Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Huge Sigh of Relief...

Way back in January I reported on my blog how the painter I hired had braved the freezing conditions to give the first coat of eggshell and masonry paint to my shop's frontage. The severe weather wasn't ideal for allowing paint to dry properly, so the second coat was scheduled for a warmer day in the future...
Well, I waited...
And waited...
I received a bill to pay...But I told them that wasn't going to happen until the job was finished...
I waited...
I emailed...
I phoned...
I had promises made to me...
I waited...
You get the idea! Then finally the date was set for the works to be completed. That day was today. Hooray!
Now after all of that stress and aggravation I would admit to being reluctant to recommend this company for their customer service...But I cannot fault the work of the painter who came today and finished off the whole job in the sunshine.

I heard several people asking him what the colours where as they liked them so much - just goes to show what a bit of sunshine does, as I had a mixed response in January!
Also today I had some good news from my landlord; clearing up an incident that occurred recently which had caused me a bit of anguish...So all I can say is thank goodness I can concentrate on other things now that loose ends have been tied!
Hope you've had a good day too,
Niki x


  1. Congratulations on the very stylish finished look, Niki. Now I really must get round to visiting during opening hours - though still very tied up with other matters at the moment. So glad that you have had those two good results and can settle down to concentrating on running your business. And spring sunshine makes everything seem so much better doesn't it?

  2. Hi Niki

    So glad you can breathe again and get on with life as it should be got on with.

    Thanks for comment (shall ignore the first sentence!!).

    Sue xx

  3. Niki, glad all is OK with you and the shop has its final coat of paint done! Love the color to pieces!

  4. An anxious and annoying wait, but it does look good now. Hope everything else goes well too.

  5. Niki, All good things take time, it's looking fantastic! Count your blessings as they are abundant. One day I will cross the pond and come visit you. Please don't stop posting on your blog, you give me hope that it is possible to have a creative business.

  6. Guenievre8:27 am

    I like this colour too !
    It's quite the same thing in France with painters, plumbers, electricians, etc ... we always have to wait for them days & days ...

  7. I really like your store front. So classic and inviting it is.

  8. I love the color. How very, very cute and welcoming.


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