Friday, November 13, 2009

The Countdown is Over...

Here is just a small selection of some of the handmade items coming with me to tomorrow's Vintage & Handmade Fair at Chipping Sodbury. I don't do a mock-up of my stand like many others do...I'm not that organised and end up winging-it on the day! (Last time I was still putting items out on my stand as the doors opened for the lovely people to come in! Ooops ;-))

I have lots more smaller stocking filler items not shown, but the weather this week has been very gloomy for taking photographs, so all of these will be a surprise for the visitors. (There are however, a few other photos on my other blog here) I also have plenty of vintage goods of course, including pretty china, small cupboards and a few festive treats.
First up is my new line of 'torso cushions' ideal for sitting in a chair to display brooches and necklaces, with a lace pocket on the front for keepsakes. (All my items are made from antique or vintage fabrics, lace and trims.)


A patriotic cushion.

Pretty brooch pillows for the dressing table.

Smaller quilted brooch pillows, each with a vintage marcasite brooch.

Display frame for more brooches and keepsakes.
A selection of my patchwork bags - this time including a real vintage postcard encased in the front.
Country cottages...
A romantic couple (includes one of the postcards that I bought back from France this summer)
and Christmasy gift bags to spoil a loved-one.

And here are the fairy folk to adorn your festive tree...







My large one-of-a-kind rag dolls include:





Olive and

The patriotic girls;

And Queeny!
Hope you can make it along to the fair tomorrow - Michele and Jayne have worked hard to make it bigger and better than the last one (if that's possible!) - it should be a wonderful day!
May I also just say a BIG thank you for your kind comments, supportive emails and all the encouragement that I received to my previous post. I'm very excited about my new venture and am thrilled that you feel I am doing the right thing! Incidentally, I may have confused some of you; I have no intention to stop Blogging!! - Just I may not have quite so much time to do so.
Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. Wow Niki you have been very busy sewing, so many new treasures and I especially love the idea of torso cushions this is so so fabulous, I want one for my studio!!! The one with the stripes down and orange brooch & rose would be my choice.
    Wish I could come to shop at the fair!
    I wish you a very succesful day tomorrow!
    xoxo Carola

  2. Dear Niki
    Your goodies look absolutely wonderful and those 'torso' cushions are just great - a fab idea!!
    Can't wait for tomorrow - see you there!!!
    D x

  3. My, my what beautiful, beautiful pieces! Some people are going to be so thrilled with those! xxx

  4. Lovley goodies just waiting to be a pressie for some lucky person

  5. Nostalgia.... him.... of beautiful things, of good style... things that few they use in these years, happy to see yours beautiful glog is a gift for the mind!

  6. I'd place a bet that your stall will be empty by the end of the day!!! I absolutely love the angels but it's all gorgeous!

    Mel xxx

  7. Oh my God, Niki!!!! your such a talented artist!!! I love, love, LOVE all the work you do!!!!!
    Is there any possibility that you come to Chile to show and sell your beautiful creations???...well, just dreaming...
    Have a wonderful weekend
    María Cecilia
    p.s. have you visit me lately??, I think you did not....

  8. lovely items Niki. My car is all packed, managed to do it before the rains came! See you in the morning. Liz xx

  9. Wonderful, I love your patriotic ladies!! Have a great day tomorrow.
    twiggy x

  10. I'm so excited about tomorrow and your fantastic!Must see you early on tomorrow as we need one of your dolls for the treetop!

  11. Such lovely things. I love them all.. You will do very well. Good Luck to you.. The dolls are so darling and the pillows and pillow forms are so great.. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful blog.. Wish I could attend the fair. :)

  12. Hi Please Please Please tell me you didn't sell either Queenie or Britt and that I can buy one from you!!!!! I know the answer is going to be no (sob sob) Do you plan to stitch any more as I have a birthday in January and I,m sure Mr Lucey would love to buy me one....Lucey xx

  13. I especially love the cushions. I hope the weekend goes well for you. I've been a stay-at-home mum for 17 years. Any tips on what to answer to the (accusatory, I always feel) question of 'what do you DO all day?'

  14. Hello Niki
    You have been VERY busy indeed, what a stunning selection! I can feel a rush of people making way to your stall when those doors open tomorrow!

    All stall holders will be getting a free pair of 3d glasses tomorrow ;-))

    Have a safe journey there!

    Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

    Isabelle x

  15. My friend Kelly & I are on our laptops in Bristol's finest Premiere Inn... full english booked for the morning so we'll have our strength for all that shopping

    Victoria xx

  16. Anonymous12:41 am

    Hi Niki, well I have just read your previous post and like the others i think it is a great idea. I, like others who run a website, know only too well that isolation that can come from working from home...I cant wait to visit the shop and I hope all goes very well with it! by the way, have you ever made a doll called "georgia"?

  17. Every bit of it is so lovely! How I wish that I could come. However, my wallet is probably glad that I can't!

  18. I so hope you had a good day - I really wanted to get down but wasn't able to. The weather wasn't on your side, but hopefully people came out to see the faulous items you had for sale - just a cheeky question: did Britt find a home? I am rather in love.

  19. Congratulations on the new shop! You are doing the exact opposite of what we are- closing a brick and mortar shop after the holidays and opening an online shop.Best of luck to you, having a shop of one's own is great fun!


Thank you for finding the time to visit me...
Niki xx