Thursday, November 05, 2009

Please to Remember...

Have a Happy Guy Fawkes Night!
Be Safe,
Niki x


  1. Thank you - and you! We are going to celebrate with some of the boys' French friends on Saturday. They love the British tradition (and their mothers think it's fantastic!), but we don't burn a Guy - after all, the guests are all at least nominally Catholic!

  2. We shall be staying in with Bella..our pup...but will hopefully see some fireworks from the window.
    Have a sparkly night!


  3. Will be watching out of the window, ooohing and aaahing, whilst trying to calm the cat down... Hope you are well, fairy dolly is hanging up pride of place in M's Shabby Chic uni room, complete with vintage eiderdown and antique typewriter! She is perfect, thanks! Loisxxx

  4. Hello Niki

    It's strange but I have not been to one single bon fire night yet! Something I've never celebrated..could it be because I'm Catholic? ;-))
    Halloween is another thing I don't celebrate much either. As a child it was about visiting your relative's graves and putting flowers on them. I like the pumpkin side of it but can't stand the spooky gruesome side...
    Have fun if you are going out tonight! Hope it willbe less blowy than it is now!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  5. mmmmmmm, yes....remember, remember...the 5th of November....

  6. It's all happening Friday and Saturday nights for us here... oh and last Sunday... oh and a sneak freebie of our neighbours display today.... it just seems to go on and on these days! Love it! t.x (actually I love the sparklers the best!)

  7. Oo-er Floss and Suzy. For my family too, Guy Fawkes night (as it was more often called in my youth)was frowned on by our priest ( RC upbringing)and we never had a bonfire. But luckily we were a service family and could go to the organised event on the camp which was great with not only fireworks but baked potatoes for all as well. And the RAF fire trucks on duty. At one small camp the kids made the guy in an effigy of a certain Egyptian ruler who had caused a great deal of trouble for the UK. The parents were horrified (terrified of questions in the House of P if word got out) but we got away with it! (Politically no change there then.)

  8. Hello Niki, so sorry not knowing what you celebrate on Nov 5th... is something like Halloween?
    María Cecilia

  9. I'm just as baffled as the gal posting above me but I'll celebrate with you regardless! Cheers from Washington! Were in the middle of a thunder and wind's the way us Washingtonians celebrate!

  10. good to see you at Ilminster on Wednesday, hope you had a jolly time. I kept the cats in the house yesterday evening.. but it was fairly quiet here. The main village event will be on Saturday evening. I am not sure I will have the energy to attend after standing behind a stall at the Rag fair all day. Have a lovely weekend Niki. xxx


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