Friday, December 02, 2011

Sing Choirs of Angels.....

I'm quickly posting this morning, as I may not have time this evening, as I am staying late at the shop...then there will be the packing of the car when I get home...I may not have time to pop back here...
I've been revisiting one of my old rag doll designs over the last few weeks...
Many years ago I used to make these 'hippy angels' with a friend, which we used to sell at a gallery around Christmas time. Here they are photographed hanging from the tree that I mentioned on my kitchen post, which was part of our daughter's fairyland playroom.
Apologies for the quality of these photos - these are 'pre-digi'! I took my inspiration from this selection of angel dolls, but have adapted them to the style I prefer today...

I've come up with this host of girls...5 in all.
I think they make a beautiful decoration for Christmastime...
But can also be suspended above a bed for the rest of the year.

Each one wears an antique baby gown, which I adapted to fit.
And their wings are adorned with tiny sparkling trinkets and treasures.
Let me introduce you...

This is Angelica in an off-white cotton gown.
Tiny Holly in a muslin baby dress.

Evangeline with diamanté trims.
Little Joy in a sweet ruffled dress.

And finally Faith in a crisp pure white baby nightgown.

All will be winging their way to Chipping Sodbury for the Christmas Fair tomorrow!
Next is my collection of dainty fairy folk, all dressed in antique/vintage fabrics and trims:
Pearly Queen

Dancing Queen

Rose Tinted Fairy

Festive Fairy

Snow Queen

Fairy Queen

Gilded Angel

Fallen Angel

3 of my large rag dolls are waiting for the journey...
and Blossom.
And 3 medium sized rag dolls.

And Lucia.
I will be taking lots of other smaller stocking-filler gifts for my stand too, which is upstairs this time - I know I've mentioned that before, but I don't want to be forgotten about! :( - Hope to see you there - the line-up of stallholders looks fabulous! Thanks to Jayne and Michele for organising this event again! I'm really looking forward to it...I'm hoping to do a bit of shopping myself! ;-))
Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you have planned.
Niki x


  1. Dear Niki,
    Would it be possible to put one of he guardian angels aside for me - Evangeline! I would have liked to have been able to come to the fair but have tickets for a show in London.

  2. You are truly amazing, Niki! When do you ever sleep?? Sadly, I can't make it to the fair :-(, I feel so disadvantaged! But I wish you fantastic sales and have a good time.

  3. Golly Niki, what a busy bee you've been! Really beautiful goodies. I'm still in the thick of it here, one minute setting up a "mock stall", the next sewing and crafting and I've still got to pop out for a few things. Aaarrgghh! Look forward to seeing you and those angels tomorrow.
    Hen x

  4. Wow - they are incredible! I rather like the hippy ones too, though!

    I'm going to be coming your way on Dec 20th, weather allowing. I do hope you'll be open (I've got a note of your opening hours in my diary!).

  5. Well every single one is stunning, you better stand well back or you'll be knocked over in the stampede of people wanting to buy them.
    I like the hippy ones too.
    Have a great day.
    Carol xx

  6. I love ALL of them! Thanks for sharing these. They're adorable.

  7. All of them are lovely:) I so wish I could go to your show. I hope you have a wonderful and successful day.

  8. You inspire me, thank you

  9. Your dolls are so pretty! I cherish the one you sent me!

  10. Hi Niki,
    Love Blossom's jumper - wonderful! When do you sleep?

  11. Anonymous10:07 am

    Hi Niki,
    Wowee! how beautiful! each and everyone and the angels are just fabulous,what a feast for the eyes your stall must have been.

  12. ...very calming and serene


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