Friday, October 16, 2009

A Typical Week...

Another week seems to have flown by...I hope you've had a good one. I've been working on several projects, but wasn't sure whether I would share them with you as its been a rather typical week, and not the most exciting. Plus, call me paranoid if you like, but I thought I'd take a week-off away from blogging as I wasn't sure if a previous post of mine had been somewhat misconstrued...

It does seem a shame if we can't use our blogs how we see appropriate and to not voice concerns now and then if we feel a little violated...I'm sorry if anything I said was misinterpreted; the details of which have now been deleted from my blog; I had my reasons and I did not report my feelings lightly.
I am keen to keep up with my blog for a bit longer yet and to not jump-ship as many are doing in favour of 'Twittering'. I am a visual person and its important to me to be able to share my passions and collections through my blog. Twitter does not appeal to me personally, though I can see why some people do love it. Its quick and easy to share thoughts, without spending an hour or so composing a blog post and adding photographs. When time is precious, its a good way to keep in touch with like-minded people. But even after 3+ years of posting, I'm not ready to try anything new just yet! ;-))
So, moving on...
Its been a rather typical week, and nothing very exciting to report, but here we go...

There's been a little thrifting...

Yes, feel-free...have a closer look at the lovely Victorian roses and violets! Ahhhh...they don't make em' like that anymore...scrummy!

Talents of the embroiderer and water-colourist from years ago...

Pretty postcards. As a doll maker, I had to have the 'Dolly' card!

And lots more floral loveliness!

There's been a lot of laundering of vintage linens and lace...

which inevitably led to a mammoth ironing session!

A few more coats of paint here and there. 'Frothy Coffee' for a little rustic country cupboard,
and a touch of cream to tone down a gaudy gold 1960's cheval mirror.

Some handcrafting: A sample of some of the fairies that I've made for the V&H Fair next month (only 29 days to go!) - I wanted my latest girls to have a slightly festive look, but not to be too Christmassy, so that they can be enjoyed on display all year.

Corsages were simply made from some crumpled vintage millinery anemones that I salvaged from a hat - Crumpled perfection!

I have spent quite a bit of time on here...but am hopeful of a worthwhile outcome from all of my calls... ;-))

And as usual, rather too much time has been spent sat in front of this...

So there you go, a typical week, far from exciting, particularly if I tell you of the household chores that had to be done as well...but you know all about those too!
Have a fab weekend, won't you?
Niki x


  1. Niki, the little change purse you found is so beautiful i could weep...i always see something lovely when i stop here for a visit...

  2. Hi Niki, I am very pleased to hear that you are continuing your blog. I really enjoy reading it and admiring all you wonderful photographs. I don’t really know what happened to cause you concern but please believe that there are lots of ‘normal’ people out here in blogland who love what you do. Buck up and have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. I'd hate for you to stop blogging, your posts are always full of the loveliest things. I would dearly miss the fab photos. Also, twittering just isn't my thing.
    Wow, that telephone is just fabulous, I am soooooooo envious. And as to all the other gorgeous bits, well humph, those beautiful beautiful roses, sigh. Where on earth do you find all these treasures?

  4. Hello Niki

    What a tantalising selection of things! No wonder you have been so busy. I can't wait to see your stall at the V&H fair. The victorian roses & violets dish is so pretty! I love the colour s of the flower corsages.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    We are working on my work room this weekend!
    Isabelle x

  5. Please don't stop blogging, your blog is most interesting, and I am envious of your treasures that you find. Also your dolls are quite beautiful.

  6. JackieM3:28 pm

    Stunning post as always Niki, please keep on blogging, I couldn't cope without my Nostalgia blog fixes! Love Jackie M x

  7. I'm with you Niki - I love pictures & I think that is half the enjoyment of blogging - I haven't succumbed to Twittering yet although I do like the name - all cute & birdie!

    I also think that if you feel strongly about something there is no reason why you shouldn't post it on your blog - after all, our blogs are like our journals or diaries & reflect our personalities & also our feelings about things.

    I love the new fairies - very Princess-like & Queeny!


  8. I'm with you Niki our blogs are our own and if people do not like what they see they can just go on to another blog, mine is my diary of family life and my crafting hopefully someone will like what they see and leave a nice comment and l in turn will leave them one and it is good to make new freinds which l do enjoy and twitter is not for me, like you l like my pictures so remember you are not alone have a great weekend and extra hugs Pat

  9. Just found your blog & it's beautiful! I love love love your little escape beach cottage!! What a wonderful job you guys did! All the linens look so beautiful!


  10. Hi Niki:

    Sorry to hear there was some unpleasantness on your blog. I thought I read your every post but I guess I missed that one.

    Please continue to blog, it is a pleasure always.


    PS Quite a bit of feedback on that fabric, I must say. Apparently it is the favourite of many!

  11. Oh dear I can see me spending more money with you at the V and H...I know a couple of little girl who'd die for one of your new dolls!!Have a great week.

  12. I think I remember reading the post in question and commented on it, I didn't see anything wrong with you voicing your concerns. As others have said it is YOUR blog. I for one am glad you are continuing as yours was one of the first I found and I just love it.

    A lovely lot of goodies to look at again. Thank you.

