Saturday, October 31, 2009

Half Term...

Its been a busy week here at The Stone House, but not the 'exciting-busy' when it comes to writing a blog post...but here's a taster anyway ;-)) ,as I don't like to stay away too long...
I'd been buying the ingredients for our Christmas cake over the last few weeks and storing them in my large 'baking basket' in the pantry until I had all that was needed...

Youngest daughter was on hand to give me some help with the mixing...

And three hours later the cake was cooked. A weekly spoonful of brandy drizzled over the top will help it mature and darken before the festive hols. (My family recipe can be found here)
The half term break has also involved some rainbow watching...
Masses of laundry...
But some of the nicer, vintagey kind too. I love pressing old linen and lace.
And then there was all the pricing up to do.
I've also laundered several eiderdowns...

which are now airing around the house in the autumn sunshine, along with a few quilts and blankets.

Some vintage clothes were given a freshen-up too.

I've been doing some more painting...more about that another time...
Along with some high-street shopping with my daughter (yes, I do some of that occasionally!) - with the best buy found on the way back to the car. I called into the charity shop and found these fabulously kitsch potted silk roses...kitsch enough to be cool, I hope?! ;-))
And talking of roses, I thought I'd just mention the mirror that I made a few weeks ago. The putty method seems to have held the china flowers in place. If they start dropping off over time however, I shall let you know!
There's also been a bit of this going on around here...
My daughter's scary clown pumpkin!

If you like to celebrate All Hallow's Eve, then I hope you have lots of fun!

Enjoy your weekend,
Niki x


  1. IT all looks very creative - thanks for the update about the mirror, because I'd been wondering!

    I'm in Edinburgh with my parents so I've been able to claim and open the envelope with your lovely calendar in it. My mum and I had a wonderful time looking through the images together, and she says she loves the idea of me having pleasure from it month after month next year! It's just fantastic, Niki - thanks.

  2. Love that mirror.
    May I use your recipe for the christmas cake? I make two, one doesn't mature as much as the christmas cake, because my son prefers rich fruit cake as his birthday cake - his birthday is four weeks before christmas.

  3. I love your Halloween picture, Nicki. The mirror looks beautiful and thank you for sharing the recipe for the cake. I also enjoyed the images of the linen in your beautiful home airing. xx

  4. I love seeing all those beautiful eiderdowns spread out around the house. Fabricy goodness in every room, what more could one wish for? The Christmas cake looks delicious. I hate to admit it, but I have never made one, my lovely mother-in-law has always made one for us in the past.

  5. Would you be willing to share your recipe? I would love to have a tried and true recipe. Love the linens!!


  6. those roses are kitch.. but great!
    Liz xx

  7. Hi Leann, Yes, happy for you to try my recipe - I didn't publish it this time, as I have done so a couple of times in the past - but just follow the 'here' link on this post.

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  9. Fabulous fabulous, have a safe and fun night, Niki!

  10. OOOh the mirror - I'd been looking forward to seeing this. Its fantastic! Do pop over and enter my giveaway if you'd like to.

  11. Hi Niki, Sweet P and I got all our ingredients today and will make our christmas cake minds and all that...we have a recipe which was handed down to my very dear friend..who having no children has handed it down to us...but we insist she comes and supervises the baking of it...she has some strange little tips...she has been making it since she was 16 and she is now 60 its very special to us...we have also been doing tons of washing including my favourite coat which comes back looking just as dirty from the dry cleaners so it vanish and daz and the washing this and big hugs H

  12. everything so nice
    that pumpkin has the best grin

  13. Happy Halloween Niki !!

    I am doing that cake receipe, and will let you know what everyone thinks (wink)

    Nov nearly here .... looking forward to the fair.

    Best wishes Ginny x

  14. The mirror is gorgeous...and a very scary pumpkin!
    Happy Halloween....((((woooooooh))))


  15. I love the pumpkin...why are clowns so terrifying?Hope you had a good halloween.

  16. Hi Niki

    Love that green. Can't wait to see it!!

    I'm afraid my cake will come courtesy of Messrs M&S or Waitrose as usual!

    Sue xx

  17. Hello Niki, everything is so beautiful in this post (as always). Love that china flowers in the mirror,the vintage cloth is so pretty, your home filled with eiderdowns, great old linen and lace, and that green bread can, Love it!!! and Oh the cake, mmmm, and the rainbow, love rainbows.
    Thank you for this lovely post.
    María Cecilia

  18. LOVE that clown pumpkin - once again a winning design! There's natural talent there!

  19.'ve been busy as a bee for sure. Love the linens and frocks. I've been waiting to see the mirror. It really is beautiful isn't it...just out landish...pretty, pretty. I enjoyed my visit on this Halloween eve in Washington.

  20. Hi Niki, I'd LOVE to try your Christmas cake recipe - thanks for sharing! What an organised girl you are to have your baking basket - good idea! Love the kitsch roses - very cool, indeed. Fab that your china flowers are still safe and gorgeous. As usual, wonderful to visit you. Cheers, Suzy xx

  21. Hello Nicki how lovely to visit you and have a cup of tea and cake whilst really enjoing your posts, I just adore the things you find and make, you are so very inspiring, I hope you are well and having lots of fun.
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  22. I think you need to come on over here across the pond to New England and set up the Nostalgia Shop #2! =) You could coordinate it with trips to Brimfield, and you could sell your English wares here, and your American finds back at home!

  23. The mirror looks stunning, as if it were a precious antique. Job well done!

  24. Hi Niki

    What a creative time you have had last week! Already that time of the year for your family cake.
    You have done a brilliant job of the mirror, that worked out really well didn't it.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  25. Your mirror is FABULOUS....I'm going to be watching for those little posies.

    Warm blessings,

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