Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fashionably Vintage

Last week whilst working in my shop, I had a customer come in through the door in search of some handmade cushions. She had been inspired by a recent BBC2 TV programme called The Great Interior Design Challenge and she was particularly looking for ones made from vintage fabrics.
I'm happy to say I was able to help the lady and she went away with a couple of plump feather-filled cushions under her arm, both covered in fabulous traditional Sanderson florals.
This sale came about, I am sure, from her seeing the talented Sarah Moore's competition heats on the series. 
I was already a fan of Sarah's after buying a copy of her book last summer. Its wonderful to read of her passion for reusing old things, particularly vintage fabrics, and of her enjoyment for hand-making unusual and useful items for the home.
If you missed the recent TV series, you may like to know that it is being repeated as from Friday, 6.20am to 7.20am. More details here. 
Niki x


  1. It was a great series, my husband and I loved seeing what the designers did. Thanks to you, I bought Sarah's book and have had a fab time browsing through it.

  2. I think Sarah Moore is "one of us" whereas so many of the styling celebs really REALLY aren't!

  3. I SO agree Elaine! I think she understands 'vintage' because she lives it. Niki x

  4. Yes, Sarah was a deserving winner but that means....we all get to watch my wardrobe nightmare again!!
    Love Helen

  5. Thank you Niki for the hint. I enjoyed watching the end of the series but was not aware in the beginning - now I will be able to catch up. Love this Sanderson fabric cushion!

  6. I loved Sarah's designs ... she was the stand-out winner from the start. Glad the series resulted in a little extra business for you! I am sure I spotted you in a petrol station as we drove past on our way to Bath yesterday! M x

  7. Hi VJ...Thanks for your comment...We no longer have a village shop...the petrol station is our nearest retail outlet now :( ...I was in desperate need of toothpaste yesterday! ;-)) ...So it may well have been me that you saw! Niki x


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