Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bordering on the Beautiful?!

Normally I would happy to leave a faded lovely just as she is...

Her clothes a little crumpled by the passing of decades...
and her face scarred; possibly by the constant caress of a loving touch.
But, the more I looked at the boudoir doll that I purchased the other day, the more I felt she wanted me to make her beautiful once more...well, we all need to feel good about ourselves from time to time, don't we?

Her tiny high heeled shoes were repaired with 'milliput' and given a new coat of shimmering gold paint...
And a bit more surgery has given her a complete set of 5 digits on each hand. (I still need to work on the colour of her thumbs and to paint her nails in a coat of pastel pink lacquer, but she's happy with the improvements so far!)
And how about these for a wicked set of falsies!!!
- Eyelashes made from silk embroidery threads, carefully trimmed and groomed to flutter at the French boys who just might be passing by ;-))

Floppy millinery flowers for her hair and a tiny velvet ribbon choker, give her the confidence to glow once more!
There, three beautiful babes, all with killer good looks reminiscent of that by-gone glamorous era.
And I've also been beautifying the old drawer that I mentioned in my previous post. Its now had three coats of eggshell paint and I've lined each of the sections with a pretty vintage floral wallpaper.
The perfect place to display an assortment of flowery treasures.

Hope you're feeling beautiful and are having a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. She looks so much happier than she did in that wet,windy field in shepton mallet Niki!

  2. Looking great!! Love the drawer TOO!

  3. What beautiful dolls! It is wonderful to see how quickly you transformed that set of drawers. You have been buy Niki. xx

  4. Your sweet dolls are gorgeous!! Love them to bits!! Your box makeover is wonderful, too!!

  5. Niki, What a beautiful doll. All of them are stunners. I'll bet she pleased you took the time.

  6. Niki I am always in awe of how clever you are and how beautiful the things are when you have rescued and loved them, you are so clever, now the big question is have you enough paint and silk eyelashes to do me? Thank you for our parcel, unfortunately Mr postman did not heed your 'do not bend'notice !!and my calender suffered at one corner..... however it is just lovely, cant wait to start using it...thank you...dont think I can bring myself to use the cards they are too H

  7. She looks really lovely.

  8. Your drawer idea is fabulous Niki, inspired!

  9. Your dolls are so wonderful, I love the lace on the pink one, what a wonderful find.

  10. Hello Niki

    I think that she looks a lot happier for it! What a pretty face has.Your collection of dolls is enviable! Vintage wallpaper is perfect for such a project. The painted drawer looks so much nicer now.
    I found your previous post interesting, I had not seen it on the news.
    I don't wish this recession on anyone but there is some good that is coming out of it. People are thinking more about re-using instead of discarding. It is good that we are going back to "homemade".

    Isabelle x

  11. These dolls are just too beautiful for words. I have never seen anything like them here in the States. You did such a wonderful job of making your latest find even more lovely!!

    ~ Wendy

  12. Heavens to Betsy...I'm so glad you saved this dear girl. You poked, painted, pushed and plumped and look at her now...excellent, a tah dah moment!

  13. Hello Nikki, i am hosting my first ever give away today, a pretty wreath for autumn wicker and Orange paper roses,would you like to take a look.

  14. Hi just to let you know there's an award for you over at my blog. Hope you don't mind me linking to you love Lucey x

  15. Anonymous5:37 am

    What a gorgeous blog you have, everything just to pleasing to look at.
    The doll looks beautiful!

  16. Oh how I love coming to The Stone House. Your blog is just yummy and I love to sit and soak it alll up!



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