Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Break.

Yeeha! - A quick round-up of what I've been up to recently, before I disappear again!

We had all of our gorgeous girls together last weekend...My daughter and her boyfriend came to stay, and they met their new precious niece for the first time.
It was such a pleasure to witness love at first sight...and to see someone so tiny receive so much attention! :)
In between all of that excitement, I've been working hard too.
I produced a collection of lavender filled lace bags, which I trimmed with chiffon, ribbons and millinery flowers.

I've been using up some of my vintage fabric scraps to produce simple lavender filled drawer sachets...
Which I've packaged with old cards.

There's been a selection of handbags hot off the sewing machine...
All with special buttons and trims.

A gathered hand bag made from a pretty floral linen...

And an assortment lavender hearts which are scenting the shop beautifully.
A cute mini-handbag made use of the last of this vintage fabric that I had.
There's been a lot of cushion making...

I've reused lots of lovely fabrics and vintage hand embroidery.
I also used the antique silk hand embroidered panel that I mentioned I bought at the flea market.
I think it works well as a cushion and will hopefully be used and enjoyed for many more years to come.

I backed it in a heavy vintage brocade.
I've rearranged the shop several times, after selling key items of furniture.
Drawers are both sold - Thank you!
So I had to work on some more makeovers.
This old basket-weave chair badly needed a clean and a new covering to the seat. (Love the little drawer in the base.)
I stripped it back and gave it a new Sanderson fabric cover.
I also tackled this Lloyd Loom ottoman.
It too had seen better days and needed re-covering.
I wanted to work with the brown gloss paint, which had a 30's look about it, so I chose a coordinating pure wool Welsh blanket to cover the top.
A perfect perch and storage box in one!
Other small items of furniture have moved-in too.
But I now need a break!
I shall be closing my shop for a week, for a recharge of the old batteries and to think about something else other than having my head constantly filled with ideas for cushions, paint colours, shop accounts and Shepton Mallet in general! I haven't had a week off since Christmas, so this will be very nice, thank you.
I will also be turning off my computer for a week as well!
(I shall be back to my usual opening hours on Tuesday 9th August - Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.)
I'll leave you with some summer sunshine and the flowers happily blooming in our garden at the moment.

See you again soon,
Niki x


  1. Anonymous9:07 am

    Beautiful post Niki
    Your grandaughter is just beautiful and love the picture of her with her Auntie so sweet.
    I love that little drawer in the chair too i have never seen one like that before,
    Enjoy your week off you sure have earned it,
    Love Kristina xxx

  2. Glad to hear things are flying out of your shop. your latext makes all look great, in particular the handbags!

  3. Have a lovely "well deserved" week off, Lucey x

  4. Have a god rest try to turn that brain of if you

  5. Love all of your beautiful makeovers. Have a good break. M x

  6. lovely pics as usual! Hope you have a great holiday :)

  7. Gorgeous pictures! Where do you find the extra hours in a day to create so much loveliness? I've just done a post about Kelmscott Manor (William Morris & Rossetti's house) and your cottage garden flowers remind me of that beautiful garden. Enjoy the break! Jane G

  8. I really enjoy your beautiful photos and the gorgeous vintage fabric goodies you've made recently Have a lovely hol!
    X Lavender Attic

  9. Have a lovely break. Your shop is looking wonderful!

  10. Hi Niki

    I suspect you've already switched off, but if not, then have a lovely break. Decorating frenzy here in readiness for a hopeful discharge in 2-4 weeks.

    Sue xx

  11. Enjoy your time! ♥♫

  12. Lovely things. They are beautiful
    Julie xxxxxx

  13. You inspire me to get out my vintage pillowcases and start making stuffed pillows or purses. I love that silk pillow with such elegant embroidery on it.

  14. You have made such lovely things, I particularly like the lavender bags. I do hope you have a happy, relaxed and sunny break. Jane x

  15. Hi Niki, wow, what a lot of work and what beautiful items. No wonder you are taking a holiday, you deserve it. Hope you get chance to spend time with your gorgeous new granddaughter.
    Love Carol xx

  16. Have a wonderful time, you deserve it

  17. Lovely cushion!

  18. I am absolutely crushed... This happens to be the week my friend Lisa and I are in England, and at the top of our list was to visit your store, which we have admired through your blog.... I think I may cry!!! Enjoy your time off, you deserve it!


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