Friday, November 06, 2009

Feeling Festive?

No, me neither, if I'm being honest!
But I have my in-laws coming to stay very soon, and so I need to have a lot of my Christmas shopping done by then, so that they can take the presents back with them when they leave for the other side of the country...
Also, next weekend is the V&H fair, where hopefully there will be lots of shoppers looking for special presents for loved-ones, so I tried to get into the spirit today by hitting Bath high street...would you like to come too?...

'Vinegar Hill' had got into the vibe early.

And what about 'Paperchase's new paintwork?...very vintage-green, don't you think? I love it.

'Vintage Living' is a smart shop in Broad Street...but not really vintagey enough for my liking.
(There is very little authentic vintage.)

'Rossiters' across the road is always a safe bet for elegant and sophisticated gift ideas.

They have a lovely Christmas department too. Sorry about the reflections in the glass on most of my photos...still, it could be worse than to have Baths beautiful historic architecture reflected, couldn't it?

You know who! ;-))

A touch of understated glamour at 'Phase Eight'.

And a shop where it's Christmas all year round, is 'December 25'.

'Jack Wills' always make an excellent effort with their displays.

And to help put you in a happy frame of mind, you are never far away from street performers in Bath. This cheery group were singing and dancing beautifully and created quite a crowd of onlookers.

Bath has a new shopping centre in construction at the bottom end of the city; the first phase was actually opened just two days ago.

I think they have done a pretty good job in creating new buildings in keeping with the surrounding historical ambiance of Bath. There are two more phases to 'Southgate' to be completed over the next couple of years.

I really wanted to share with you a photo of this shop's window displays, (below) but just couldn't get a decent know how it is when you're in a high street surrounded by shoppers and they look at you as if to say 'why are you taking a photo of a shop window?' Anyway, it is a shop called 'Allsaints' - every one of their windows were full, top to bottom, with rows and rows of vintage sewing machines - it was fabulous, and must have taken someone months to collect them you know why I wanted to share it with you ;-))
...this was the best I could do...Its really striking 'in the flesh'.

And in between all the photo taking, I did manage some shopping, but can't really show you what I bought, as you never know who might be peeping... ;-))
Even though Bath now has its snazzy new shopping centre, I'd still rather nip down the road to my friend's junk shop and buy an old chair like this one. This was my bargain of the week, which I recovered in a vintage Sanderson floral fabric last night. You won't find anything like that on the high street!
Have a lovely weekend, and good luck if you are going shopping!
Niki x


  1. well i sure enjoyed my vicarous shopping trip in Bath
    thanks so much

  2. What a lovely shopping trip. Hope your purse is'nt too empty!

  3. That was a great tour - I had the same problems with shop window photos when I tried in Edinburgh, so I'm surprised you had as much success as you did! Lots of French shops look exactuly like your slightly disappointing Vintage Living. I keep thinking of the 'real' versions I've seen in Vide Greniers when I go into them.

  4. Love the shopping trip round Bath.Wish I lived nearer! I bet you'll be going to the Xmas Market there.I know what you mean about the shops though.Most of the high streets in all the big towns around here seem to have the same sort of stuff.How wonderful to find that chair,and by covering it yourself,you have made it unique!

    Have a lovely,relaxing weekend.


  5. I loved the trip round Bath thank you very muc. I think that the vintage look is in trend and lots of shops are cashing in on this

  6. I love looking at the windows at Christmas...sweet P and I are home alone this week so we are going to Ilkley shopping...we need cheering up, we came home to a disaster...alfie was locked in our bedroom....he poohed on the bed and weed on teh pillows and memory foam matress cover I could cry...I dont know where to start...I already have a pile of washing but now pillows and duvet to dry you know anyone who wants a rag doll cat!!!!!

  7. I have very fond memories of the shops in Bath - THANK YOU for sharing these photos! I just love peeking at window displays! We have a girl at hubby's shop who does lovely displays for us (though never with mannequins as you were able to do ~ I loved that post of yours)!

  8. What a great idea with the sewing machines, love it! I must pop back to your friends shop she had some super things. Have a good weekend.

