Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Femme Fatale

Shiny black satin fabrics and sumptuous velvets, alongside floaty jet coloured ostrich plumes to conjure images of the femme fatal from art or literature.
Today, in between customers and sewing some more of my antique fabric handbags, I had a quick 'play' with some of my merchandise to create my homage to the enchantress! (Well, if you ignore that Mary Poppins style straw hat hanging from the mirror, that is! ;-))

Niki x


  1. Hi Niki, glad the shop is doing well and that you are taking everything in your stride,your energy levels are amazing.
    I get really frustrated when I feel creative and have loads of ideas that I can't get going on 'cos work gets in the way! Alas a necessary chore to keep the roof over my head!
    I really like the wallpaper(?) in the sloping roof/alcove in the pic with your embroidered panel bag in it. Is it antique or nearly modern, is it available? I also like the background on your blog site, again the same question?

    Sandie xx

  2. Niki..beautiful blog..really enjoyed visiting today...

    i'll be back soon


  3. I always like visiting your blog. It is so comfortable and warm. Sea Witch

  4. Anonymous7:17 am

    I love that dressing table so beautiful I have got my eye on the pretty dressing table set I need one like that !!!!!and that lamp is lovely .You sure know how to make a place look stunning

  5. i'm pleased to read that everything is going well and you are having fun making new goodies and making lovely displays!


  6. I would LOVE my dressing table to look like that!


  7. Oh but I think I like the Mary Poppins hat the best (apart from the dressing table which is lovely). I believe it could belong to an enchantress. Picture those naughty twenties/thirties photos of nude ladies - if she was wearing nothing but the hat... xx


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