Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quick Snippets

If you're anything like me, you will have a few piles of magazines squirrelled away inside cupboards or boxes. Maybe you've kept a particular magazine just because you liked one of the photos inside, or perhaps you found one of the articles of interest.

I find the glossy magazines rather expensive these days and so I don't buy them too often...I'll have a quick flit through at the newsagents before I decide to buy...when they're not welded inside a clear plastic bag, that it...(those I refuse to buy!)
Some of the magazines that I've hung on to over the years, date way back to the 80's! If something inside still speaks to me after all that time, then I think they're worthy of keeping...

To contain my mountains of mags, I now snip out the items of interest and add them to an 'inspiration scrap book'. I have several on the go, some for interiors and one for garden design.
I know I'm not the only one who does this...Jane at Posy has a lovely collection of notebooks that she has filled with inspiring photographs.
And my friend Jill, who was one of the organisers of the Saltford Festival, had inspiration books full of ideas for stalls, products and decorations...complete with her scribbled notes to remind her of things to remember during the mammoth amount of organising she undertook.
Its an enjoyable task to sit and do in an evening, with scissors and a glue stick in hand, snipping away and creating an interiors book full of just the things that you like.
The end product is a big fat juicy book tailor made for you!
As you can see, I have an eclectic mix of photos and snippets, all of which I have chosen to inspire me, or just to enjoy looking at. The remains of the mag can be recycled and you're not left with piles of the things cluttering up your cupboards.



I've also stuck the odd greetings card inside that I've been sent in the past...Like this one of Foxglove Cottage that I just adore!
If you don't already do this, why not have a go?
Whilst I'm here, I'll carry on and show you some of my latest finds...
Quite a few pieces with a flowery theme...always good! ;-))
Cottagey pictures.

Tins and china.

A lucky find...another Mrs. Beeton's.

A lovely Barbola plaque and pretty antique embroidered tray.

These two old galvanised watering cans had been drilled through the base...They'd make perfect cottage garden planters, so I dressed them up with some colourful garden flowers (inside some cut down plastic bottles full of water) and took them to the shop yesterday.

I've also been busy making cottage style cushions for the summer season.

Gorgeous Sanderson rose print fabrics.


I've made some sweet handbags too; all from vintage fabrics and antique lace.


Ideal for a summer wedding.

Enjoy the rest of your week,
Niki X
PS: Just remembered, my blog is 5 today!! :)


  1. Hi Niki,
    The scrap books are such a good idea and as you say a lovely treat to create. I shall make one( or two or three)! I love your new things too, especially the beautiful floral cushions, you are so clever. Jane x

  2. The scrap books are an excellent idea, I've always got mounds of interiors magazines stored away that I could use. I hate throwing them away and they pile up so quickly...I think I'll have a go.
    Jo xx

  3. Talk about syncronicity ~ that's exactly what I was just doing right before I hopped on here to check your blog! ~ Sitting in front of the fire cutting out my favourite pages from my favourite magazines (all the British ones of course!) ready to go in my binders! I love all your lovely finds and beautiful bags and cushions, and your window displays are always so appealing! Love Brenda

  4. Wonderfully inspiring post Niki.

  5. Hi Niki. Wonderful post, a dream for my eyes!
    The album with photos of Floxglovecottage is fantastic.
    I wrote you a @
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

  6. How beautiful!
    I adore that picture of the patchwork curtains :o)

    I'm definately going to start one of these.
    Thankyou for the inspirations Nicki.
    Love your finds as always.
    Have a great week.

  7. I thought I was the only one doing this....LOL!
    I have one for the garden,one for the house and 2 for crafts and a another one on the way.
    It is lovely to look at them for inspiration, quite relaxing too sometimes.

    Sandie xx

  8. Oh, that's me, piles of magazines squirrelled away, some in here in file boxes, others in the loft. I was good and took quite a lot (mainly RSPB, HDRA etc) to the charity shops and some to neighbours but still have lots. I do also have files of "cut outs", really should do something more creative/useful with them like your lovely books. Even more naughty I recently bought some 1947magazines, now those I won't be chopping up.
    Fabulous bags and cushions, Niki, you are so creative and so industrious.
    Another post full of wonderful eye candy, so lovely, thank you.
    Carol xx

  9. ohhhwooohooo, lots of inspiration in this post! Wow! I have mags back to the 1960's! Those from the '60's were inherited from my ex-mother-in-law. And I have scads of mags from the '70's...loved the decor then..not the avocado and gold era though, hahha!Love what you've made for the shop. I have a vintage pillow case with the rose design...just might have to put it on my bed!

