Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ranch Life?

Photo - Fiona and Twig.
Just a quick post this evening...If you haven't seen already...
Magnolia Pearl's ranch is up for sale! Take a tour of this stunning property via Fiona & Twig
Compared to us in the UK, you get soooo much more for your money in Texas!! 

I'm off to dream a little dream,
Niki x


  1. It's absolutely divine isn't it? I bet the weather is better there than ours as well!! Absolutely freezing here and been trying to snow again! Looking forward to catching up with you at the jumble.
    Jo xx

  2. Oh yes i have poured over these pictures on Anne's blog isn't it just divine?
    So cheap and yet not sold,Do you Fancy selling up and sharing ;)I left a comment to enter Anne's competition
    last week,I am hoping to win my friend an outfit :) xxx

  3. what a wonderful blog you created .
    I still love it .
    Have a nice day ,

  4. Oh my goodness ... what a place to live, sigh. x

  5. And then we here in the States dream of a small cottage with roses and a small entry gate. :)


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