Friday, July 15, 2011

Flowers for Friday!

I wanted to include more photos of the lovely gladioli that I bought on Monday...They slowly opened over the week and began to get very top heavy, so I had to swap them to a taller vase. I just love the colour of them and shall have to find out their name so that I can perhaps grow my own next year...
This week I received this gorgeous bouquet of the most powerfully scented sweet peas from our friend Sue. Its been a while since we've seen each other, as we've both had a lot on our minds. You may have read on Sue's blog recently that her dear hubby is ill in hospital, so it was quite a surprise to have Sue turn up at my shop yesterday.
And laden with these too...what a lovely lady she is.
Sending lots of love to you and Pauley and the best of wishes for Paul's recovery. x

I treated my shop to long stemmed roses this week...They fooled one sweet old lady who came in today...She thought that they were silk ones and so asked me the price. I explained that they were real and were for my customers to enjoy...She then felt rather bashful and told me that years ago she had owned a florists shop in Shepton and couldn't believe she'd made the mistake!
Also today I've been lucky to buy a whole collection of vintage floral hand embroideries. They belonged to a lady who has moved in to a cottage in the town and so is now downsizing. She wanted me to find new homes for them.
Trouble is, I am so taken by them and have already been planning to keep some of them! I have visions of them on the wall in our back living room...I'd make patchwork curtains to give the room a more cottagey feel...reupholster the old arm chair...paint the dresser a deeper colour...! As if I need more projects?!
I particularly like this one of colourful anemones...

Then there's this one in the beautiful circular frame...
And this tiny one which would look lovely teamed with the one I bought from Lizzie a few weeks ago!
Maybe I could keep three, do you think?!

And be brave and part with the others...
Something to mull over, over the weekend, anyway!
Have a lovely one!
Niki x


  1. Love those gladi! Your shops looking beautiful and full. Looks like you've been really busy.

  2. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Hi Niki,
    The jug and bowl with the roses in is to die for and with the roses in is just a dream..i think you should keep the embroideries and i love your plans for the back living room,
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Love Kristina x

  3. Those embroideries are just beautiful I'd be tempted to keep all of them:)

  4. What a lovely selection! I particularly like the Anemones one too. I'd have to keep that one!

  5. Oer!I don't think I would be able to part with any of them!

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

  6. Love your flower photos, sometimes gladioli look too 'stiff' (guess why they are called 'swords') but that muted shade makes them much more appealing. Sweetpeas and roses, wonderful.
    I'd keep all the embroideries, as least for now, you know you will regret it if you sell any without having the chance to enjoy them for a little while.
    Hope you have a nice weekend too.
    Carol xx

  7. The sweet peas are my favourite! I just love the scent of them. I would be tempted by the embroideries too, especially the little cottage one... Jane x

  8. I love fresh flowers indoors -- whether it's florist flowers or garden ones.

    Another love is Bath!!! Such a charming town!

  9. Sorry Niki but I don't think you should keep the embroidered anemone and other pictures, but should sell them to me instead!!! I'll let you keep the cottages though!!

    I'm so glad you've been enjoying the sweetpeas. You might like to see where they came from: I met Georgie for lunch recently in Wincanton with Tamsyn. She grows wonderful sweetpeas and other flowers and sells them mail order, as well as putting bunches of sweetpeas in a wheelbarrow outside her house for people passing by to stop and buy.

    Thanks, too, for your sweet comments. Now Pauley is in London things seem to be progressing well. I'll blog soon.

    Sue xx


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