Monday, November 02, 2009

Artful Blogging

I've sewn for as long as I can remember...many years ago, when I was a child, it was my way of discovering and fulfilling my creative side...and, of course, as a way of keeping my teddies and Sindy dolls well dressed! ;-)) Jumble sale finds were cut up and fashioned into miniature outfits for them, or dress-up clothes for myself.
When I became a Mum for the first time, finances were very tight and my sewing ability became a way to keep my babies in pretty clothes. It was always surprising to me what could be run-up out of an old floral cotton pillowcase and a simple dress pattern during the few hours whilst baby napped - (Yes, my little girls really did wear pillowcase dresses! - with matching frilly knickers!)
Today, sewing is still a passion of mine, but its generally a way to keep the house looking good rather than myself. Curtains, cushions and useful accessories can be found throughout the house, all made from recycled vintage fabrics. I am a jeans and sweater kind of a girl and don't usually give clothes much of a thought, so when I read about Natasha's 'Revamp it' Challenge on her blog earlier in the year, I thought it would be fun to give it a go - It was indeed going to be a challenge for me, as it had been a long time since I had given an item of clothing a second thought. (My revamped piece can be seen here)

The fact that the nylon nightdress that I worked on has now ended up in 'Artful Blogging' magazine (Nov/Dec/Jan 2010 edition) is unbelievable to me...I created my make-over purely for fun, with the aim of achieving something that one of my girls could wear to a themed party or for a school play.
Now that it is considered 'artful', I can only smile...
I would like to thank Natasha again for organising the challenge and for submitting the details to 'Somerset Studio'. And to congratulate her, not only for this, but another article that she has in the same magazine! (That's her lovely prom gown painting on the front cover too!)
Thanks, to Stampington & Company as well, for sending me a complimentary copy of the mag. It is a beautifully put together magazine, the like of which we would struggle to find in the UK. There are pages and pages of articles, photographs and inspiration, rather than pages and pages of advertisements! A refreshing change...and all printed on quality paper, making it more like a book than a magazine. An added bonus is that you can flick through and spot people that you 'know' in the world of Blogging, as well as discovering new talent.
I shall be curling up on the sofa tonight with my copy...I may even consider looking through my wardrobe and giving that a bit more thought than it would normally receive! But don't worry, I'm not about to start sewing roses, buttons and tulle to all my sweater necklines!

Enjoy your evening too,
Niki x


  1. Congratulations Niki!!! I'm going right out to buy the magazine now! (: Vicki

  2. well done Niki, a gorgeous garment! I have seen (and enjoyed ) a copy of Artful blogging from a friend & I agree with you, its is a beautiful puplication. Liz xx

  3. Fantastic! Well done.

  4. Well done, that gorgeous dress deserves some kind of recognition.

    Sue xx

  5. Well done, NIki, that's brilliant, it was a fab makeover. The mag looks great, I'll have to find a way to get my mitts on a copy. Now I presume you will be wearing the nightie dress to the Fair?!
    Hen x

  6. Congratulations Niki!!! your dress is so gorgeous and charming. I´m too a woman of jeans and never take much care of my outfits... jeans are so good for me.
    Love the orange-damasc color!!!
    María Cecilia

  7. Many congratulations, Niki! I simply adore your sewing abilities!!! Looks like the entire blogworld does as well! ;)

  8. Congratulations - what a coup! Funny, I was reading a blog a few minutes ago, but can't remember which one, which had 'Artful Blogging' on the sidebar - and I ignored it. I rather like Hen's idea of you wearing your creation to the V&H!


  9. Gosh Niki! I'd LOVE to wear it! Congrats by the way, it's simply thrilling to be featured, huh?

  10. I saw this when you made it.. it is beautiful! Congratulations on the artful blogger issue! I love that mag.. in fact went looking for the new issue this past weekend but Barnes and Noble didnt have it yet. I did find a copy of where woman create though!
    so I guess I'll have to go shopping again to see if its out now!
    have a great week!

  11. You are certainly very deserving of being featured! Congrats!

  12. congrats! Your project for revamp it was great!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  13. wow! you are amazing me! not that I'm surprised......but you actually do so much, and get recognized for it all - well - that's a bravo!

  14. Hi Niki,
    Congratulations! That is so cool. The dress is beautiful!

  15. Niki this is just wonderful for you...and for me, as this is one of my favorite magazines. I haven't yet picked up a copy, but will have to make a trip to the bookstore soon so I can enjoy this beautiful piece of art you have created.

  16. I wish I was as clever as you Niki, that dress is sooooo lovely...I remember drooling the first deserve to be in such a magazine...I hate to admit I am envious of your creativity and talents...well done sweetie!

  17. Oh clever you Niki, you are absolutely wonderful!

  18. Hello Niki

    Congratulations, that's fantastic!It is a brilliant transformation, it has gone from being dowdy to being very pretty indeed. How lovely that it should then feature in the Artful Blogging Magazine!
    It does look like an interesting publication, will try and get hold of a copy!
    I smiled at what you said about your daughters in France! ;-))
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  19. There is a super star in our are so creative and so fun while you are at it. A big big cheers to you and bravo while I'm at it. You must feel so special to be featured in the magazine. I buy it all the time, and read it cover to cover. That is just wonderful news, many congrats and warm wishes your way.

  20. Congratulations, that's fantastic!It is a brilliant transformation, it has gone from being dowdy to being very pretty indeed. How lovely that it should then feature in the Artful Blogging Magazine! Work from home India

  21. Congratulations! I adore the pic in the garden. Cheers, Suzy x

  22. You are so talented Vicki. I do wish I could sew. I shall look out for that magazine. xx

  23. That's so neat! Congratulations!

  24. Hi Niki, congratulations on your entry into Artful Blogging! You deserve it, your creation is beautiful.
    Ps. I did know that I had an article in Somerset Life, but I have yet to receive a copy so I haven't seen it yet!! I am still eagerly awaiting the post on a daily basis!! x

  25. Niki, this was an honor being published in the same wonderful magazine as you and Natasha and many other beautiful artists across the world. I am such a big fan of you and have been following your blog for over a year now. Simply beautiful!!!

    Jodie R. LeJeune
    everything vintage

  26. Just stopping by to catch up with your beautiful blog.
    Congrats on the mag, woooot!!

    Those cottage paintings on glass are so incredible. And the pretty china rose mirror.

    Scary clown pumpkin, LOL!!

    Such a yummy looking cake, (three hourse!?)

    Those linens look like fun to wash!
    Take care!

  27. Might be unbelievable to you honey but we're all thinking 'well of course they chose something by Niki....she's amazing!!' so no surprise just delight! It's beautiful!

  28. Congartulations, Niki! How wonderful to have your fabulous handiwork featured in this fantastic magazine!

  29. Congratulations on your inclusion in the Stampington publication. Everything they do is superb! I'm excited to get my own copy and see the press about Natasha too. Isn't she fabulous?

  30. Congratulations Niki! I adore your revamp project, I really want to borrow your idea of the tulle and flowers and do something to another one of my nightgowns, you are so inspiring! I'm so excited for you, and honoured that you even "attended" my party at all!!! xo


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