Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Why am I sitting here typing another blog post, I ask myself?...I have so many other things that I should be doing...but once again I can be found procrastinating...
I have pushed the vacuum cleaner around, I really have...I promise...
The duster has also had a quick flick about the place...

Daughter's bedroom has been given a spring clean as gorgeous first-born will be coming home for a few days tomorrow...we haven't seen her since Christmas, so it is long overdue...
She's coming home in order to attend a friend's wedding. Gulp, school friends of hers are starting to walk down the aisle and I'm not sure I'm ready to think about things like that yet...
I'll be officially middle-aged in a very short while and I'm not ready to give in to that just yet either!
So once again I can be found faffing about the place, looking at treasures that I have accumulated over the years and fiddling and tweaking instead of getting down to the stuff with real substance...
How/why does that happen?!
Give me a nudge, will you?
I have rag dolls to finish sewing for Saturday's Fair...
And I've just received a delivery of chandelier drops that I was going to make into pretty key charms again, also ideally for Saturday(!)...but maybe that will be pushing things just a little...
And don't mention the millinery flowers and antique lace fragments that I had so many plans for...
Ouch!...OK, nudge received, thank you!
I'm off to be productive now...
But I may just have to stop on my way and rearrange the shelves just a little more ;-))
"Happy Faffing!" (Oooo, I do love that word!)
Niki x


  1. I agree..there's nothing like a good 'faff'! I have so much 'stuff' now,that I put things away that have been out for a while,and get things out I have stored in the cupboard because there was nowhere to display it at the time.Some things I'd forgotten I'd bought! I'm very envious of your pristine looking summer house.Ours is 11 years old now and could do with a makeover!

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. Ohhh you're so sound like me,doing all the things you like to do instead of what you should be doing. Love all your photos and good luck this weeked with your sale.
    Smiles, Sue

  3. I know just what you mean. Here I sit at the computer reading instead of getting ready for tonight's company!

  4. I've also found it really difficult to get on with making at the moment, could it be the nice weather outside? Or sometimes it's just you sit there and contemplate all the things you should be doing and the list is so overwhelming that you can't begin to do any of it! Relax and have some chocolate I say, the world's not going to end if you haven't quite done everything you set out to do, and you always end up having enough to sell; after all it's only you that knows there's anything missing!

  5. Sue S7:25 pm

    Oh yes..I know where you are comin from.. I recently retrieved my collection of old books from the loft.... and in the past 2 weeks have been reading " Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farm", Five Get into Trouble" and am currently on "Five at Smuggler's Top"!!! Oh dear there is no hope..boy am I having fun though,luv EB and my blast into the past!! Sue S x

  6. Eeek - Sue S's comment about Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farm. I'm sure I read that ... oh so many years ago!

    Niki, displacement activity is what you're doing and it's allowed! Trust me, I'm an antique dealer! I know these things ...

    How lovely that No 1 daughter will be home for a few days. Scary that her contemporaries are getting married, but wait till one of your daughters is having a baby in 5 weeks' time!!!! The weddings are just the start, believe me ...

    So looking forward to comparing notes on our respective faffings at the weekend. If you could see the back of my car tonight you'd know that my stall is going to look like nothing on earth. Maybe by Friday it will have taken shape ... I do hope so!!

    Sue xx

  7. thank you for the bliss of nosing around your things... love Helen

  8. Your stack of teacups reminds me of a Disney film. Can't think which one.
    For years I've been saying that my middle age and gray hair I shall accept gracefully. Just not yet! xx

  9. Hi Niki

    I do know that feeling... I have been very busy with my own work and at the weekend I should have caught up with some housework but I didn't feel like it....Instead, I went on a tour of Somerset on both days. I had a great time but found all the housework waiting for me on Sunday evening. Sometimes it's nice to just do what you fancy doing, not what you have to do! I love the mirror on bottom photo!

    Good luck with preparations for V&H fair.

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  10. Anonymous7:59 am

    I don't blame you for getting distracted you have such beautiful things they need to be looked at and admired ...enjoy!

  11. So when is the bid day Niki.. please tell.. don't be shy!!!?
    I will have to ask my confidantes at the fair!!

    I am faffing about today and anyone would think I am on holiday.. so much to do but can't focus..

    See you Saturday.. for a rest!

    Michele x

  12. A huge day of faffing going on here today too Niki - it gets worse the more I have to do... almost need to sit on my hands. Happy faffing to you and good luck at the Fair

  13. I'm good at 'faffing',especially when there is something else I should be doing!
    I love the mirror by the way.
    Have a great day on Saturday.

    Sandie xx

  14. I have just come across your lovely blog, I so wish your shop was around when I lived close to Shepton Mallet. Faffing I know just what you mean, you just know you should be doing other things but you just can't help yourself to get sidetracked!!
    hugs Jill

  15. good luck at the fair. There's nothing wrong with having a bit of a faff around, I do frequently when I should be blogging. As a mum of a nearly ninteen year old I'm with you on the scary wedding thoughts. Hope your daugher has a lovely time visiting and hope you do to.


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