Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Packaged Delights.

I bought this little selection of pamphlets and wholesale catalogues yesterday, which list goods supplied by Sharps and Peek Freans during the mid 1950's.

I know there are a lot of vintage tin collectors out there, so I thought some might be interested in seeing the special Christmas presentation editions...Perhaps you may recognise some from your own collections?...






There's a few special festive novelties too, including boxes of crackers...


And treat containers.

My favourite tin for the season is this one made by The International Biscuit Co. I use it for storing mince pies of course! ;-))

Whilst I'm here, I'd just like to mention a fabulous giveaway prize that I won from Cape Cod Washashore. It arrived for me yesterday and I had such fun opening the box, which had travelled across the ocean to my door. There were added surprises, such as a huge selection of the most beautiful little yoyo's (or Suffolk puffs as we generally call them in the UK.) I can't wait to start using them in some of my projects. Treasures indeed :)

I'll be back very soon with my Christmas post for the season, hopefully including some photos of the decorations around our home for anyone free to stop-by.
Look after yourself,
Niki x


  1. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Hi Niki,
    Ooh i love the roses tin,so pretty and those baby pink crackers with holly in the center caught my eye. your favorite tin is lovely,the little girl in the corner with her hands on her ears is very cute.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Those are the type of things I love the most

  3. Hello Niki, The tins sent me off on a journey back to my childhood in the early sixties. I remember every christmas getting a tin of sweets with gorgeous pictures on the front. How I wish I had kept them now.

  4. Takes me back. My Grandparents had the tin bottom right of the third photograph, in fact they had two. Lost count of how many wonderful goodies I have consumed from those tins.

    Happy Christmas.

  5. What memories are invoked when I look at the images from my childhood, thank you for sharing your finds.
    Great giveaway gifts.
    Carol xx

  6. I do recognize some of those tins! I believe we had the tin with the roses in my house when I was little. I also recognize the one with the tartan. I never knew you called yoyo's "Suffolk puffs". I like your term much better (it actually sounds more like a confection)! ;)

  7. Merry Christmas, Niki! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.


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