Monday, January 17, 2011

A Few of My Finds...

Hope you had a lovely weekend...Once again, mine was spent rootling around a soggy field at a flea market...But I have to say, it was worth the effort. Amongst my purchases, I bought a slightly forlorn looking set of wooden drawers. I've been working on them today, so will show the finished make-over on my next post.
This wonderfully rustic French shelf didn't need any such make-over...and I was very pleased to to make it my first purchase of the day.

This rather sweet picture is an original artwork and will look great in the shop.

As usual rose printed china seduced me, along with vintage costume brooches.

I've already fastened one of them to a bag I made on Saturday.

A large collection of mother-of-pearl and abalone buttons was a favourite find.

I have plans for this gorgeous hand embroidered tablecloth...

And these little doll faces will eventually be made into hat stands, like some of those in my collection.

The other little vintage dolls will be made decent with some suitable handmade clothes.

This pretty handmade silk covered box would make a useful little sewing box...and I promised the clever lady who paints the driftwood signs (below), that I would show them on my blog. I'm going to hang the 'welcome' sign on my shop's door.

I was very excited to find this stunning photo of a debutante(?)

And the wedding photo was taken on May 5th 1915 of Cecil and Gladys Wills (A famous name in the Bristol area, as they were cigarette manufacturers for decades, with a factory in Hartcliffe - I was told by the seller that this happy couple are related to the W.D and H.O Wills, but I have no proof that this is true.)

I bought these fab fabric covered pin keeper disks from Lizzie. I think I shall add them to some of my vintage sewing kits that I like to put together.

Vintage postcards.
I couldn't resist this plaster pot dog, who will hopefully sit still on a shelf in the shop!

And French lace and trims were my bargain buy of the day...

Lots of useful bits to use in my creations.

I did buy some other items, including some rustic French crates, but you've probably seen enough for now...

Hope you have a great week,
Niki x


  1. What a treasure trove.

  2. Cool things. I like the shelf and all the dolls. judy

  3. That painting looks a bit like Anne Hathaway's Cottage. We were in Stratford last week and visited it. The Cottage is on my blog today - see what you think - if it wasn't of the cottage perhaps it was the inspiration for it?
    Hope you had a Happy New Year.
    Best Wishes.

  4. Wow great finds, love it all.
    If your going to sell the S broach in your shop I would be really interested in it.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  5. Beautiful finds. I love those pin keepers. I have a square one with some hooks attached to make it into a kind of 'chatelaine'.

  6. Hi Niki,

    What a great eye for things you have! Those driftwood signs are so sweet!

  7. Beautiful finds. It must be so exciting - rummaging around, not knowing what you might find, what a great way to spend a day!

  8. Mi piace molto la mensola celeste e le cartoline vintage.E' molto bello visitare questo blog.Saluti,Rosetta di theromanticrose

  9. Love the shelf and the driftwood signs inparticualr! And can't wait to see the hat stands!

  10. love the french lace!!
    very jealous!

  11. A good day I'd say! I love the little welcome sign too!
    Can't wait to see the french boxes.

  12. Hi wonderful! Your new purchase is a dream! :0o
    I have a lot of nostalgia in your store...sigh!
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

  13. Niki you should count your blessings with all your wonderfull finds,those sort of things are hard to come by at flea markets were i live.and if i do find them they can be so lucky duck....cheers Tracy

  14. I think I must've trailed behind you- French crates and fabric trims came home with us too, and the soggiest field yielded the best bits didn't it!

  15. Anonymous10:06 am

    I love the painting and I think it is Ann Hathaway's parent's cottage in Shottery near Stratford-upon-Avon too. If it is not too cheeky how much is it going to be?

  16. I love the french shelf . Gillx

  17. Thank you for your comments ladies.

    To Sophie - Chez Sophie. Thanks for your interest. I spend a lot of my time looking for initial brooches, which I use on my rag dolls - each doll is given a name to correspond with their brooch, so I'm afraid I need to keep the 'S' brooch for my next project.

    To Gill - The Vintage Gardener. Thanks for your interest. I think the price I put on the painting at the shop this morning was £22.00

    To Strawberrygirl - Thanks for your comment. Very few of my purchases were 'bargain buys' it takes a lot of effort to find suitable stock to sell-on at my shop. I was there at opening time and left as the stallholders were packing up to go home. Exhausting!

    Niki x

  18. You certainly found lots of treasures, you have such a good eye for the "beautiful" purchase.
    Love the "hat stands" you make with the doll faces, great idea.
    Thank you for showing us your finds.
    Carol xx

  19. I WANT YOU AWARDED! Award "Stylish Blogger Awards"

    Look at my blog, please! With love, Sveta from Russia

  20. Love the French shelf.

  21. Hi Niki

    Great finds again. How I miss going to the Flea - maybe after April I'll manage it once in a while!

    Have changed the photo on the DH blog for the Fair to match the postcards done for this year. Must let you have some ... and your Christmas present!!

    Sue xx

  22. Those are fabulous finds! Love the lace! The dresser makeover with the map drawers is wonderful!

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