Monday, October 05, 2009

A Lick of Paint

I hope you all had a lovely weekend...
I thought I'd just do a quick check-in to my blog this evening, as I've been rather busy with lots of serious stuff just recently...
In between all that, I've found a couple of hours for a few little projects, which I thought I might share with you.
Sorry, no 'before' pictures, as I've had my mind on other things, but if you can imagine an ordinary dark wood chair, with dingy mustard velvet seat...

It now looks a lot fresher.
I gave it a coat of eggshell paint (well, three coats actually) and then covered the seat in a lovely old floral Sanderson linen fabric. I did it the simple way, just by using a staple gun and stretching the fabric taught. The staples are hidden by a length of pink braid glued in place.

I then painted an old dressing table mirror to match.

I love how the paint didn't quite settle in the carved details and now has this crackled effect...a very happy accident.

And then there is this vintage fire screen, which found its way home with me on Sunday...

Sometimes its difficult to know whether to always wield the paintbrush, isn't it? I mean, this little screen has happily had its plain varnished wood frame, all its life...and someone obviously loved it, spending hours and hours hand embroidering the beautiful anemone flowers to showcase within it.
I think I'm going to leave this one for a while, before contemplating altering it forever.
Another make-over that didn't need a second thought though, was a miss-matched collection of old picture frames. They all received a coat of eggshell to unify them.
I've used them to display part of my collection of antique and vintage wedding photographs.

A light rubbing of antiquing wax into the mouldings has knocked-back the new paint finish, to harmonise better with the original old photos.
These are all destined for somewhere very special, which I shall hopefully be able to reveal in a few months time.
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Dear Niki, I hope the 'serious' contemplation is something pleasant rather than the opposite! The chair is so pretty and I love the antique wedding photo frames. I agree it can be difficult knowing whether to paint or not sometimes. I am sure you will make the correct choice.

    Thank you so much for the lovely brooch cushion I purchased. It was even more beautiful than I expected! xx

  2. Sweet! I love that crackle effect, too. You could never have planned it as well. Perfect.

  3. Stunning! As usual. Suzy xx

  4. All these items look lovely. I'm with you on the should you or shouldn't you paint the firescreen frame, oh the decisions when wielding a paintbrush.

    I have lived with an unpainted, dark wood mirror frame for 6 months now and I think I will, somehow it just doesn't sit right with the other things in the room, I thin maybe a coat of cream pain will make it SO much more at home.

    Sue xx

  5. or even paint!! (Might do the job

  6. The makeover on the chair is lovely. I love the material and how clever of you to achieve the crackle effect. I have had failures even using crackle glaze! I don't think you should paint the frame to the firescreen as it needs the contrast of the darker colour wood. I see a lot of things which have been painted and, in my opinion, should have been left - do you agree? The frames look great too. I am dithering about painting the frame on a picture we have had for years.
    Ruth x

  7. Your chair is stunning, Niki. And I so love the embroidered firescreen (we don't have those over here, and I think I learned what they were by reading your blog over the years).

    My calendar and plate arrived which I purchased from your shop and I am THRILLED with both! Thank you!

  8. OOH they all look lovely. It's so difficult to take that plunge with the brush..I have a blanket box here which needs a makeover...yet another job on the list!Are you going to the flea this Sunday? Have a lovely week Niki.

  9. Hello Niki....

    I hope all is resolved for you...I'm sorry to hear you're in the midst of "some serious stuff"....

    I LOVE your blog. It's my little English FIX... Your projects are delish.


  10. Oh I love the chair... beautiful fabric.. you can never fail with Sanderson!! x

  11. Lovely creations as usual Niki! Thank you for your comment on the blog, I think Sue would notice us if we moved in to the French Room.. smile!
    Lizzie x

  12. Hmm...I'm not sure about painting the screen...It might actually be better with the stained frame, but I'm not sure. However, I just love what you did with the chair at the top of the post. Just lovely


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