Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last 'Flea Finds' for 2011

Sunday's foray to the flea market was fairly productive...

A wonderful selection of old wooden boxes, which I shall be fashioning into a display piece of furniture for the shop, as I have plans for changes there in 2012.
A pretty chocolate box print, probably from the 1930's.

Lovely lace and awesome antique hand stitched broderie anglais.

Handsome hand painted (and hand knitted!) items by the very talented Jennie.

Blinding bling for fairy folk...I'll be starting a new batch of girls in the New Year... Those diamanté and pearl Deco pieces below are crying out to be used as tiny tiaras!

Tempting trims to transform other handmade products into something special.

Millinery miniatures and (more) tatty trims to recycle.

Beautiful buttons to brighten up bags.

A cluster of clasps, which I can't wait to use for something unexpected... Watch this space ;-))
Postcards printed in ages past.
Tiny tin pots to re-purpose with a few trinkets and trims.
Victorian va-va-voom.

Velvet framed wall sconce with mercury mirrored back.
Delightful dwelling for little lodgers.
Floaty feathers and more crusty keys.
Tantalising tapestry to dress a one-of-a-kind rag doll.

And for me...
I've been looking for a special single bed for a while now, to complete our spare bedroom. This fabulous French one will need a little work, but is just what I've been holding-out for.
And another tapestry treasure to dress an armchair I am working on.
A little worn in places, but still wonderful.
Thank you for visiting,
Keep warm,
Niki x


  1. What a simply spiffing pot pourri of treasures Niki. Worth the early chilly Sunday morns I'm sure. LLX

  2. WOW!! Wish I had been there - you have a positive haul of TREASURE there. M x

  3. You go to some fantastic fleas.

    Great haul. Looking forward to the craft results. xx

  4. Anonymous10:29 am

    Hi Niki,
    I need to comment on you last few posts as i have been awol :)
    Beautiful post! the bed made me gasp can not wait to see it in all its glory and the rose tapestry for the chair is beyond beautiful.
    Victorian va-va-voom yes please! the trims and brooches too and oh that little house i could imagine covered snow.
    Fabulous delicious pictures for us all to feast our eyes on.

  5. Hi Niki,
    I saw you in the distance on Sunday but was busy stuffing my face with a pasty and you were a woman on a mission, striding back through the yard! We found a few goodies, some lovely fabric from Lizzie and a nice 1940's cabinet and then strapped a Chritsmas tree to the roof on the way back home! You can certainly find some goodies at Shepton, reasonably priced, as you've shown. Love those sparkly earrings in particular. Look forward to seeing what you make with all those lovely bits 'n' bobs. The bed is a find too!
    Hen x

  6. Fabulous treasures Niki, I love the antique French bed and those delicious tapestries. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the vintage clasps.
    Jo xx

  7. What a treasure trove of inspiration! I love all the buttons and bling especially. ;)

  8. Can't wait to see what you do to the bed! Divine!

  9. Oh, that bed! How gorgeous.

  10. well done Niki, you have found some wonderful treasures! As usual I was on my stand all day & didn't venture off it at all.... but at least i stayed dry & warm! xx

  11. Hi Niki,
    Glad you like your purchases! Have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


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