  9. Hi Niki!
    Thanks for the tour of the shop windows, as I can now justify avoiding the centre of Bath for a bit longer! Having said that, I do have a lovely time every month or so when I meet up with a good pal and we visit every charity shop in Bath - it is a joy! We don't go near any shops selling 'new'. My friend is the best fellow Charity Shopper I know- we are perfect accomplices.
    Your chair is gorgeous! I totally agree - give me a secondhand shop any day.... though the window display of sewing machines looks amazing!
    Happy Weekend!
    Denise x

  10. Oh you are SO lucky living in Bath!And I know the shops that you mention too- Vinegar Hill has a lovely display.We have a Vintage Living in Totnes too,I like their french lines-but you are right they are largely bought in bits.
    I hope that you have a wonderful time at the Vand H fair.
    Warm Wishes,
    Callys Cottage

  11. I love Bath!! We visited there last August, when the 'pig' exhibition was on!!!
    Lovely post, and wish I was there again!!

    Sharon xx

  12. Anonymous9:24 pm

    I love window shopping, so thanks for the tour. And well done you for being so cheerful about having to Christmas shop so soon!

  13. Hello Niki

    Great tour of Bath.I LOVE that green paint! We are going to Bath tomorrow as it happens. I am intrigued about the new area.

    I've had trouble getting in to the Christmas spirit so far. Too busy doing other things. It still seems a little early somehow, I tend to feel Christmassy when december arrives. Maybe the V&H Fair will help change that.

    About the 3d photos at the V&H Fair, Alan will be very careful...;-)) Although you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I'm sure you'll look great, your lovely long curly locks will come out well in 3d!

    I will add that Alan will respect anyone not wanting to have their picture taken...
    Have a great weekend Niki

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  14. It was lovely tagging along with you...some lovely shops there...

  15. The fabric on that lovely chair is beautiful (and I'm not really a 'blue' person)! Good luck at the Fair!

  16. Girrrl, you are teasing me to no end with this fabulous shopping in Bath. The highlight of my trip to the UK visiting my friend in Horton-cum-Studley was truly our visit to Bath. We did the DD bus tour and it was so FAB. I only wish I could have seen all of this! xo, suzy

  17. Great tour of Bath! Thank you!
    Maybe I'll take a trip this year as it really isn't too far to travel!
    See you soon!

  18. Thanks for the shopping trip. The Paperchase green is lovely. We visited Bath years ago and although I enjoyed it, my undying memory is of sitting in the Sally Lund Tea Room and my (then) 3 year old tipping iced tea over the crouch of my white jeans. Thank goodness it was iced tea, but the walk back to the car was highly embarrassing.

  19. Thank you for all of the wonderful photos of the storefronts!! Lovely as usual!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  20. Hi Niki

    I enjoyed your tour of Bath - much easier following you round than driving in myself and trying to find a parking space!!

    I'm impressed that you've started Christmas shopping. I expect I shall do my usual last-minute dash although I really will try to get cards written this year!

    Sue x

  21. Thank you very much Niki, this was a wonderful shopping moment to me... I really enjoyed looking at the shops windows... the chair you bought and the fabric is great!!!
    So many beautiful shops around... would love to go there.
    Maria Cecilia

  22. You have some awesome shops in Bath for sure. Thank you Niki for taking us on a grand window shopping experience. Have a beautiful time with you in laws.

  23. Hi this is my first visit to your blog and I think its just like reading one of the glossy mags! Just to say that I get really cross when things are described as "vintage" without "style" attached! I am going to spend the next hour digesting your blog, as one is at golf & one out shooting! I also love Ashburton. Tracey

  24. Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful shop windows. Just seeing them makes me more in the holiday spirit. And, a mental trip to England is never bad in my book (written from the US, of course).

  25. Lovely Bath tour. What fab window displays! I do not feel at all in the Christmas spirit at the moment. Hopefully that will change! I think the shops starting everything so early tends to frighten me more than make me buy
    ! xx

  26. Your tour has inspired me a bit, as I haven't been in the holiday mode yet. I especially like that shade of minty green with red this year. Thanks for sharing!


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