Friday, February 07, 2014

Lily of the Valley for Lily!

This sweet photo was sent to me by a lovely lady called Pat. She purchased some vintage Sanderson fabric from me a while ago and has put it to a very nostalgic use, beautifully stitching a dress for her childhood dolly! The perfect fabric for springtime! 

Hi Niki,
thought I'd send you a photo of my childhood doll Lily, dressed in the gorgeous Sanderson fabric I bought from you last year. I had just enough to make a few little hearts as well.
She has pride of place in my bedroom by the cushion I bought from you.
I really enjoy your site, so nice to see all your lovely creations ,brightens up my day. loved the virtual tour of your shop.
I'll be definitely coming to visit  again this year.


Photo source.
All talk at my shop in Shepton Mallet (Somerset) today, was of the terrible flooding. 
Tonight my thoughts go out to all those who live on the Somerset Levels and on the SW coasts. There is another storm warning this evening, for tomorrow...It’s tragic.
The ancient levels used to be managed by dredging, but this no longer happens. The environment agency have acknowledged this and say dredging will take place as soon as it is possible to do so...but who knows when that will be with so much land under water? Despicable criminals have started to loot evacuated farms by boat! It’s unbelievable...Without getting political, the UK gives so much financial aid to other countries in crisis, but here at home we seem to have been forgotten.
I hope you stay safe and have a peaceful weekend,
Niki x


  1. Lily's dress and matching heart are so pretty! She must be very proud to have such finery in which to spend her days! :)

    It is heartbreaking to see such devastation and even more heart wrenching to hear about people taking advantage of other's tragedies like that. Unfortunately, it happens here as well. It makes you wonder what humanity is coming to.

  2. Hi Niki, I did not see this post earlier - how dreadful the whole situation. We talked about that yesterday and our friend said, that the Asians haven't got such kind of criminals like looters. They said, this is our western civilisation problem. How bizarre. I hope there will be now huge programs against floods as they did in the Netherlands many years ago.


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