Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boudoiry Peep-Toe Pretties!

As with the word 'grannyfying' (or should it be spelt 'grannifying'? see post below), another word that entered my vocabulary a few years ago was 'boudoiry'! (Or 'boudoirie'?) I was at a flea market with a friend of mine when the word just slipped out as I caught site of an opulent coppery orange, richly ruched velvet 1920's cushion. My friend fell about laughing at the time, but since then, it has become a buzz-word for us when we discover those feminine, sensuous and luxuriously frivolous items at the know the kind of thing?...

It's a look that I am often drawn to in vintage and antique items, or is one that I produce in my creative pieces, often without me realising it. It once hit me when I had my stall arranged at the Shepton Mallet Antique Fair. The neighbouring stall holder (a man) looked up and down my stand and declared it to look like a 'tart's boudoir'! So, feeling rather defensive I said with a smile, 'Perfect, that was exactly the look I was going for!' ;-))
This week I wanted to create a few one-of-a-kind items for my table at the V&H fair. And once again, my subliminal boudoiry tendencies have emerged through my latest piece! :)
I took a pair of aqua satin and suede high heeled shoes, with a distinctly 1940's look to them, and started to embellish. The innersoles were lined in a gorgeous C19th French cotton toile de jouy printed with pink roses on a dramatic black background.

I added a vintage pastel pink braid to the edges and a black lace bow to the suede heel backs. The stiletto heels themselves were dusted with German glitter in a vintage pink colouring. I adorned the satin peep toe fronts with matching satin ribbon bows and stitched twinkling vintage diamante buttons to the centers. More back lace adds a sophisticated touch, and some soft white feathers from an old hat provide a cute feminine flourish!

They wouldn't really be suitable to wear now, but could be a glamorous boudoiry display piece for a pretty dressing table top or a frivolous and fun accessory for a dressing room shelf!
Teetering off for now (ha!),
Niki x


  1. That is SO funny, "tarts boudoir" think I will have to borrow that one LOL!! Love your boudoiry shoes ~ divine

  2. Oh my gosh Niki, those shoes are fabulous! I'd love to wear those!! Perfectly boudoiry, and definitly not grannified!!! Spectacular!

  3. Niki, those shoes are stunning!!!

  4. Positively Marie Antoinette, those shoes - no tarts involved at all! (The cheek!)

  5. You've done a wonderful job with those shoes - Laboutin eat your heart out!

  6. A fabulous boudoir addition, Niki!

  7. just discovered and love your blog! hope you dont mind if I add you to my blog list as I want to be sure to be able to find my way back again soon! those heels turned out beautifully! stop by and visit my blog sometime when you can!

  8. Those are just STUNNING, Niki!

    A "tart's boudoir!" lol I'm going to have those words stuck in my head now for the day!

  9. Niki, they are fab, you've done it again. Wait till my 18 year old daughter sees them! xx

  10. Busy bee - glad you've achieved!! They look fabulous.
    Sue x

  11. I just love your blog!!! I love comming to visit. And I really love all the pretty ( Granny ) fabrics!!!! Just my style!!! YOU GO GIRL! Blessings, Deborah

  12. I love how you boudoirished (?) the shoes. That card is pretty tarts' boudoir too. Love the story!

  13. what an awesome idea.....can I 'adapt' that to something?


    pretty please??

  14. Oh Niki - They're lovely, how clever. Now where did I put those shoes I wore as a (Mature) bridesmaid? (You know the type of shoes I mean. The sort you can only wear if you don't need to walk anywhere!)SueX

  15. How pretty! Would love to SEE everything you make in person! Very sweet idea!

  16. Those shoes are fabulous, the colours are wonderful and they certainly have the wow factor.

  17. Anonymous6:40 pm

    I adore those shoes!

  18. Magnificent job…
    I wish I had a pair, I would dance all night....


  19. Dear Niki
    I'd wear those for sure!!! They are the most delightful shoes I have seen in a long time - can't you go into shoe design/manufacturing???
    They are wonderful - clever you - what a great eye for colour and detail you have.
    Denise x

  20. Anonymous11:56 am

    Hi there, I hope you dont mind, but I've added your blog onto my blogroll on my site.

    Take care

  21. I think a new "Vintage" dictionary is in order! What with Grannyfying & Boudoiry to start I'm sure we could all contribute those words we use to describe our vintagey finds & decorating!


  22. Anonymous3:44 pm

    LOve the shoes, they are FABULOUS

    Keep it up

    Janice In Missouri


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