Monday, January 03, 2011

Room to Breath...

The Christmas decorations are all away for another year...

I stripped-off the festive wreath from our front door...

And for now, have hung it outside as a winter decoration...

Whilst everything sleeps.

Inside, all feels free and clear, after the manic mess of Christmas.

The sofa covers that I made a few years ago have all been washed, pressed and put back afresh...I used antique French linen and ticking, which washes extremely well and always comes up clean and white.


I've pared-down cushions elsewhere...

To create a feeling of space for a while.

(Except for here! ;-))
I've also been clearing my website today, ready to add new stock at a later date.
Most of all, it feels good to have the house sorted after the chaos of Christmas...
I shall be back at work tomorrow, and hope to use some of my time there to have a shuffle round with some of my merchandise. I have plans... :)
I also need to find the space for more stock...
Just before Christmas, I bought several boxes of babywear from a local lady. I had to ask her twice if she was sure she was able to part with such things. She is about my age (so I guess you'd call her baby items 'vintage'?!!) - And has two young daughters, so I wanted to be sure she wouldn't regret parting with the family heirlooms.

Apart from the usual hand knitted pieces...
There are several pretty little dresses.

One is hand smocked...Hours of work by a skilled hand. I have had smocked girl's dresses in my shop before, and they always seem to sell well.
There are layette blankets and quilts, as well as embroidered bibs and collars etc.
I've laundered many of the items, but have a few more to finish off.
The largest box in her collection contains a bridesmaid's outfit that she once wore, as well as a matching pageboy suit worn by her younger brother. I hope to keep this as a set and sell 'as is'.
So, lots to do tomorrow...
Hope you've enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend and are looking forward to the quieter half of winter.
Keep warm,
Niki x


  1. Oh my - I don't know how that lady parted with such treasures (and I know why my own home is so cluttered with collections)! Happy New Year, Niki!

  2. Amazing and stunning. May the new year be a most happy one for you. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xx

  3. I have the Christmas decorations in the garage, but next they go up to the attic so I still have some work to do. What darling vintage childrens clothing I love when I find those kinds of treasures. Happy New Year, Diane

  4. Fancy parting with those baby clothes.Hope she doesn't regret it but a treasure trove for you . I am sure they wil go to good homes and be treasured.

  5. Such beautiful baby things. I love your description of this time: "the quieter half of winter." Says it perfectly =-)

  6. Io in Italia godrò ancora un pò delle decorazioni natalizie perchè vanno via dopo la festa della befana(6 gennaio).Mi piace molto il tuo divanetto,molto belli anche i colori.Saluti,Rosetta di theromantirose.

  7. Lovely items. I remember when my sister and I had matching blue smocked dresses made, that was rather a lot of years ago!
    Carol xx

  8. beautiful blog! thank you for writing such great content and having such inspiring pictures! stop by my blog if you get a chance!

  9. ahhh, i'm sorry to comment twice, but i just read that you're from bath... i had the pleasure of visiting bath and sommerset a few years ago, and it was one of the most enchanting places i've ever been! my dream is to take my family back there!

  10. Cute!



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