Friday, February 19, 2010

Flora and Fauna

I picked a few branches from the hazel tree in our garden yesterday - They were smothered in fluffy catkins and I had the idea that I would take them into the shop the next day to create a display with them and some of the c1940's school posters that I have in stock at the moment...

I left them in water overnight on top of our kitchen counter...

When I came down to the kitchen this morning the catkins had grown even longer and the counter top was dusted in a layer of golden nudge of the twigs and great clouds of the stuff went wafting through the air...

Knowing how some people can be allergic to pollen grains, I decided not to risk taking my prunings to the shop this morning - atishoo!! on to Plan B...

Friday is market day (lucky for me) and so the 'flower man' was there...

offering me the ideal opportunity to buy some fleurs!
But what to choose?...

The vivid blue of these glorious delphiniums won the day...
They echo the blue in the c1930's jug and bowl that I have, so I was very pleased with the purchase.
Placed inside a Victorian jug they look right at home amongst the other floral treasures.
Also this week I found a stunning vintage floral rug for my fitting room, to replace the rather modern looking one that I had been using up to now.
Yes, much better...

And the 'fauna' that I mentioned in my post's title? Well, this week has been a doggie week again! Lots of lovely c1930's Scottie dogs to add an awww to my side window display.

Have a lovely weekend!
Niki x
PS: Mum was touched by all of the Happy Birthday wishes that you sent to her yesterday - Thank You!


  1. That certainly is one delicious looking shop you have, Niki! =)

  2. Hi Niki
    Belated Happy Birthday wishes to your Mum - what a lovely collection of presents you found for her!
    I see you've been busy finding more delights - I shall be coming to the shop tomorrow, assuming no last minute hiccups!
    Your rug is beautiful - I wonder you can bear to put it in the shop rather than your house!
    D x

  3. Your shop is looking delightful.
    Love the doggies.
    Twiggy x

  4. You made the right choice with the delphiniums, they are gorgeous. :) xxx

  5. Ooh Niki. It is hard to resist your tempting new stock! I've spotted something that I really like, lets hope it's still there by the time I visit you...

    Have a lovely weekend
    Take care

    Isabelle x

  6. Guenievre10:54 am

    Décidément, vous avez une bien jolie boutique ! Avec de beaux "trésors" à l'intérieur.
    In Brittany Spring is not there already ; I just have primroses and daffodils in my garden. But in Summer I've got Delphiniums, Hollyhocks,Hydrangea and other flowers but I don't know how to translate their name, sorry.
    I like the picture with the little girl and the dog.
    Have a nice week-end Niki.

  7. Your shop looks gorgeous.

    Leeann x

  8. OOOH Niki, I really wish we lived that little bit nearer, I'd have got on my broomstick and purchased those gorgeous 3 doggies in the flower meadow in the blink of an eye!
    I love the delphiniums, can't beat the blue of them.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  9. Hi there,
    Your shop looks sooo good! Wish it was near to me!
    Love your red and cream bench pics too, lovely colours.
    BH x

  10. what a lovely post, shop still looking great!

  11. It is all looking wonderful Niki! If you are selling the rug that was in your changing room, i might be interested as I need one for the Dairy House floor....Have a lovely Sunday, Lizzie xx

  12. Niki, that's so bizarre. After the hand-hooked rug you showed in your previous post which was the same as the one Dad had made, the new rug in this post is the lounge carpet in their last home in the late 60s/early 70s. What's coming next?!!!!


  13. Every time I see your shop I WISH I lived nearer...!

    Bellaboo :o)

  14. Wow, you shop is coming on wonderfully.

  15. Everything looks so inviting and the flowers are lovely. You work so hard at having a charming environment. I'm hoping you open your online shop someday for us across the pond. Everyday I see things that I would love to have.

  16. I'm in love with your kitchen and where you live just looks delightful. The shop looks like a vintage=lovers paradise!


  17. Anonymous7:41 am

    I sooooo want to visit your shop, I can see so many delights in there. In the meantime I will keep visiting your blog instead :0)

  18. Don't you just love twigs...pussy willow and catkins...lovely...and if you want to see the real scottie, (albeit a rather damp and smelly one!!) he's on my blog..have a lovely week.xx

  19. Your shop looks so lovely Niki, I would spend a fortune...I hope everything is ok...thinking of you...H

  20. Wasn't able to leave a comment on your recent post(juggling),but I would love to know where you found that picture,as I would like to get it for Mr Boo!
    Will look forward to hearing all your news after your bloggie break.

    Bellaboo :o)

  21. I also have the picture of the scottie & westie, it is lovely! BUT even better ~ I also have a real scottie and westie! and a chihuahua too, lol!

    Love your blog! xx


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