Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Little Things...

Spending around 90% of my time at home, sometimes leads me to have a 'blogging-block'. There are only so many times, I feel, that I can show you what I have created, which cupboard has been painted this week ;-)), whats been thrifted, or the garden flowers that are gracing my windowsill on any particular day...
Writing my previous post about our little jaunt to Wells, it struck me that you have heard a very similar story here, more than once before!
And I think each of my favourite possessions and collectables have been featured on my blog at least twice on various occasions over the years.

You see I spend so much of my time in my workroom concentrating on my latest project, that there really is very little else to report! (And you really wouldn't want to hear about the housework that was done this morning!)
Apart from the emails that I receive each day, I am somewhat isolated from the outside world and I am sure that many of my blog readers lead far more exciting lives than mine!

A recent email from a lovely lady in the USA asked me what I intended to do with the wax doll that I'd just purchased. She wanted to know if I was maybe going to give her a make-over. To be truthful, as I am usually sewing items for my website, I have very little time to spare to make things for myself. The wax dolls are becoming quite rare now (in good condition), so I choose to display them in their original state amongst other vintage finds, in a couple of glazed cabinets.
I love their beautiful, slightly snooty faces - and they seem quite happy to lounge amongst other vintage pretties.
Anyway, this simple little blog post was just to thank all of those who read my blog, those who are kind enough to leave me comments, and for your continued interest in my very ordinary little world!
These are for you - the garden flowers on my windowsill today are: Kerria Japonica blooms!
Have a great day!
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki
    I am much the same, I spend 90% of the time indoors and usually on my own during the day. Which lucliky doesn't bother me as I tend to be a bit of a loner anyway. Some of my friends say: You must be bored working from home on your own. Oh no! Bored is something I never am. I enjoy it but then to break it up a bit by going to fairs and meeting other like minded ladies.
    I don't think we will ever tire of your blog Niki. Always something to inspire or to enjoy looking at. Really nice collection of wax dolls. Yes I too am amused by their facial expressions.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  2. agree with Isabelle completely. I'm a homebird and I think myself very fortunate that I can keep myself amused alone at home. It helps that there are lovely blogs to read though! Your blog, Niki, always inspires.
    I've kind of given up writing about my boring old life. I just add new mannequins or news regarding my small, but time consuming business. Hope that doesn't make for too boring a blog else I'm stumped. I'll have to invent a more interesting life and I haven't got the time!! Lucyxx

  3. JackieM2:26 pm

    Hi Niki, I don't mind how many times you show me things, I will never tire of looking at pictures of your treasures and life. Your photos are always pretty and interesting as are your words and I turn to it everyday for my dose of escapism and am grateful that you share with us. JackieMx

  4. I understand the writer's block... Sometimes I wonder if people get tired of the same old stuff! I know I NEVER get tired of looking at other's pretties!! Your collections are truly a treat to the eyes and the soul!

  5. I think there are many of us who share the same hours in the house! This is such a sweet post, Niki! I have those very same flowers in my yard, however mine haven't even started to form buds yet! We are so far behind this Spring. =O

  6. Well, you are welcome! and sharing your life, your passions, ups and downs....we all can relate to- and perfectly understand that sometimes, you just need a break :)

  7. You have lots of beautiful things to show us. It's also fun to see things in the UK. Sometimes it seems like we're alot alike and sometimes where you live seems exotic to me. So keep blogging!
    Hugs, Susan

  8. I have never been across the pond, for the very simple reason I don't think I could handle the LONG flight over there. So when you post about your trips here and there in your part of the world, I enjoy reading about them, and seeing your beautiful photos. Love seeing your pretty creations.

  9. I so enjoy your blog -- I can't imagine being bored by anything you chose to share with us.

  10. I hardly ever go out these days and to be honest it's nice to read about other people's days out and see what's in their home! I don't get bored at all, and I love to see what you've been making for your site. I haven't posted for a couple of days as nothing has happened at all!

    Mel xxx

  11. Hi Niki

    Let's face it, every picture on your blog is lovely, and the way you display all your treasures makes me for one very envious, so keep it up!

    All the comments seem to be from people who work from home. I used to be the same and never managed more than about an hour out at any one time. Life was like that for about 16 years. Now I find it difficult to get more than a few hours at home at any one time. Much as I love DH I'd love a stretch of days at home to actually achieve something and maybe even manage to put some flowers in a vase on the window sill!!