  10. Dear Niki, For years I used to squirrel away magazines and then throw them out when they just got too much so now like you I tend to cut things out and stick them in a scrapbook. Just sometimes though I find it difficult to choose as the photo on both sides of the page are inspirational - decisions, decisions. Love those bags of yours.

  11. Hello Niki I have made a promise to myself that from now on instead of passing the mags on I will cut out and create inspiration books for me to look back on during the Winter months. For some reason I felt it was wrong for me to cut out pages from the mags and then pass them on as I know how I feel when I get them and the best pages have been ripped out - but no more after all I have paid for them!! So I shall now spend many a happy hour making up my books of inspiration. Thank you. Yet again some lovely finds and creations. Lynne xx

  12. Yes! I do this too. Some of my mags date back to the 80's as well. I love going back and poring over them, one by one. Mine became so numerous too, that I had to cut back. I start snipping out favorites too and pasting them in little books. Such fun!

    I love your recent finds and creations! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sweet summer bags you made!!! Have a most lovely day!


  13. Hi Niki
    I meant to email you to say that I showed my Mum the pics of your kitchen, as she wants a free standing rustic/French armoire look, she had the extension built and french windows put in, slate floor laid about 6 months ago but cant decide how to proceed. She loved your look.
    You are always an inspiration!
    I always keep my CL, H&A and when I used to buy it Coast, (it has moved away from the original style and I don't think I have bought a copy for 18 months)
    T x

  14. the idea of an inspiration scrapbook is SO GOOD. I have plenty of mags too and bookmark them with little pieces of paper but your idea is so much better. And I have just the right scrapbook to begin.

    I still so want one of your newer purses. The light blue one is my favorite. Must stop by the virtual shop to see if it's still there. The red toile one I have in my guest room has received raves.

    Warm regards to you and stay on the GOOD PATH.

  15. Dear Niki
    Your posts each time are more & more inspiring. I can so relate to the magazine mountains :-) But after reading this post, I am going to settle myself down on this wet & cold winters day & go through them all & only keep the things that have interest for me.

    I will then make some books & start gluing all the interesting pictures & projects into them.

    The extra space in the shed should make HB happy, he has always complained that I have to many magazines :-) Now I can have loads of hand made books with inspiration instead :-)
    Your Friend

  16. I just had to smile as I read your post about your beautiful inspiration scrapbooks as I myself have been doing something very similar for years now. I've even done several posts about them. When you have a few minutes to spare, stop over at my blog and check out my blog archives and search for the one dated 11/5/08 where I first shared my story about mine.

    As always, your blog is stunningly beautiful and I enjoy visiting you whenever you have a new post to share.

    Take care..


  17. My scrap books are now beginning to take over in the way my mags used to. I have one for tickets and momentoes of places we visit, one for postcards and greetings cards, one for interiors, one for tips and one just for pics that appeal! Love your latest bags - beautiful. M x

  18. Love the scrap books. would be great to sit and look through on a rainy day.

  19. I also hold on to particular magazines - I have some 'Victoria' magazines from the 80's & 90's & always keep Christmas issues.
    Scrapbooks are always fun to create & look through.

    Happy 5th Blog Bithday!


  20. Love your scrap books Niki,I have been making them for years too ! we will have to do a swap at some time but bet we have lots of the same pics. Your cushions are so pretty will be over to your shop soon ! x
    Maggie x

  21. What a great idea for the scrap books I have numerous cooking, knitting and crochet magazines. So many that I need to do something with my stash.

  22. Oh! I do that! We have moved so often over the years that I save photos of rooms I love so that I can try them in our homes. It's fun!

    Plus, if I only want a picture or two I can keep them and recycle the rest of the magazine.

  23. happy Blogday Niki! xxx

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  25. LOVE those inspirational books you made, Niki! I suppose they are the kind of things I was missing to see here ;) but I understand you're very busy with your shop and family, and don't always have the time to 'just have fun'!


Thank you for finding the time to visit me...
Niki xx