Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Told Him He Had to be Quick!!!

"QUICK!!" I yelled to hubby from the garden...

"There's a huge, half naked lady at the back of the house!"

She landed with a thud...

And within seconds she was gone...


Please indulge me with my silliness this evening...its been a hard day today and I needed a giggle...
If you're still none the wiser as to what I am talking about, then click on the photo below and 'all will be revealed'!

We actually have a lot of hot air balloons fly over our house on a calm day - As I've mentioned on my blog before, Bristol is home to the largest manufacturer of them in the world, and is only a short balloon flight from where we live. We're quite used to having them land in the fields around our village, but this one caused a bit more of a stir than normal!
Anyway, moving on...
I've added quite a few new items to my shop this week...
Including a lovely old hat 'suitcase'...

And these crestware souvenir pieces, all with the Shepton Mallet shield on them.

My latest hand made items can be seen on my other blog.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend - hope you can find time for a few giggles too! ;-))
Niki x


  1. Oo you are naughty ...but nice. My hubbie would have been over the gardens and taking a close up! Have a good weekend.

  2. What a great view! And I do not mean the balloon.....LOL You have a great sense of humor! Love it!

  3. What an exciting thing to see from your windown. We only have light aircraft going to the local airfield.
    Well yes, I had a giggle this morning. We had a power cut. An hour later husband came downstairs and stood in a fully lit kitchen, kettle boiling, washing machine going and asked if the power was back on yet. Bless him. The kitchen isn't his territory. xx

  4. LOL Good One Niki!!! That would be a thrill for us to see balloons that close by our house. Trouble is here in Kansas the wind is blowing so much of the time the poor balloonist could end up on OZ!
    LOVE the hat box and your other new goodies. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Maura

  5. Oh MY GOODNESS! I'm sure many photos were snapped of that one! lol We have planes that fly with advertising banners over the beaches here in summer, but no hot air balloons. ;)

  6. Everyone loves a quickie!!! We had hot air balloons over our home while living in Reno, NV. It always sounded like a giant breathing after a marathon run. We loved listening to that sound as those great balloons passed over us. Sea Witch

  7. Hi Niki

    The title of this post reminded me of a certain religious text!

    Needed that giggle as I've just had the most horrid week. Moving swiftly on ... looking forward to seeing you at the V&H next week. Maybe we'll get a chance to have a quick chat as we're next to one another!

    You didn't say whether he got there in time to see her!!

    Sue x

  8. Hi niki, we all need a laugh! Good to see you today & so pleased that you like flossie's necklace! I will let her wear one of those 40's felt flower headbands as compensation!
    Great photos of the shop. I met 2 lovely girlies in Bath today who remember your old shop .... and will certainly come to Shepton to see the new one! xx

  9. Hi Niki..
    I love watching the balloons over Bath and still get a thrill when I hear the whoosh of the burners early in the mornings.. and these galleons of the sky float by.
    It is even more exciting if they look like they are going to make a crash landing !
    Sadly for Mr Custard.. we don't get many naked ladies floating by.
    Michele xx

  10. Love all ur things...i am excited to see how you mix & match them.


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