Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Hope You Had Fun...

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!
I was busy in the shop right up until the 23rd (mostly with men shopping for last minute gifts! ;-)) - So wasn't able to get round to all of the blogs that I wanted to, to wish the season's greetings, but I hope it was a good one for you all...

Ours was rather special...

As it was grand-baby's first Christmas. :)

And all my girls together for a lovely few days.




Some wonderful gifts came my way...

Lots of them vintage :)


And a quick funny story... My good friend bought me this tall hats stand (below)...She had picked it up at a flea market in Bath...The amusing thing is, that I sold it to a dealer who visits my shop...and I had actually made it myself a few months ago!! (I'd used a c1930's ash tray stand as the base and added a velvet top.) I have told my friend, who luckily sees the funny side, and so she's happy for me to try to sell it again! ;-))

Our usual Boxing Day walk along the lanes next to our home.

And a family movie was enjoyed last night...

We finally got to see Hugo (not in 3D) - with the beautiful young Asa Butterfield playing the part of Hugo Cabret.

I actually love this short time after Christmas. It feels like a clean slate and a bit of a breather. There's a long time ahead before I have to think about Christmas again, I'm able to spend some time away from work, to think more clearly and to make plans - I was given two books for Christmas by my Mum and Dad, which I've enjoyed looking through. One is Rachel Ashwell's latest book - I have always been a fan of Rachel's style and way of life. Even when her business, Shabby Chic, was on shaky ground, she was able to pick herself up, dust herself down, and start again with new stores and a new home.
I was also give the Where Women Create Book of Inspiration...which truly it is. My head is now spinning with ideas for our home and for the shop. Mostly I am struck by the 'less is more' message and I feel a need to simplify our home; and at the shop to re-focus on specialising more with the products I make and make it more 'me'.

I think 2012 may prove to be a difficult one again, throughout the world. I may have to spend less time at my blog and more time developing my handmade products...With a more streamlined environment at home, with less distractions, I think this will help me to achieve this.
I can't wait to get started, so bye for now...I hope to be back here with a look back at my 2011 in the New Year.
Niki x


  1. I love your table, and what a funny story, glad it has a happy ending though! How small is our world! Happy holidays. Sharon

  2. Dear Niki,
    Hope you have a wonderful New Year! Loved the hat stand story - what are the chances of that happening! Your angel has been much admired!

  3. Wonderful story but it should tell you that you have your own style. Your friend looked at that hat stand and said to herself that it was a perfect gift for you. I'm looking forward to 2012 as a year of renewal for all of us:)

  4. My what a lot of growing your dear granddaughter has done!!! She's gorgeous! Gonna have her hands busy crafting with you in no time.
    I think we all need to have a time to gather ourselves together right now! Many blessings to you all for a happy and healthy 2012...

  5. Such a cute baby! Your home looked wonderful decorated for christmas and I am glad you all had a wonderful time X

  6. Hi Niki
    I am with you totally, we seem to have similar thoughts on home & work.
    See you soon, best wishes to the family, especially the newest addition.
    T x

  7. Hi Niki.
    Your little girl is wonderful! :):)
    I hope that his name is the hope
    for its future, we all need it!
    My hope for a better 2012!
    Hugs and kisses, also to your family,
    (with translator)

  8. What a beautiful grandbaby! Your Christmas table is lovely, and I can tell your holiday was wonderful. We have plans to see Hugo as well... it's one of my daughter's favorite books. My goal this year is to simplify as well... which will prove to be quite a task in a small home with four children! ;) Have a joyous New Year!

  9. Anonymous9:18 am

    Oh Niki your grand daughter is so beautiful,love your presents and the bowl full of bulbs is stunning.
    I have Rachels new book too it's lovely isn't it,i simplified my blog last night and a few other bloggers have done the same,change is the air which is never a bad thing,

  10. Hi Niki - what lovely photos, especially of your sweet grandaughter. I'm glad you had a good Christmas - it was great to meet you beforehand! I'm interested in your streamlining and in how you intend to develop your shop - I am sure we will learn more as you work it out. Have a wonderful and blessed 2012.


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