    Sue xx

  12. I enjoy hearing about your days and love the various pics of your home..so keep it up Niki! Love Sue x

  13. I love your charming dolls and they lovely ways you display them! I also love seeing all your other beautiful collections and finds and the pretty treasures you create!

  14. I will never tire of your beautiful blog. It is such a treat to see all the lovely bits and pieces that you come across, that we will never find here in Oz, and how creatively you utilise and display them. It is also enjoyable seeing life through your eyes, with your different seasons and beautiful scenery.

  15. You know, I was running an errand today, and I was thinking the exact same thing, about how a lot of my life is within the walls of my home, and how boring I must seem to others. But let me tell you, I love visiting your blog. For one thing, you've always got a lot of pretty things to show. You're very creative, in a way that I am not, so I enjoy all that you show us. And, finally, I am a direct descendant of people from Cornwall, and I love, love, love coming here because you have so many of the expressions (like in today's post when you said "snooty" describing the was doll heads, that is something my mother said all the time!) that my mom has that she got from her mum (who was from Cornwall!) and my mom's interests are very, very much like yours. Her and all of her sisters the same, are very creative in the way that you are. So don't ever think you're boring us, I know I LOVE your blog!

  16. Well, we all think you have one of the best blogs! That's serious - as well as having lovely things, you have a gift for photographing them and telling us about them creatively. And I love reading about your travels around a part of the world I love and miss...

  17. I must say...I have been following your blog for about 8 months now and I'm not sure if I ever left a comment.

    So today, because of this post, I feel like you need to hear that everything you write about and show us is certainly appreciated in return.

    I look forward to my sidebar letting me know that you have posted a recent post. I enjoy your pictures and hearing about your day to day goings and doings.

    Your world is beautiful and thank you for sharing it with us!

    You are certainly an inspiration!
    everything vintage

  18. Niki, it appears there are whole bunch of us out here who are just like you... homebodies! Ditto ditto... I am home 90% of the time and never bored. As for your concern about being boring... no way! I love coming to see your latest post. Keep on posting~
    XXX Vicki

  19. I can only echo your words Niki... I too feel the same.. as my kitchen is my habitat for at least 90% of the week..and it is difficult to conjur up new subjects when we live such repetitive lives..BUT.. your blog is always a delight to visit and there is never a dull moment or a sense of deja vu.. it is as delightful and inspirational now as it was when I first discovered Nostalgia at the Stonehouse.. nearly two years ago..

    Michele xx
    P.s Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  20. You have a wonderful, beautiful and creative life. I don't think there is anything ordinary about that, Niki. I truly enjoy coming coming over for a vist chez toi!

  21. I have to say as someone who is tied to a desk for 37 hours a week that its an absolute delight to be able to unwind in front of your blogs and see the fantastic things you and the other bloggers create. I crave the time that some of you have to indulge your creative urges! Don't ever think that your blog is uninteresting - its one of the ones I rush to to see what you've been up to each day! Your pictures are delightful.

  22. thevintagemagpie10:22 pm

    Hi Niki, just to reiterate what everyone else feels, your blog is always beautiful and an inspiration. I'm glad that someone else suffers from bloggers block though! Working from home can do that to you. When I get 'cabin fever' I get out and see my friends, chat, have coffee, get inspired and then come home feeling fresher with a new eye on my surroundings! Have a great Easter xx

  23. Your blog is beautiful and I enjoy reading what you have to say, as I am sure everyone else does too!!! I know what you mean about feeling like you don't lead an exciting life, I often feel the same, I am a homebody too! I love being at home and making my little nest pretty! Thanks for sharing the beauty that surrounds you! Your blog is one of my favorites!
    Milli (sashagirl on flickr)

  24. Dear Niki, I echo all the above praise and delight in your blog. The blog is so beautifully presented with such exquisite items for us to see. And, as like you and many others I am usually found at home attached to my sewing machine, it is so nice to have a snippet of insight into the way others are doing just the same thing! Maybe we all blog because we spend so much time alone? Thank you for the flowers, they are beautiful. Happy Easter to you Niki! (More news of Afternoon tea next week) Denise x

  25. Niki - not a day goes by that I don't pop in just to get a visual dose of beauty! Thank you for blogging and sharing your incredible talents and beautiful items! With love & happy Easther Sunday from Esther Sunday!


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