Monday, April 07, 2014

Boudoir Beauties

Keen to make use of the two c1920's hand embroidered oval panels that I bought recently, which would have once been a part of traditional French boudoir pillows, I went looking for examples on the www for inspiration. I found these lovely ones...
Found on Pinterest here. 
Found on Pinterest here.
Found on Pinterest here. 

And then there's the beautiful pillow (above) that turns up in Rachel Ashwell's book, not just on the front cover, but several times on different pages inside and in various room schemes...its obviously a favourite of hers! :) 
I've had a couple of them in my shop in the past too, including a very striking black satin one (Can't find photos at the moment, but will add if I come across them). Original ones are often filled with foam chips, making them very floppy and saggy, which I love. 
Anyway, I decided to go ahead and make my own versions, trying to make them as authentic looking as possible. 

The first one I decided to combine with a c1930's velvet. I had a large green door curtain in my fabric stash and after working out the best way to make it, it was clear it was going to take a lot of fabric...The joy of gathers! I used half of the curtain on this one project! 

It is filled with a full size pure goose feather & down pillow insert, making it lovely and plump and floppy. 

The second one had this wonderful orange floral center. I've used a c1950's oyster coloured satin finish fabric with this. 
I had wanted to take these with me to the Vintage Bazaar in Frome, but they do take up a lot of space on a 6ft pitch, so I shall have to think about my display and how they could perhaps fit in...

After investing in the new feather pillows, I decided to make another extra large cushion. For this I used a hand worked tapestry panel of a pair of pheasants...

I combined this with a wonderful spring floral 30's fabric.
For the reverse, I used the colourful flowery barkcloth that I bought from Elaine at the recent Blandford Forum fair. 

I used the same fabric to create this little handbag too.

This little pouch bag is one I made from the same 30's velvet as the boudoir pillow, with some vintage hand embroidered linen and a wool lining. 

I have also made a larger matching shoulder bag, very similar in style. 
A cute bucket bag made from a vintage Sanderson, perfect for Easter/springtime. 

And here's a quick makeover for the box I was left with after using the silver egg cups for this project
Now lined in a c1970's velvet...
Perfect for displaying the little woolen heart hair pins I made here.  

Finally, something else for the boudoir that I enjoyed making...
Several pretty powder puffs embellished with the vintage millinery flowers that I bought from Sarah last month.

These will definitely be coming with me to the fair :) 
Hope you have a great week...
I'm off to finish some more little projects for the bazaar.
Niki x


  1. All of it - simply gorgeous! ! !

  2. Love your handmade boudoir pillows. I can just see myself lounging back on one of them! The vintage fabric you have used on your bucket bag is lovely too.

  3. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. I adore the vintage barkcloth,my favourite because it's flowery,I am mad about flowery things!!!'bye for now Pam.


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