Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Map Drawers with a Twist!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I bought a chest of drawers at my local flea market last weekend.

Although they were very solid and well made, they had been rather neglected in their lifetime. The original finish was gone and the wood seemed very dry.

I decided their best remedy was paint. I used a good quality emulsion paint in a cream colour and gave the carcase (and knobs) two coats. I left the drawer fronts for another treatment...
When dry, I used a coloured beeswax to seal the paint finish and protect it from knocks.

I then moved onto the drawer fronts. I thought I'd use an old Bartholomews map to cover them...

The English Lakes have a special place in my heart, as it is where hubby proposed to me! This area of Great Britain is very varied in its landscape, so I thought the map would be an interesting feature on the drawers.
I carefully stuck the map down and trimmed the edges flush with the drawer fronts.
It was then just a case of fixing the drawer knobs back in place.

I like the waxed finish, as it gives a warm antique look which ties in with the old map.
Its a great little piece for a study or hallway...
I'll be taking it to the shop tomorrow.
Friday is my shop's 1st anniversary - Don't forget if you happen to be passing, I shall be serving tea and cakes to celebrate!

Niki x
PS: Thank you to Gill for the mention on her blog.


  1. Great chest ot drawers! They would make me stop in my tracks and look. judy

  2. I'm sure the drawers will be snapped up quick sharp! Lovely.
    Hope you have a lovely celebration tomorrowk, wish I could visit.
    Carol xx

  3. Wow Niki! This is just wonderful. Very clever and well done. What a fun item - I bet it will fly out of the store.


  4. Well isn't that clever! I just adore that map-fronted chest! :D

  5. Wonderful transformation! Mandy x

  6. I now have a serious case of draw envy for the lucky person who buys it! I am fairly new to the blogging world - and have just started to take it more seriously, but I absolutely love looking at your recent makeovers and thrifts. Thanks so much.

    Lesley x

  7. Happy Anniversary for Friday Niki! I had planned to come up to Shepton Friday and intended popping in to see you, but I'm now not travelling up till Saturday morning. If I have time before going to the Fair I will come in to the shop, I'm dying to have another look around....
    Christine x

  8. Hi Niki - you do work quickly! Lovely idea, I love maps and spend ages studying them, I agree that the little chest will be snapped up - well done.
    T X

  9. Painted furniture and old maps two of my favourites combined - fab.

  10. What a lovely idea. What a clever person you are!
    Happy Anniversary for this Friday.

  11. What a fantastic makeover - decrepit to ultra-desirable!

  12. What a fab idea - the chest looks great! It would look good in a boy's room too.

  13. Hi Niki Happy 1st Anniversary!!
    I love to visit your blog. You are so inspirational. Would love to pop into your shop but I live in Oz...maybe one day...
    The chest transformation is totally brilliant. I love it. What a perfectly fantastic unique piece of furniture.
    xo Catherine

  14. Anonymous6:46 am

    Fantastisch !!
    I think this work will have a new home in the first 10 minutes after presentation. Please,tell us.

    Have a nice anniversary-party. I´ll
    think of you.

    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von

  15. Wow!! great job, what a transformation. I love it!!!

  16. Oh WOW! that is wonderful
    Julie xxxxxx

  17. What a great makeover....I have lined the inside of drawers with old maps before but not on the outside. A real statement piece that certainly won't last long in your shop!
    Julie x

  18. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...ESPECTACULAR!!!!!

  19. That is a fantastic makeover. I can almost see the piece standing straighter with pride.
    Congratulations on your shop's one year anniversary. Can't get to the shop, but rest assured I will have tea and cake and think of you while I do! xx

  20. One year????????? Already???? I wish I could pass by, maybe sooner or later...
    Monica xo

  21. What a wonderful makeover! The little chest looks so wonderful now and I love the idea of the maps on the front, really special!
    Tina xo

  22. That is so cool,,,what a great idea,,,happy anniversary..good luck in the coming year..

  23. Wow that looks fantastic! congratulations on your shop anniversary, jennyx

  24. I like your drawers Niki! (the ones with the maps on the front LOL!
    Congratulations on Nostalgia at No 1's 1st Birthday!
    I can hardly take it int - a year already!
    Well done!

    Hope the party went well?

    Sandie xx


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