Monday, February 15, 2010

'Woman's Work is Never Done'.

I found this rather tatty, but very interesting copy of 'Woman's Weekly' at the weekend. It dates from 1911 and I particularly liked this short article below reporting that it was going to prove a woman's work really is never done - I felt this was quite apt for this week, as there will be many Mums enjoying the half term break with their little ones...;-))

Feeding the pet canary - Teaching the little daughter her knitting.

Watering the house plants and palms - 'Just a song at twilight'.

Laying the table for dinner - Cleaning the best silver.

Buying the joint - Evening prayers at mother's knee.
Niki x


  1. Oh Niki! How fab!

    It's just like my house ;o)

    Prayers at mother's knee?!? I think it's the reverse here at my house LOL
    'Mummy on her own knees praying for her little terrors to be good and kind and make Mum a brew.'
    I love love LOVE it!

    C. xxx

  2. Really cute! It does make me thing of the (later) diary of a Provincial Lady, and how it clearly was possibly to be exhausted even with (or possibly by) a houseful of servants.

  3. Guenievre11:32 am

    Ohh, j'adore ces anciens magazines ! Heureusement que la vie des femmes a évolué ...
    It's very interesting to "read" these old magazines (to realise how lucky we are now ...) lol

  4. Anonymous12:19 pm

    That is fabulous! How I wish they still made beautiful magazines like this still. xx

  5. Sorry to be shallow - but this is the spring FASHION number. Any chance of a peek at those please before I nip down to the high street?(LOL!)

  6. Anonymous3:30 pm

    What a great find, and the article is oh so true. Can't remember cleaning the best silver though....

  7. A lovely peek into times past!
    I remember my mother cleaning the silver...and playing the piano while we sang some things don't change.

    Bellaboo :)

  8. I'm so thankful for my washing machine and my microwave! I don't know if I could have made it back then.

  9. How lovely Niki!!

  10. It seems like yesterday Niki!!!! Our canary was a budgie though (won as the school bring and buy!).


  11. I love these little peaks back in time.

    I found a book on housewifery from the 1930s last year that said much the same thing. It went on to point out that women work from early morning to late at night, 24/7 with no holidays or weekends off. And often they risk their health to accomplish everything too.

  12. Gosh I am still smiling /laughing/giggling! Tooooo funny but so true! Glad to have found your blog.
    smiles, alice

  13. Niki, I missed your post about your hours and I totally agree with you. We recently closed our shop after 3 years because of the economy and lots of shops have had to make changes. Many shops here are open limited days and do quite well. You make it on your loyal,repeat customers and they will come whatever days you are open. Good luck! Debra

  14. My mum used to get Womans Weekly in the 70's and I always wanted her to make me all the lovely toys...- I had no idea it had been going that the end of my day Mum is usually on HER knees praying....

  15. Oh how I love, love, love everything in your sweet little shop....

    Happy birthday to your Mum!

    Warm blessings,

  16. Truly delightful but I do find feeding the canary such a chore!
    Ruth x


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