Sunday, April 11, 2010

Success at Semley!

Now, I'm under strict orders from Sue to have photos of the first (and very successful!) Dairy House 'Vintage Textile and Costume Day' up on my blog...Pronto! She can be very bossy you know! ;-))
Despite me being shattered after such a busy day...Anything for you, Sue! ;-))

But I'll start with my stand, if that's OK?!

Under the verandah of the old dairy building we were each allocated our spot to showcase our wares. Thankfully the spring weather did us proud and we saw some sunshine, but with a chilly breeze keeping us on our toes when we had to chase the odd item being caught up in it.

And yes, despite my noticeable lack at being organised this week, I think I just about managed to pull off a display!

I'd like to thank everyone who came to my stand, made a purchase or two, or came over for a quick chat - It made for a very special day. At this point I would also just like to mention Maria and Sergio who once again came from Italy to not only visit the fair, but also to visit me in my shop last week! Lovely to see you both again! x

There were lots of familiar faces; at this late stage in the day, too numerous to mention; I'm flagging now, but I had a ball chatting to so many like-minded gals from the Blogging or 'vintage textile' world.
I know Sue was thrilled to see the fair so well attended.
So, moving on from my stand...

I was lucky to be next to Donna and her Mum, and was constantly cheered by the wonderfully colourful stand that Donna is so famous for!

Opposite me was Loveday's pitch with its sumptuous selection of antique textiles and lace. I bought two panels of her lily of the valley fabric that can be seen in the bottom left of the photo. It's a Sanderson chintz, soft and silky with age...and pink! it!

Behind me was my buddy Helen, who always creates a wonderfully coordinated display of temptingness! Some of you may have met her at Portscatho, and if not, she will be offering some of her hand made pretties at the next V&H fair in May.

Cecile could also be found under the verandah with her fine selection of vintage fashions and interesting artifacts.
Doing the quick flit with my camera, I then spotted the gorgeous table covering on Caroline's stand and she told me it was for sale! It's another Sanderson fabric, printed with glorious bouquets on a rich red background. I had to wait till the end of the fair (obviously!), but it came home with me.

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to take photos of all the other lovely stands, but visitors started arriving early at this stage...and I needed to do a quick shufti inside DH too.
Just inside the main entrance is Sue's charming collection of mannequins (amongst lots of other things!), each covered in a patchwork of antique fabrics...

and with their own handmade button necklaces!

Sue also has space on the top floor of the dairy, which she shares with Lizzie.

Here is a selection of Liz's delights, some fresh from France.
Didn't she do a great renovation job on the silver mannequin head?!
Right, there we go, that's all I can manage this evening (hope I've said enough, Boss!). I'd like to join the general chorus of saying thank you to Sue for making the day such a flying success...I'm sure that there will be plenty more DH textile days to come in the future.
I'm looking forward to a 'day off' tomorrow...if I can ignore all the housework that is calling to me, that is!
Hope you've enjoyed your day too,
Niki x


  1. Oh Niki, am I that much of a tyrant. You're so sweet to have blogged it straight away, but you know I was only joking ... don't you?

    Wasn't it a fabulous day. I can't quite believe how well it went. My considerable thanks to Dave (a) for keeping you plied with cups of tea and (b) for catching and tethering the wayward bunting. What a star he is!!

    I feel there will be an award ceremony list of thank yous when I come to doing the blogpost (asap of course).

    Everyone's stalls looked wonderful and the number of people queueing to get in and out of the door was amazing.

    Thanks so much for blogging so quickly. You must be exhausted and I'm sure you'd have rather been doing that housework!

    Sue xx

  2. Hi Niki
    The fair looks wonderful and I only wish I could have been there, I had to make do with a car boot. It is great to see these fairs getting such a following, and it makes all the hard work worthwhile. The stands look so lovely with lots of lovlies on offer - I am sooooo jealous!! Glad it went well.
    Jo xx

  3. It all looks so wonderful and I'm sure everyone had a geat day. But where do you get the energy from to actually write a blog after such a busy day? I really wanted to drive down to the fair but circumstances prevented it. Looking at your photos I really wish I could have come.

  4. It all looks great, just wish I lived closer. So pleased that the sun shone for you.
    Lesley X

  5. Oh dear Niki, I wish I was there.. I spied so many beautiful pretties that I am dying the get hold of them.. but overall, am so glad that you both had a great day!

    have a good week!

  6. It really REALLY was a fab day- everything looked so beautiful, just like a magazine spread come to life!
    Walking round, all I heard were complimentary comments from everyone (including the men!)
    Even the sun shone- how ever did you arrange that :)
    I love all the things I bought and
    can't wait til the next one!

  7. Morning Niki, Great piccies, well done for being so prompt! I nearly did the same last night, but decided to wait until this morning to do my blogpost on the day! xxx

  8. Well done Niki, great reportage and hot off the press too! It was lovely to spend time with you yesterday x

  9. Hello Niki
    It was so lovely to see you amongst all your beautiful display and to have a chance for a quick (!) chat..with you and Helen, Donna and many others..
    It was heaving when we arrived and I am sure you all had a very successful and enjoyable day..
    Put your feet up and count out your pennies today!
    Michele xx

  10. Hi Niki
    I didnt get the chance to speak to you, but I did see your lovely stall.
    I think that Sue & Lizzie did a fantastic job and that the whole place looked incredible.
    It took us 3 hours to get home but it was really worth the effort.
    Well done to everyone, and how Sue managed to arrange the weather aswell?!

  11. Oh thank you so much for your blog post this morning!
    It was almost like being there!
    Glad you had a great day.

    Sandie xx

  12. I feel really awful - I didn't say hello to you! How rude. I was so excited at seeing Donna I was in a world of my own, please do forgive me! I will see you no doubt at Donna's open day.


  13. WOW...what a wonderful day and event. So glad the sun shined for you too. x

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  15. Oh, wow...wish I could have been there, everything looks great :)
    Sounds like you all had a great day,and I hope it was successful too! :)
    Enjoy your week.

  16. I love the button necklace!!

  17. Anonymous7:17 am

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  18. Wow, wow, wow... wow!!!

  19. Hi Niki,
    Just a quick note to let you know that the hat you made me when I was going thru cancer sits in my shop behind me on a vintage glass shelf...everyone asks about it and I tell them the story of "Hats for Amy", I cry everytime I tell the story.
    Love ya, Amy (PS...I totally DROOL at your goodies...keep em coming)

  20. Your stand is absolutely delightful, Niki. I particularly adore that little pink lampshade. It would have been a dream to shop there with all of those wonderful treasures all around!

  21. What a wonderful display Niki!!! Oh how I wish I could have been there....I LOVE the fabric you put on the table under the lace...just beautiful. I would have had a hard time bringing all the items I loved home from your display and your friends...but it would have been fun. I hope you have a wonderful evening. All the best. Maura


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