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Trevoole Farm

Thank you for all the lovely comments to my last post...your emotional responses and words of welcome into the 'Granny Club' made me feel very happy! I've had so many emails too - I'm trying to reply to them all, but I have to think about getting back to work again tomorrow...

Before that though, I'd like to share with you some of the photos I took during our weekend to Cornwall. We travelled down on Saturday evening after work and arrived in Truro around 7.30pm.
We had a meal and settled into our hotel room overlooking the city and were treated to a beautiful mackerel sky.
Well, you know what they say about a red sky at night?!...Sunday dawned and the weather was fabulous...
We spent the morning on the coast at Pentreath...
Where we dipped a toe...

After a light lunch we then headed down to Praze-an-Beeble.
Ever since seeing Christine's wonderful post about Trevoole Farm last year, I have wanted to visit. When Christine wrote this reminder on her blog, I knew it was time to make the trip down to Cornwall. I have long respected Christine's exquisite taste, and so Trevoole seemed the place to visit for inspiration and enchantment...all with a vintage slant...and we were not disappointed...
The farm gardens are open three times a year for charity as part of the National Garden Scheme.
As you arrive through the farm gates, the vintage fabrics hanging from the washing line give a teasing glimpse of what will be in store...
If only my laundry looked this good ;-))...I would be more inclined to do it!
Look back over your shoulder and the old fashioned camper van parked on the drive is ready to roll, vintage style!
The garden is informal and ripe for exploring.
Head up by the side of the garage and you are soon cast into dappled shade amongst the apple trees...
But what's that you can see through the orchard?
It is THE most wonderful summerhouse where you can purchase tea and homemade cakes and scones.
I have to say that the strong sunlight made taking photographs a little difficult, but it was perfect for attracting the visitors, which is what the day was all about. The colourful tablecloths, vases of freshly picked flowers, pastel painted chairs and the strings of bunting were a truly magical sight.

Step inside to chose from the calorie-filled sponges and cakes...

With coffee and tea prepared with the help of a trusty Aga...If only all summer houses came equipped with one!
You even got to choose the vintage cup and saucer that you'd like it served in!
There were plenty of places to sit...
Inside on squishy sofas?...

In the bright sunshine on bistro chairs...
Or at larger tables laid with floral tablecloths and jugs of flowers.
We sprawled ourselves under the apple trees on top of cushions, quilts and eiderdowns.
The orchard overlooks the 'Patchwork Potager' area of the garden, which is where we explored next.
A very inspiring area full of interest and beautiful plants. I thought the pockets of planting a wonderful idea for breaking up a large flat site. If a plain field lay before you, what better than to enrich just small areas of soil within it and plant your shrubs, flowers, fruits or vegetables into groups?
And a few chimney pots here and there...

And the odd Morris Minor!!...

And you have a wonderfully nostalgic plot!
A vintage fabric fence is, in my view, the ultimate in country chic!
I'm now inspired to consider using fabrics in our garden at home.
Why shouldn't an old quilt cover the compost heap?! Ideal for keeping the heat in and for disguising what is generally a rather ugly, but necessary element of a working garden.
Fabric would be a great weed suppressant too in the veggie allotment.
The herb garden was another pretty part of the patchwork, with rustic implements becoming part of the displays when not in use.
The stage was set at the back of the field, with more vegetables being the main attraction.
Gardenalia placed amongst the lush leaves and stems added extra impact.
Have you ever seen a more beautiful veggie plot?
Just when you think you've seen it all, you stumble upon an old three piece suite...A permanent fixture, with thistles and ivy growing through it to prove it.
The 3 little pigs have a wonderful view of the garden and were very friendly.

I've also been inspired to try to add more seating areas within our smallish garden...
What's the point of doing all the work, if you can't sit and enjoy all your efforts now and then? From all angles...
And then if the work areas all look this good, then it makes the ongoing tasks more fun.


So, leaving the Patchwork Potager now...

We head to the beautiful farmhouse, cottage and barn.
Old fashioned varieties bring the courtyard alive.
Tiptoe through the boot room...
and behind the pig shed...
And you'll discover a quiet, cool and leafy bog garden.
And to the back of the farmhouse is a serene and tranquil shade garden.
With the prettiest of seating areas to take you away from the heat of the day.
Decorative touches at every turn...
And perfect plant choices.
But that's not all you'll discover...
Just alongside the coal shed...
And inside the old stable...
Is the most inviting vintage shop!
Fabrics have been slung up amongst the beams, offering colour and brightness to the rustic structure.
If I had an old stable block, I'd love to do this to it too! ;-))
The shop was stocked with the loveliest of merchandise.
Another Aga was the perfect backdrop to country style kitchenalia and china.
And a wardrobe housed a sweet collection of softly faded Laura Ashley dresses.
Our daughter found a fab Fair Isle sweater to buy.

