx

  20. Anonymous10:45 am

    Your chairs and cabinet look fabulous, I just love the colours. You have a fabulous home.

    Take care
    Love Melanie xx

  21. Love your kitchen, Niki. The painted colours are just perfect!!!

  22. Boot Fairs are not like what they were! Everbody now wants that rare 10p item that is worth thousands!
    Love the kitchen, would you like to come and do mine;)
    Julie xx

  23. WOW! You are a very busy creative lady. The chairs look great different colors. What a pretty kitchen! And I love the lace in the cabinets too. You have such a great blog. I check in often. I can't wait to see what you are up to next.

  24. the chairs look great!
    Josie x

  25. Hi Niki,
    your garden looks very pretty and up together, I am nearly there with mine....
    The kitchen chairs are brilliant I love the colours they work so well in your lovely homely kitchen.
    I have never been to a car boot sale, a thing I must get up one Sunday morning and go to but I do feel I should have a good clear out and have a pitch myself really and not go to buy, the house is already bulging with 'things' I think a sort out would be a very good idea.

  26. hi niki, I love your kitchen.. so bright and cheerful. Im sure painting those chsirs was a lot of work but so worth it in the end.
    enjoy your company and have a great week!

  27. Hello Niki - sorry to of not replied to your email...I am loving your kitchen chairs...remember b4 we moved our kitchen chairs were all those kinda colours...we painted them french grey thinking that we would have a change of style....but we are even brighter now than ever!!! you have just reminded me how fond i am of those chairs!...I'm off to find a paintbrush and all my odd tins of paint...thanks honey, hope you are having a wonderful and deserved break with your you lots - love Happy xx


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