Friday, July 22, 2011

Just For Fun...

I have to be honest and say that I'm not particularly a 'dog person'. Nothing against them particularly, just I know I wouldn't want to keep one as a pet (we did have one when I was growing up at home)...Just, I'm not keen on some of their habits and (you know) the stuff that goes with them when caring for them.
I do like the fact that they make you take walks though...My daughter and I take a friend's dog out once a week when he brings him over to our house...He spends time with my hubby and we take his dog out for him.
He is cute (the dog, that is!) and I like the fact that he gets us out into the village...I rarely have a need to go into our village these days...we've lost our local shop and post office, and my girls have long since left the primary school. The fields around our home are beautiful though.
Anyway, this is Dave! Named after my hubby - Mainly due to him once naming one of our pet chickens, Pete, after his friend!
Men! Honestly!
Dave is a little wire-haired Jack Russell - He looks quite 'vintage' to me, like he should be on wheels with a push-along handle!
It was a bit wet underfoot on our last walk, and we all got soaked...but it was nice when it came to bringing the soggy doggie home and we could give him back to his owner to deal with!

On a completely different topic, I thought I'd show a recent book that I found.
Its a Daily Mail Film Awards Annual of the British films from 1947.
I was quite surprised by the amount of advertisements inside...mostly aimed at women and advertising female beauty products.

Lots of face creams and hair products to make you look and feel like a film star, no doubt!
As well as elegant fashions of the day.
But then it was important for a girl to look good, with Brylcreemed chaps like these to impress! ;-))
I love old books like this; that offer small snippets, showing how some things may have changed...
Or not...
Must fly - Have a great day,
Niki x


  1. I love the THOUGHT of having a dog again but have never quite got round to it, although we did have dogs right through my childhood.

    All of our animals have always "found us" but somehow the dog has not quite managed it...yet!

    Have a lovely weekend

  2. I have always had dogs Niki, never a pedigree, and my last terriers two from the dogs home, they are the most loving and trusting creatures and give so much back for so little. I will be devastated when Flo goes as she has been through so much with me in the last 13 years. It is true that some people are not "dog" people, so well done for taking Dave on his walk I am sure that he loves it.
    T x
    ps My friend has a "Dave the dog" - great name.

  3. I'm not really a doggie person but that wee little terrier is adorable. I think borrowing a dog once a week is the perfect answer to the trials of dog ownership!

  4. I have cats but still like, and have owned, dogs and my favourites are....... Jack Russells! They are such characters, Dave looks a real cutie.
    I recently bought some 1947 magazines and I was amazed by how many adverts they contained, I thought it was a more modern phenomenon.
    Have a lovely weekend Niki. We've had our teenage granddaughter here for the week so it is going to seem quiet when she goes home tomorrow.
    Carol xx

  5. I love the old movies for the old clothes and architecture and casual home interiors. I'm just an old fashioned girl... well, the old part for sure!
    We had dogs when our kids were around to entertain each other. The walk part would be desirable, but the mess I can do without.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Love the Dolcis shoes!
    What a great find!

    Have a brilliant weekend,

    Sandie xx

  7. We did have two but lost one of them recently, however the one we have left is wonderful. It is great fun going out for walks with them, they certainly encourage you to do that. Love the clips you have shown from your book, are the pictures wonderful. Have a wonderful week.

  8. I love your photos of Dave but I especially love the adverts, they are my favourite things in many of the books I deal with. The slightly smarmy looking brylcreemed men really made me smile! Jane x

  9. lovely blog. hugs

  10. Hi Niki
    I am not a dog person either, I don't really trust them but cats well that is a different matter! One of my cats, Larry will join in on a walk sometimes. Only when we are walking around nearby fields and it is fun to have his company.
    I love the advertising, such lovely images!
    Hope you are well, I am gradually coming back in to blogland.
    Take care
    Isabelle x


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