Thursday, February 04, 2010

Comfort Stitching

At the shop today I sat at my sewing machine in the window, watching people on the high street scurrying around in the rain, whilst I stitched a sunshine inspired cushion cover...
I used a vintage hand embroidered linen panel as the centre piece and surrounded it with strips of floral linen, with a slubby Barkcloth for the reverse.

The lovely old panel is beautifully stitched and includes a poem by Patience Strong.

Funnily enough I found a little book of her poems at the weekend, probably from the 1940's, which I also have for sale in the shop at the moment.

Both are perfect for snuggling up with on a comfy sofa on a wet and miserable February day! ;-))

Niki x
Update: Sorry, cushion is now sold.


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL cushion, Niki! I am very familiar with Patience Strong's lovely poetry... hubby subscribes to "This England" and the magazine always has one of her poems toward the front of the issue. ;)

  2. Lovely cushions all in that last photo.

  3. Beautiful beautiful cushion - I wouldn't mind snuggling up with that! :-)

  4. What a fabulous cushion Niki, your a busy bee. I bet it will be snapped up in no time, love the poem on the front of it, makes it really unique :)

    All things nice...

  5. Very pretty!!!!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  6. Very pretty, Ms. Niki! Made me happy just looking at it! :D

  7. Guenievre7:48 am

    Bonjour, ce sont des broderies magnifiques. Joli travail :-))

  8. Beautiful Niki - I'm a real barkcloth lover!

  9. It was lovely to see you yesterday!
    Having seen it in the flesh or cloth (!) I can say for sure that your cushion is truly beautiful and desirable.... I don't think it will be sitting in your cosy shop for long!
    Have a super weekend
    Denise x

  10. This reminds me of my Grandmother - she would have loved this cushion so much. She had many books of Patience Strong's poetry, and loved to ponder in her garden.

  11. Oooh,so beautiful! I WISH I lived nearer your lovely shop.

    Bellaboo :)

  12. That cushion is truly gorgeous!

  13. What a sensation of warmth. As usual, your items are gorgeous. Have a nice weekens, Clara.

  14. Hi Niki

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my previous post.

    It was good to see you yesterday and to see all the new things you've added in the shop! That cushion is really stunning.

    Yes that piece of furniture is now in my lounge, I love it as it is but will have to redecorate so that it blends in better with my existing colours, wrong shade of blue it's a bit too green.

    Have a great weekend
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  15. Beautiful cushions.
    Do you get people stopping at your window and watching while you sew? xx

  16. The cushions are charming and inviting!


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