And she tried on the coat below, covered in handmade rose corsages, but sadly the sleeves were a little too short for her.
Hubby bought some homemade preserves and I bought a lovely floral framed print and a pair of cottage curtains.
A touch of the good life indeed.

Beth, the owner tells me that she will be opening the gardens again next year. She's planning a spring opening in May, to coincide with the tulip season and another, the last Sunday in June, for the roses.
As you leave the garden, its tempting to look inside the garden room near to the exit.
And to walk through the fenced cottage garden...
past the wooden verandah
And to peek inside the shepherds hut.
And consider moving in!

The outside privy (a composting loo) does make it slightly less appealing though! But it has to be said, the interior of the WC was as beautiful as every other area of this truly magical vintage heaven.
I thoroughly recommend a Trevoole Farm, that is...not so much the composting toilet! ;-))

We left beautiful Cornwall on Monday morning, travelling via Padstow, which rounded off the two nights away perfectly.
Farewell Cornwall..we will see you again soon, I hope.
Niki x


  1. Thanks for sharing Trevoole with us.
    I would love to visit too, i did want to go when I read Christines' blog post about it!

    One can but dream....

    Sandie xx

  2. Niki, I read that you became a grandmother!
    A beautiful young grandmother, compliments, and to ta
    your husband, but especially to your daughter.
    a hug
    Suzy x

    P.S. I think that I will be in August,
    I can not wait!

  3. Niki congratulations to you and your family!! What a blessing. I am so happy for you. I can just see lots of baby items being thought out right now for you to sew! Enjoy to the fullest!

  4. First of all many congrats on the latest addition to your family! Secondly, what a lovely place to visit!

  5. OMG! That is FABULOUS!!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful place! I love Christine's blog too! Have a lovely day, and congrats again!

    Waving from Our Back Porch,

  6. Congratulations Grandma!!!

  7. What a glorious day! And so many pictures! Thank you for sharing :-))

  8. Congratulations on your new family member and thank you for sharing such a wonderful post, it looked like vintage heaven.

  9. What a great post on Trevoole Farm.... I thoroughly enjoyed the tour with all your fab photos. Most definitely on my list of places to visit one day!
    Congratulations too on becoming a Grandma.
    Julie x

  10. What a fabulous place Trevoole Farm is! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos - so many beautiful things, though I'm not sure I could bear to leave any fabric in the garden! Congratulations on becoming a grandma - my husband became a grandad nearly three weeks ago and he's still so thrilled, as am I! A whole new chapter begins...

  11. I just saw the little lavender filled hearts on your other blog. I couldn't find a way to post a comment there, so I popped over here to tell you how cute I thought they are! LOVE them! ! ! ! When I got to this page, I found another great post! I would love to be able to visit Trevoole Farm one day! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thank you for sharing the photos. So many great ideas!

  13. Hi Nicki, Firstly, congratulations to you and your family on the happy event. It is such a joy being a Grandma. I am so pleased that you made it to Cornwall for the weekend. Trevoole Farm is magical but I am not so sure I could use my treasured linens to act as a mulch for the runner beans though!! Have a good week, Lynne xx

  14. very nice,have a good day from Tenerife!!!!

  15. Hello Niki
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip to Trevoole farm with us. I enjoyed it very much. It is great to see photos of your travels, as I live in Australia it is the next best thing to being there. Thanks.
    Your Friend
    Elizabeth xx

  16. What a fabulous post - I want to go and live there! Will be following your blog.

    Congratulations on Nannyhood! That's a beautiful little one. I've just become a nanny for the second time, another pink one. It's such a precious

  17. So glad you enjoyed Trevoole Niki! I had hoped to be there myself on the 3rd July but then realised that I was going to be up in Hampshire visiting a friend, so will wait for the next time. Looks like Beth has been busy making new veg plotsand planting areas, I really enjoyed your virtual tour. And how perfectly lovely your new grandchild is - congratulations to you all!

  18. I have just had an amazing visit to this wonderful place through your eyes. I feel like I was right there with you, enjoying every sight and I could almost imagine the smells of the beautiful gardens. You have taken fantastic photos and I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit with you and seeing this amazing place.
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  19. What a fabulous place Trevoole looks.. and one I must definitely earmark for my next visit to Cornwall.
    Glad you managed to find the sun.. makes all the difference!
    Having your dear little granddaughter there too was the icing on the cake.
    Michele x

  20. Thanks for sharing this with us. It looks absolutely fabulous.

  21. wow! what an awesome place! I would love to be able to visit there! but I'm so glad you posted all these beautiful pictures as I probably never will be able to visit there!
    love your dolls too!

  22. I'm completely sold on Trevoole Farm after looking at your beautiful pictures! Visiting it must be like taking a big step back in time and I've been doing that a bit too much while writing my novel - The Time Sculptor's Secret. You have made it look utterly irresistible, but I've missed the open days in 2011... now I'll have to wait until next year!


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