  13. Niki, I must have missed the post you mentioned, but I agree with you on the subject of being visual. Blogging does take a little more time, but its so worth it. I'm glad you are staying with it. I love your posts and seeing all your wonderful finds! Stay with us, we love what you post! (: xx Vicki

  14. Your post today is full of such lovely things. I've had friends ask me to join Facebook but it doesn't appeal to me at all. My cousin started me blogging in July and I didn't think I would like it, but man oh man, has it opened a whole new world to me. I so enjoy visiting other bloggers who are so creative and inspirational. Keep doing what you're doing! Peace & blessings, Tammy

  15. Dear Niki
    It seems to me there is one key point here: it is YOUR blog, nobody else's, and really it is nobody else's business what you write or the opinions you voice, because this is YOUR space. We are just here as visitors. Basically if somebody doesn't like what you've said, or if somebody doesn't like what I write on my blog - well they can just hit that little button in the corner of the screen and go elsewhere surely!!!
    Anyway, on another matter, I do believe I may have passed you in the High Street the other day - were you wearing a particularly attractive coat? I may sound bonkers, but I saw this coat and which caught my eye, but I didn't want to appear rude by staring (!) and then afterwards I thought..... "that person looks familiar...." I pondered a bit, and thought it might be you from the pictures I've seen here. So another time I'll say "Hello" ....
    Happy Weekend to you!
    Denise x

  16. Dear Niki,
    It would be a crime for you to move your gorgeous Blog to Twittering! Never! I do Twit and Facebook but like yourself, I am a visual person and love to see images and the wonderful worlds people create through their Blogs. I hope you enjoy your weekend. xx

  17. Niki, hi there,
    Although I don't comment regularly, I visit all the time and would be really sad if you didn't share your blog with us. You invite us into your world and that should be respected. I don't know what was involved but I do know that so many times one or two people can spoil things for everyone else.
    Warm wishes Angela :>)

  18. I always read your blog and don't remember anything strange , certainly not offensive, so don't worry. I know what you mean, though: I have been thinking that after a while our blogs become reader driven, what we think other people want to hear, and not what we would have just started to talk about. But I believe it is important for you to have your own voice, and to feel free to use it, and I enjoy it very much. So, thanks!

  19. Oh Niki,
    you know what I think- it is YOUR blog, and you should be FREE to express your thoughts and feelings as you like the best!

  20. Hi Niki

    I'm sorry there was an unpleasant incident and hope you keep blogging. I read all your posts which let me peek through your window on the other side of the world. Your beautiful bits and bobs are always so inspiring, as we just don't get many things like that over here. I haven't bothered with Facebook or Twitter as blogging is perfect for me, with peoples creativity, thoughts (yes I believe you should be able to express them)and beautiful photos.

    I love the way your computer desktop wallpaper is even nostalgic.

  21. Hi Niki, now you've mentioned only 29 to the V&H and I'm feeling rather sick - everything at the last minute as usual! Shepton is not the best place for chatting as our minds are on finding bargains, hopefully will find some time at the V&H as I'm bringing a friend with me this time - plus I'll have longer to spend browsing your beautiful stall (and the others of course!) But for now - back to panic!
    Lucy x

  22. Please don't stop blogging, your blog is candy for my eyes!

  23. Hello Niki, everything you post is exciting, inspiring, charming, wonderful and beautiful to me!!! I do too need images through my life, so keep posting please!!!
    MarĂ­a Cecilia

  24. I love your blog and please keep posting and showing us all those lovely pics I enjoy it sooo much love Lucey x

  25. Hi Niki

    I always read your blog but don't always comment. Just wanted to let you know I really really love it, you are such an artistic lady and so generous in spirit sharing all your crafty ideas, so I am so pleased you have decided to keep blogging. I'm baffled to understand which post might have offended - please don't let it upset you.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  26. Hi Nicki,

    I love reading your blog. It's a feast for your eyes. I see a blog as a diary for my own record as well as others - twittering doesn't qute fit that. It's more a random series of daily thoughts.

    Please keep on blogging and ignore those who feel the need to comment on the way you think and feel about something. This is your arena to say what you think, if you can't do it here then where can you do it?!

    Sian x

  27. I do applaud you Niki for speaking out honestly and sincerely. We all have the right to feel aggrieved at times when our work is copied.. especially when you put so much thought and originality in to your creations. I have been tempted on many an occasion to speak out about such matters but haven't had the well done for speaking up for the rest of us that would so like to 'say it how it is'..
    I cannot turn my back on much as I find it impossible these days to keep up with.. If it wasn't for this wonderful community.. I wouldn't have met such friends like you.. and many others.. and there would be no Vintage & Handmade Fair.. Now there's a thought.

    Hope you are enjoying this fabulous autumnal weekend.
    Michele xx

  28. Niki,
    I did not see the post you referenced, but I love your blog! I, too, am a very visual person and I enjoy your blog/pics tremendously. Please don't stop blogging yet! Your blog is your blog--please don't feel that you mustn't speak your mind (a very nice mind it is too!) about anything you feel strongly about.
    Thank you for your lovely, lovely blog!

  29. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Hi Niki, I have always enjoyed your blog and visit regularly.I do hope you will continue for a long while yet!! best wishes Sue S x

  30. Like many others I missed the words you refer to. I love your blog and it is the first one I read then I go to older ones posts whilst I am there - I love your chatty posts and the profusion of wonderful pics - PLEASE do not consider stopping - like one lady says no one is forced to read anyone's blog. Keep it up. I am inspired by all of your lovely brooches you use and picked up 10 yesterday for 20p each I am going to make a lovley cushion to pin them all too so I can enjoy them on display.

  31. To be able to see the items in my opinion, is wonderful! Thanks! Please keep blogging.

  32. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Hi Niki!
    These dishes at the lovely Victorian roses and violets, are wonderful!!!!!!
    Everything wonderful!!


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