Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ferreting at the Flea!

Yes, I've spent another weekend ferreting at a flea market...Would you like to see some of what I managed to find, despite the torrential rain and the huge crowds that these events now seem to bring?
Lots of floral items attracted me again..a vintage tea pot, transfer printed with gorgeous red blooms, a very old tin with hinged lid, and a calendar from 1890 featuring a flower seller, which could look lovely in a frame.

Vintage and Deco bling to bring a sparkle to fairy dolls and handmade bags.
Some beautiful panels of Sanderson linen and a French poppy printed fabric.
Buttons too, to brighten the day. (I've already sorted and stitched the sets onto cards to offer for sale)
A lovely hand worked tapestry fire-screen...
A beautiful embroidered silk panel which will become a cushion this week. Lace, glass drops and four fabulous, unused doll faces which came from Lizzie.
I always save the postcard stall till last, as it takes a long time to search through the piles of cards on offer, and I like to be particular with my choice. Some I sell on as-is, some become incorporated into my brooch pillows and others I put into suitable little frames.
A selection of assorted smalls, including a handpainted mirror by the very talented Jennie. Millinery flowers that I intend to work into some lavender sachets...sometime! I loved the pretty antique tray with lace and ribbon flowers decoration.
Cute wooden bookend carved with a podgy dog! And an adorable celluloid comb with case and sparkle decoration.

Dreamy sea shells from far away places...some with old name labels.

A horse on wheels (yes, another one! ;-))
Hand painted side tables, by Jennie again. And a lovely sentimental print from the Victorian era.

'Midwinter' polka dots and 50's rose printed china, against a fabulously colourful Sanderson fabric.

More 50's kitsch! - 'Royal Dux' flying ducks!
A 'Pears' print in a humongous frame!
Its fun to ferret!
Most of these will find their way to the shop this week.
I also treated myself to a few treasures. I instantly fell in love with this sweet print. I shall be hanging it in our spare single bedroom for when a 'little visitor' is old enough to come and stay.
It was only when I got home that I spotted the decorative detail on the little girl's knitting bag. Look familiar?
I also added to my brooch collection and found another ormolu box to keep them in.
A long day, but very satisfying.
Its perhaps not fair of me to single out one or two customer to my shop, as everyone who pays a visit is special, but I would like to mention two visitors who called in last week...
It was Maria and Sergio from Italy again! They have visited Nostalgia quite a few times now and we are slowly managing to communicate better between ourselves, as we master sign language! - But then a hug goes a long way in any language!

As they were about to leave, Maria produced a parcel for me wrapped in brown paper and a pale blue ribbon...Inside I could hardly believe my eyes. Maria, with the help of Sergio's woodworking skills to make the box, had spent hours producing this wonderful sewing box.
It was beautifully covered in vintage fabric, with Maria's hand embroidery on the top of the hinged lid.
Braid and lace added extra details.
And inside was a fantastic collection of more hand made items. A jar filled with lace motifs, a card bound in lengths of lace...

A pin cushion with my initial and hand made pins (Maria says the pin heads and cupcake ornament are made from maize flour paste.) A reel of thread, lavender sachet and a large collection of lace items. Isn't she a clever and kind lady?!

Thank you Maria and Sergio for coming to visit me in my little shop again. I'm sorry that I didn't have very much Victorian rosey china to show you this time...
Has anyone else noticed how thin on the ground this kind of china is becoming? Maybe because its all being taken over to Italy?! ha! ;-))
Enjoy the rest of your week,
Niki x


  1. I couldn't make it to the Flea this time, so have really enjoyed looking through the photos of everything that I would've liked to buy had I been there- you always choose such pretty things

    Hope everything is going well with you and your family

  2. What a lovely collection of finds! And what a beautiful workbox. We are lucky to work as we do, as it brings us into contact with such lovely people. I'm always being happily surprised by people's kindness and support. To quote
    " It's a hard life but a merry one!"
    Jane x

  3. Oh vintage heaven!!! Id keep it all I really would.Love it all.Wish I lived nearby your store.What a lovely gift too.

  4. Each and every one of your finds is beautiful. As for the sewing box - what a wonderful gift - isn't it lovely to receive a gift that has been made with such care, thought and love. Hope to visit your shop again very soon. M x

  5. Amazing finds - everything is just beautiful. Love the picture of the little girl knitting and the sewing box is amazing!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. How lovely! Love the fabric, love the rosebud plates and teacups in a basket towards the bototm, love the live blush roses at the end.

  7. Hi Niki,
    Thank you for the 'plug'!
    Best wishes.

  8. Thanks for the pics Niki, with the weather I thought better of a 2 hour drive to get there!!
    I hope the new addition is well?!
    T x

  9. I love looking at what you can findin England. I sooooo need to go over and spend a month rummaging my way through the country. I love the carved table with the have painted roses and the beautiful old hinged tin. Actually....It's all wonderful. Thanks for sharing, Ellen.

  10. Sorry about the mispells...I was typing too fast. Ellen.

  11. Really good selection there Niki!
    That box from Maria and Sergio is stunning, what a fabulous gift!

    Seeing the flying ducks...did you see the One Show tonight? It featured a lady who is mad about them...she had various birds and had lost count how many she had at over 300! She had some Seagulls which I would have been happy to give a home to!

    Sandie xx

  12. Oh what treasures! Particularly love the French poppy fabric, beautiful.
    Carol xx

  13. Gorgeous finds Niki. Look forward to seeing what you do with the little faces you bought from me! lizzie xxx

  14. You collection of wonderful treasures. I like all but especially like those poppy fabric, so exquisite work. Also perfect arrangement.
    sevgiliye hediye


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