Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I won't bore you by talking about the hours of housework I've been doing today...Believe me, it was catch-up time!...
What I will bore you with though ;-)) is my latest little project that I worked on today, in-between all of the chores...

I bought these little old wooden steps this week, and as you can see, they had received a slightly dodgy paint job!

So after all the vacuuming and the cleaning of the bathroom...(Whoops, I wasn't going to bore you with that!)...I painted the steps with two fresh coats of white paint...

Once they were completely dry, I added a layer of wadding to the top of them and then stapled some polka dotted oilcloth over the seat.

A very simple look, which reminds me of a toadstool...Quite appropriate really! :)

They will find their way into the shop tomorrow.
I've had quite a few items of furniture leave the shop this month, so I need to find the time for some more make-over projects if I can.

Hope you've had a good day - Enjoy the rest of your week!
Niki x


  1. That little step-ladder is adorable - love the red and white polka dot top.

  2. omygoodness i'm in love with that!

  3. Anonymous9:21 pm

    lovely and very useful
    xx fee

  4. I love your Toadstool, can't believe you made it and did the housework!!

  5. Nagyon jó lett! Szeretem a szép régi holmikat.

  6. Your toadstool is lovely, how do you fit it all in..

  7. What a cute toadstool, from a boring set of steps you have created something wonderful.
    I did the cleaning bit yesterday too.
    Carol xx

  8. love it!!!! And I have that cake tin collection!! Which means the stool should technically be mine by all accounts


  9. Hi Niki,
    I just love that polka dot and you know how I adore RED!!! It's so cute and makes me think of summer!!!!
    Hugs to you my friend,
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  10. What a brilliant makeover!
    I have some old steps ( homemade), that I was given by a friend of my Sister's. They are about the same size, covered in paint splats and have just been sitting around waiting to be painted and then be used as a plant pot stand!
    Well, I do have lots of other things to do too!

    Sandie xx

  11. Wonderful idea for its revival and so well transformed by your hands, Niki. Belated happy 1st shop anniversary - if I was in the Uk, I would have come to celebrate with you. All the best from Bayou.

  12. Wonderful transformation. They will be loved. xx


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